On June 30th, 2018, Time magazine put out an article entitled ‘The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet’. It’s nineteenth entry was ‘Q’, an anonymous poster on the website 8Chan. This mention of Q was rather odd, given the dozens of mainstream media articles attacking Q since Q began posting in late October of 2017. But they were certainly right that it’s been influential, as hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the world have been following the Q phenomenon.

What is Q? This article will try and answer that question, although the story Q tells is so complex and multifaceted that no short article could capture it all. This will be an attempt at an introductory sketch, from what I’ve gathered over time.

I was turned on to Q’s postings about ten days after they began. I’ve been following it since that time, doing up to two hours of research a day. This includes reading the Q drops, reading the Q ‘decodes’ of other Q researchers, following up on the leads (or ‘crumbs’) that Q has been meting out over time, and taking part in the Q Twittersphere. What a fascinating time it’s been, to say the least. I’ll say up front that I actually believe that Q is exactly what it says it is (which I’ll get to in a moment). However, there are many in my networks, who are intelligent and discerning, who’ve studied the realms of conspiracy and geopolitics and espionage and so on, who are still skeptical about what Q is. That’s completely fine. Difference is good and I could be totally wrong in my assessment. We must always stay aware and stay vigilant about how we’re possibly being fooled or led astray. Powerful forces of subterfuge and disinformation are everywhere in our world. In fact, that’s a key part of the story.

I’m not necessarily here to convince anyone of the veracity of Q. I only want to offer some information for those who are curious about Q, so they can make up their own minds. If Q is real and what s/he’s saying is real- and this is definitely a possibility in my view- it’s going to be very important that there are materials out there for people to read and to watch when the story being told by Q fully breaks into the mainstream. There will be a lot of angry, confused and deeply pained people, and I hope they find resources like this to make sense of this reality busting story. Or perhaps this piece will simply be a lasting testimony to how so many people were fooled, myself included. As of the time of writing (February 15-22, 2019), either outcome is still possible.

The Deep State Civil War

The basic story Q anon is telling goes like this- there’s a hot shadow civil war happening right now between two opposing factions. Most of it is going on below the surface, but through reading Q we can recognize a lot of it on the surface too. One the one side, the side Q is on, you have the NSA, the US Military (and US Military Intelligence), and POTUS- they have put into action a plan to defeat widespread corruption and criminal activity, not only within the United States, but on a worldwide scale. On the other side you have the CIA, corrupt elements of the FBI, the DOJ, and corrupt US politicians. It’s important to note that this is not a Democrat vs. Republican thing. Q has stressed many times that there’s corruption on both sides of the aisle. And Q has also stressed that, “There’s more good than bad. Fewer bad than you think”. This is important. A corrupt network of players has, over the past seven or eight decades, gotten into key power positions within the US government (as well as elsewhere, but more on the global dimension later). But actually most people are not inclined this way. Most are good. They may have had to compromise themselves over the years given the violent and truly sinister nature of this corrupt network, but the corruption isn’t monolithic. It’s been small and strategic, although it has gained vast amounts of power over time.

Q said early on that Donald Trump was asked to run for president by this alliance of NSA and the US Military. This alliance needed the powers of the POTUS to succeed in their plan, and they guaranteed Trump that they would stop election tampering in the 2016 election (which has been going on for a long time apparently), and that he would be protected (from assassination). Trump agreed. It’s indisputable at this point (16 months later) that Trump is in on this operation. His announcement of the ‘calm before the storm is a good start to see this, but Q’s posts and Trumps tweets are coordinated, with Q going first and then Trump tweeting, often immediately after. Trumps tweets will repeat words or phrases in the Q drop, and the timestamps are often coordinated/repeated too. You can scroll through many examples of those here. In addition to the hundreds of coordinated drops/tweets, Trump began pointing at people with Q shirts or posters at his rallies during the lead up to the mid-term elections in November. Last week he did this again at his rally in El Paso (Feb. 11/2019). To me it’s all but certain at this point that Trump is involved, and that Q is no larper or the proverbial guy in his mom’s basement. However, that doesn’t tell us what the operation is really trying to accomplish. It could still be a psyop trying to do many things. We must remain open and vigilant to all possibilities. But if you’ve been following along it’s by now obvious that Q is a real operation and that Trump is involved. (Here are two videos showing ‘Q proofs’, from two grass roots Q researchers- here and here).

