A Push Towards Global Technocracy

Many people today use the word strange to describe the times we’re living in. The word comes from the 13th century and means, “foreign, unknown, unfamiliar, alien, unusual”. Given the current global pandemic and lockdown, the word is certainly an appropriate one. So much is happening so fast right now, with information and disinformation flying all over the place. This makes it hard to write a piece on the subject of COVID-19 because you could put a stake down on any given day, only to have the next day bring a river of new information and happenings that make what you’ve written already out of date. Despite that very real danger, I feel it’s time to put a foot down in the ever-raging stream and share some thoughts from the kind of ontologically flooded perspective we try to bring here at Limited Hangout.

As we all continue to shelter in place and practice social distancing during this highly odd and somewhat disturbing time, one group of people that I’ve been listening to of course are those that work in the realm of “conspiracy hypothesis” (as my co-writer Son of Korg recently reframed it).  When I listen to the various podcasts that deal with the world of conspiracy and high level subterfuge, such as The Higherside Chats, The Conspiracy Farm, Tinfoil Hat and Boiler Room, I hear a lot of sober and grim realism about what they’re seeing out there right now. And I get it, because I see that stuff too and it is indeed alarming. I’m talking about Bill Gates saying that we’ll need mandatory vaccines, and have to carry papers to show you’ve been vaccinated if you want to go back to work. I’m talking about articles from swamp creature Henry Kissinger saying that the pandemic will “forever alter the world”, or Dr. Fauci saying we should, “Never shake hands again”. Then there are the drones flying overhead telling people to go home, the cratering of the economy and the destruction of small businesses (allowing for vertical integration?), the talk of moving to a cashless society (making all of our transactions traceable), and plans for tracking people via apps to make sure social distancing is maintained by those who are ‘sick’. And then we have all the people getting arrested or fined for jogging or paddle boarding or roller blading with their family or watching a sunset. In some places people are being told not to visit their second homes, parks and beaches are being closed all over, and in some US states the sale of seeds has been deemed non-essential. As one meme floating around these days put it, “I don’t like this episode of Black Mirror!”

Much of what’s happening today does feel like the plans for a dystopic and totalitarian future have been advanced a good sixty yards down the playing field. What ‘plans’? As I’ve said before, Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis has done a great service with his “Globalist book series”. Jay has now read over forty books by globalist authors such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, HG Wells, Jacques Attali and Julian Huxley, and he tells us what they say in their own words. What’s surprising when you hear these authors is that they’re very open about the future society they not only hope for, but are actively trying to advance during their own particular lifetimes (it’s a long multigenerational effort). They want a technocratic world society with global governance, highly controlled and highly surveilled. They would also like a sizable reduction in the human population. Another good resource to hear these global elites speak in their own words, is Charlie Robinson’s book The Octopus of Global Control. Robinson’s technique in the book is to let the elite speak for themselves, and the book is filled front to back with quotes from the globalist players. And once again we hear them openly talk about the plans for a coming technocratic global world order.

So if you understand the openly stated hopes of the globalist elite, and then look at what’s happening during this COVID-19 outbreak, it’s plain to see the moves being made under the cover of the (media fed) fear and panic that the pandemic has brought with it. And yet, despite the understandable grim realism I hear from those on the conspiracy podcasts, not all is going well right now for Mr. Global. This doesn’t exactly look like a one-sided affair, with the technocracy loving globalists just marching down the field unimpeded. It seems more like a colossal battle is taking place, with moves and countermoves, blows and counterblows, all happening within a very thick fog of war. I’ll look at all this from an explicit QAnon perspective a little bit later, but let’s first look at some of the ways this is not going so well for the globalist agenda.

Troubles for Mr. Global

On the most basic level, the pandemic has made many rethink the notion of the globalized economy, where many essential items (such as medicine) are made in foreign countries (particularly China). New reports show scores of US businesses are leaving China, and the same goes for Japan. The pandemic has revealed the dangers of long distance supply lines, and a shift back to the national level is inevitable to some degree. The pandemic also presents a strong challenge to the much promoted globalist notion of open borders and the free flow of peoples. Many people will now be much less prone to support the open border agenda given this pandemic scare. And people will be thinking about the global a lot less in general, as they become focused on family, on survival, and on how to get what they need from the communities in which they live. None of this bodes well for Mr. Global.

