Q in the Homestretch- What's the Wall Made Of?

Living on the Edge It’s now 26 days until the 2020 US election. It’s been nearly six months since I wrote my last article on QAnon, and a lot has happened in the Q realm since that time. Trump was finally asked the question about QAnon by the…

Why Don’t Conspiracy Podcast Hosts Believe in QAnon? A Query

The QAnon phenomenon continues to cruise along after more than two years and close to 4000 posts by its author(s). And the hit pieces from the MSM keep coming along with it, with a pair of new ones out last week. We’re also starting to see some more…

What Is QAnon?

On June 30th, 2018, Time magazine put out an article entitled ‘The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet’. It’s nineteenth entry was ‘Q’, an anonymous poster on the website 8Chan. This mention of Q was rather odd, given the dozens of mainstream media articles attacking Q since Q…

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