Killing a Mockingbird

So why would this military operation be posting on 4Chan, and then 8Chan, these anonymous posting boards with a most unruly reputation? The reason is at least threefold. First, these boards are truly anonymous, and over the past decade they’ve been a place where insiders and whistleblowers have, from time to time, dropped important intelligence. FBI Anon is a famous example. S/he was an anonymous poster in 2016 who was telling much of the same story that Q would be telling a year or so later. So there’s precedent for intel being dropped on these boards by anonymous sources. These boards are some of the last bastions of truly uncensored and anonymous activity in our culture.

The most important reason however, is one that’s central to the entire Q story. And that is the mainstream media (MSM) is owned and operated by the corrupt network of players. Evidence for CIA infiltration of the media- Operation Mockingbird- came out in the mid 1970s. The CIA said they would curtail the practice, but documents from the 1990s show that the program had continued. (Paul Serran is an independent Q researcher form Brazil, and you can read his thread on Operation Mockingbird here). Q claims that the MSM is almost wholly under the sway of paid operatives loyal to the corrupt network. (Side note- Q only calls this corrupt network [they], often with brackets around it. Others following along also use ‘the Cabal’ or the ‘Deep State’ as placeholders. I’ll use the Cabal from time to time, but it’s important to note that Q never uses these terms). According to Q the media receives their daily talking points via secure email at 4am every morning, and then they steer the narrative as they’ve been instructed to do. Once you’re hip to this fact the script repetition across the news becomes remarkably obvious. This is something Conan O’Brien had already cottoned onto a while ago (see here and here).

You’ll have no doubt noticed that the MSM has been relentlessly critical of Trump since he came into office (and in the run up too of course). This is because they know that an outsider is in power, and that he has powerful forces backing him (NSA, US Military). The true story of the corruption simply will not get out through those media channels. The good players, or the ‘white hats’ as they’re sometimes called (not by Q), needed a communication back channel to bypass the blockade of the MSM. The Q operation was the method, and it’s been a wildly successful one. It’s also been relentlessly attacked by the MSM. For something dismissed by the MSM as a larp, or the deluded theories of a bunch of basement dwellers, the media has sure devoted an incredible amount of energy to debunking it. Why? Q has asked several times that we reconcile this fact. It sure seems like the MSM see Q as a clear and present danger.

The last reason that Q is using the Chans as the place to post is that there’s a highly sophisticated network of collective intelligence happening there. The ‘anons’ who post on the board are highly skilled in sleuthing and piecing together a story. For a humorous example listen to Joe Rogan recall the stunt anons pulled on Shia Lebeouf. It’s quite a remarkable example of collective intelligence gathering, and this has amplified a thousand fold during the Q operation. There are anons- sometimes humorously referred to as ‘autists’ for their single minded ability to follow a line of research- who just follow plane flights, there’s anons who only follow what’s happening at Gitmo, others who are tracking sealed indictments in the US court system, and so on. When you aggregate all of this information together, it’s a formidable ‘brain’ that’s piecing together the story that Q has been pointing to in the series of Q drops.