What’s worse is that the two biggest weapons Mr. Global uses to insert its desired message into the mind of the public- the media and Hollywood- are losing their traction, particularly the latter. Hollywood celebs made a stitched together video of them singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, that was roundly mocked for its cringeworthyness. The ‘One World: Together at Home’ concert on April 18th is sure to be similarly awful. Then there was a trending Twitter hashtag #HollywoodJustFoundOut, which revealed starkly that Hollywood’s grip over a star struck public is quickly becoming a thing of the past. On the heels of revelations about a horribly degenerate and hypocritical Hollywood- Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, NXVIM, ties to Jeffrey Epstein, etc.- it appears that the Holly wand is no longer casting its mind controlling spell.  The new documentary Out of the Shadows, which talks about the CIA’s involvement in Hollywood and its role in culture creation, has had 7 million views in the past few days. People are awakening from their long dream in the Matrix.

The media has also continued to show its heavily biased and agenda driven hand, although recognition of that differs across a population. Many (often frightened) people are still glued to the words of the media and their government leaders, and are buying what’s told to them full stop. But many others (as evidenced through social media) have caught on to the media bias and manipulation, whether it be using fake hospital footage (twice), or saying that a mass grave was being used at Hart Island, New York, or saying hospitals everywhere are full when they’re not (more on that in a moment). The media has failed to report any good news items during the pandemic, such as when models have been changed to predict far lower deaths. They’ve battled any suggestion that hydroxychloroquine might be a useful treatment, despite it’s successful use by many doctors. They’ve also given almost nothing in the way of advice on how to stay sane and healthy during the shutdown, such as exercising, meditating, eating healthy, getting outside and taking care of our immune system. Not surprisingly the media has chosen instead to shine their light on any area where fear can be stoked, or where Trump might look bad. The No Agenda podcast, which specializes in media deconstruction (and is completely listener supported), has been especially exemplary during the last two months, pointing out the many lies and falsehoods the MSM has been peddling. The two biggest propaganda tools of Mr. Global, Hollywood and the media, are losing their grip on our collective minds.

Empty Hospitals, False Positives and Death-Number Padding Oh My!

It’s easier to see now as we’re many weeks into the pandemic at the time of writing (April 14-17, 2020), but many things around the whole pandemic just haven’t added up. The models predicting how many would die have been downgraded many times, with the Imperial College model going from a first prediction of 2-3 million deaths in the US, down now to 60,000, which is about how many die from the flu every year in America. There have been a lot of concerns and critiques of the diagnostic testing- does it really work, are we getting false positives, and so on. The death tolls have been padded by non COVID-19 deaths being added to the tally, or by people dying with but not of the coronavirus being called a COVID-19 death (this was even admitted by Dr. Birx).  Then there’s been the empty hospitals, which citizen journalists filmed all over the place, and put up on Twitter under the hashtag #filmyourhospital. Hospitals that were supposed to be overflowing like bombarded MASH units were eerily quite. The same has been true in the region where I live.

The website Swiss Propaganda Research has a regularly updated page where you can get a breakdown (and links to) these various dimensions of the COVID-19 story. Right at the top its says “the overall lethality of Covid19 is…up to twenty times lower than initially assumed by the WHO”. Twenty times lower? As Rune Soup host Gordon White put it in his newsletter on April 9th, “By now, most people have arrived at the official tomb and found the stone rolled away. Most people know -even if they can't articulate it- that their house arrests and lost jobs and domestic violence and shredded mental health- have been forced upon them for non-transparent reasons”. Non-transparent indeed. So what has all this really been about? Who has been behind this inflated pandemic and why? Let’s turn now to what QAnon has been saying these past weeks, and see if that perspective can shed any light on this truly strange episode in human history. (For those not familiar with QAnon, the reader can view my two QAnon posts here and here.)

