Two writers in exile were recently called back into the fold by an anti-Blofeld of crypto philanthropy. What caused our benefactor to do this? He saw that the IDW (Intellectual Dark Web) had blown a hole in the calcified defenses of the culture wars. He handed them the ball, and a little crypto, and said, “Hit that hole”. They watered up and took the field.

During their time in the wilderness our authors had taken a deep dive into the worlds of the paranormal, the occult, conspiracy and Ufology. The ontological floodgates had opened (#JackHunter). Weaving those fields together with theology, philosophy and more, will be the modus operandi of this site. But since the culture wars are a vicious and toxic field of battle these days, this will only be a Limited Hangout. Our authors will remain anonymous until it’s safe to do otherwise. We hope you will join us down in the flood.