This is doubly important because Q has said many times that one of the key reasons Q’s posts have to be in coded form, is that Q cannot breach national security by just straight putting out information. The Q operation with its coded posts telling where to look, somehow gets around this legality. Many critics who have just glanced at the Q phenomenon think that the posts are a bunch of coded gobbledygook that could be saying just about anything. This is simply not true if one does the research. There are a lot of abbreviations and such in the Q posts, but there are plenty of people who have deciphered these, and they tell a pretty clear story once you know what and who is being talked about. Q researchers that I follow and think are good guides include, Praying Medic, Jordan Sather, Dustin Nemos, who all do videos. Paul Serran and Joe M are excellent on Twitter, although there are many people doing good work on Twitter, too many to list. There's also been a series of quality Q researchers who've had their Twitter accounts taken down.  QMap.pub is still currently the most reliable place to read the Q drops as they come in (and has great resources down the left sidebar). There have been several pages like it over the last 16 months, but many have been attacked and taken down, or have been unable to handle the traffic.

A few other thoughts about the anons and 8Chan. The board that Q posts on can be found here. If you do go to that page, beware that it’s a wild and woolly place. There’s definitely a political incorrect atmosphere there, but that’s only a small part of what I’m referring too. That part actually makes me chuckle. But there are A LOT of shills on the page, likely paid professionals from intelligence services (Q has said that the full bag of tricks from the CIA and Mossad have been deployed there). It’s rough and tumble in there. Shills try and sow doubt, sow fear, confuse or muddy things, direct threads (or ‘bread’- anons bake Q’s ‘crumbs’ into ‘bread’) into absurd territory, and any number of other tactics. The board itself has been under attack many times, and Q has had to communicate with the board owners in real time as they try and withstand the attacks. All and all, I’d say that if the Q operation turns out to be what it says it is, there’ll be a lot of anons that need to be thanked for how well they held themselves through this very difficult terrain. Anons have remained strong, united, and above all, very funny. Humor is a key way the anons deflect the fierce (often psychological) attack from the shills on the board. I don’t go to the board that often, I mainly just follow the drops and the researchers on Twitter, but when I do it’s heartwarming to see so many good people holding the space there, under very harsh conditions. So a big bravo goes out to all the anons taking so much flak during this arduous process.

Sinister Forces

The next part of the Q story is a very dark one. It’s hard to know how to even talk about it, but I guess the only way is to dive right in. Be forewarned that there’s disturbing material ahead. This information is, as Q has said, "hard to swallow". The basic story goes like this- the network of (corrupt, treasonous, seditious) bad actors are involved in human trafficking, pedophilia, and Satanism. The human trafficking serves a two-fold purpose. One is to make money to fund the black ops of [their] illegal activities. The other is to feed the pedophilic predilections of this network. But before we unpack this behavior further (and ask why do they do this?), let’s talk about what we already know about this kind of activity, so we can see that we’re not simply talking about ‘conspiracy theories’ or urban legend here.

The most important example would probably be the Jimmy Saville case. The British entertainer abused over 500 children over many decades, and those are just the victims that have come forward. The number could be much higher. His activity was covered up at the highest levels of the government and the BBC, and he was not acting alone. Then there was the Dutroux affair in Belgium. Dutroux was likely the fall guy for a larger network of powerful players (he claimed this several times), but the descriptions of his own crimes alone are absolutely heinous. Hundreds of thousands of Belgians protested in the streets over the corrupt way this case was handled. Then you have the Franklin Cover-up in the US, where it was exposed that high-level US politicians were involved in sexual crimes against minors. You can watch the documentary Conspiracy of Silence for more on that story. We can add to this the revelations surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, and the decades of abuse involving Jerry Sandusky. We can also listen to the story of the Dutch banker and whistleblower Ronald Bernard, or the claims of CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou.  

Then you have the enormous and widespread pedophile network in the Catholic Church. This has been known for some time, but over the past sixteen months revelation after revelation of abuse involving sometimes hundreds of priests in just one parish, have exposed how deep the rot goes. And then we have the ongoing revelations of this kind of activity in Hollywood. Pedophilia has long been An Open Secret in Hollywood, but we’re getting an increasing window into the level of sexual degeneracy across the board, through what we’ve learned about Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, R. Kelly, and the NXIIM sex cult. Who or what we’ll learn about next, only time will tell. For more on the dark underbelly of Hollywood, see the blog Crazy Days and Nights for plenty more stomach churning stories.