The Silent War Continues

It took Q a long time to post after the coronavirus situation started to amp up in late February and early March. After a drop on March 21st that simply said, “Do not fear”, Q returned two days later with a longer post on who (according to Q) was behind releasing the virus and for what reasons. In Drop 3896, Q began by reminding people that the Trump administration has spoken out about the general dangers of China, and linked to a video of Mike Pence making this clear. Q then linked to a 2007 study that warned that eating horseshoe bats could lead to viral outbreaks, because bats contain these viruses. Q then noted that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the first biosafety level 4 lab in China, opening in 2015. Q then posted a link to the arrest of the Chair of Harvard's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Charles Lieber, who was arrested for failing to disclose to the State Department his ties to the Wuhan University of Technology.

So we’re given a picture that this virus was developed from bats in the Wuhan lab, as the US State Department is now openly suggesting.  Q then stated that the virus was intentionally deployed by the other half taking part in what Q calls ‘The Silent War’, the mostly behind the scenes deep state civil war that Q’s drops have been giving us a window into since October 2017. Why did the globalist cabal use this weapon now? For one because the Russian collusion narrative and the Mueller Investigation failed, and impeachment failed, and the relentless anti-Trump rhetoric from the MSM and Hollywood has failed, so a new tactic was desperately needed. The November 2020 US election is now only months away, and the walls are closing in. Everything is at stake. According to Q, the virus serves many purposes. A primary one being the sinking of the strong economy Trump had built, with its low unemployment rates. It also stops Trump’s rallies, and generally weakens Trump prior to the election. It also shelters Joe Biden, who doesn’t have to do rallies or debates or anything public that will display just how badly in decline he is. It also takes all eyes off of Biden’s possible corruption in the Ukraine and China.

Q says the Democrats (who are puppets of the transnational globalists; many Republicans are too) must win this election “by any means necessary”. Trump and his US Military/NSA backers must be defeated. Q said the Democrats would push for no voter ID, for ballot harvesting, and for voting by mail, all means by which the election can be rigged. Since these drops we’ve seen a coordinated push for these very things by the Democrats via social media and figures such as Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Q has said that despite this attack via the virus, counterblows in the silent war are on the way. The coming revelations around FISA abuse, which AG Barr recently hinted at strongly, will be the start of the public phase of justice according to Q. The silent war will be soon moving to the surface. How the MSM responds to those upcoming revelations should be very interesting to watch. Q also reiterated that the John Durham investigation (which started the same day as Q) is key, and linked to an article saying the Durham investigation continues to expand and could be explosive. Q also linked to recent comments made by reporter John Solomon, that Durham has already been subpoenaing witnesses before a Grand Jury in Washington D.C.. William Barr stated several weeks ago that the Durham investigation should be done by this June or July. It could prove to be a very hot summer.

So from this Q perspective we get a picture of a titanic battle that’s taking place, with victories in each direction, creating an incredible fog of war on the surface of society. I’ve heard many seasoned researchers in the realm of conspiracy say that this event is one of the most confusing to parse through and understand. I think this is because that there are two warring factions in a bitter struggle, Mr. Global and his adversaries (Trump- US Military- Q operation), and no one clear narrative can be weaved from all the data points flying around at the moment because it’s not just one group who is obviously ‘winning’ or benefitting.  It’s like one of those cartoon fights where all you see is a dust cloud with fists and feet flying out of it. It’s hard to see exactly what’s going on inside.

Despite being at war, Q did reiterate that their side of the war must operate “by the book”. To regain the trust of the American people “depends are our ability to restore equal justice under the law, by prosecuting those responsible [Blind-Justice]” (Drop 3931, April 10, 2020). They must do this properly and through the mechanisms of constitutional law. They can’t play dirty pool to win this, nor can they rush it. In Drop 3966 (April 15, 2020) Q said, “Bad actor(s) had to be removed. Good actor(s) had to be installed. Sleeper(s) had to be uncovered. We are ready [think Barr public]”. Dismantling a decades long entrenched network of bad actors takes time. But according to Q, and alluded to by AG Barr, they are ready for the next phase, a public phase of justice. As usual with all this, we’ll have to wait and see. But it sure feels like we’re in a pressure cooker, late in the movie, and things are coming to a head. The next six months leading up to the US election should be something to behold.