The thing about these disparate groups is that they’re not disparate at all. It’s all part of one big global network. That’s the horrifying truth. And this is the network that the Q operation is trying to take down. And these people will go to any lengths to stop this deepest of secrets from getting out. This has long been the case, but sadly there are three very recent examples. In South Africa a former cop named Mark Minnie just published a book called The Lost Boys of Bird Island, which claims that in the 1980’s high-level South African politicians would have parties where young boys were raped and sometimes murdered. Shortly after the book was published Minnie was found dead with a bullet in the head, and a ‘suicide note’ beside him. Then there was the investigative journalist Jen Moore, who specialized in cases of abused and trafficked children. She was about to bring a case forward where a young man claimed he was raped by Bill Clinton at a similar kind of elite party to the ones in South Africa. She was found dead of a seizure in her hotel room. Lastly, it just recently broke that the Brazilian spiritual teacher John of God was involved in massive amounts of sexual abuse, and that he kept young women as sex slaves, who were impregnated and then their babies were sold. After ten years of this service the women would be killed. The journalist who broke this story was found dead in her hotel room, of an apparent ‘suicide’.

This has been and obviously continues to be a dangerous topic for people to talk about. But despite this danger it’s still been hinted at in our movies for a long time. Whether it’s in Chinatown, where John Huston’s character rapes his own daughter because he’s powerful enough to get away with it, to the sex magic parties of Eyes Wide Shut, to various hints and clues in all three season of True Detective, this dark reality is often being subtly pointed towards in our entertainment. And now with the Q operation, as Q has said a few times, “the hunters become the hunted” (Drops 690, 1881). These predatory criminals are now the targets of a high level operation to take them down. An early Executive Order by Trump on human trafficking in December of 2017 laid the groundwork for this dismantling. Additional moves were made by POTUS in January 2019. You can read a list of the human trafficking/pedophilia arrests that have been made since the beginning of the Trump administration, and it’s a long one, although (not surprisingly) there’s been little MSM coverage of it. Here’s a thread by Paul Serran on the Cabal’s human trafficking, and what Q’s had to say about it.

So why do these elites or these networks of bad actors take part in this kind of hideous activity? As I said, the human trafficking dimension brings money for their criminal enterprises. The pedophilia seems to play two other roles. The first has to do with blackmailing. You get a politician on film or in photographs partaking in that activity, and you essentially own them. The other is where the Satanism comes in. This network of corrupt and criminal actors is deeply into the occult and occult practices. They worship Satan, and as a part of their religious belief system, it’s thought that defiling the innocent (i.e. young children) brings great power to them. Who knows if this is true, but they believe it, and they do it. Here’s Paul Serran’s thread on [their] Satanism, and some of things Q has had to say about it.

One important thing that Q has said is, “Their need for symbolism will be their downfall”. These people openly display their Satanic affiliations. Various researches over the past decade have honed in on this fact. The website Vigilant Citizen is notable, as is Jay’s Analysis, who was covering this material even before VC. Another person’s work that’s worth following on this score is Isaac Weishaupt at Illuminati Watcher. He also has a podcast called Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture that’s worth listening to. These people have done their research into the occult and occult symbolism, and they’ll show the point Q makes- that [their] Satanic symbolism is everywhere in our culture, blatantly obvious once you know what you’re looking for. Why do they show their hand in this way? Some claim that it’s part of their religious beliefs that if they show us what they’re doing, even in oblique symbolic ways, and we don’t do anything about it, that they’re justified in their actions. This is a possibility. The other likely candidate for this risky behavior is that they think they’re untouchable, and they get a sick perversion from flaunting their criminality. Q says as much in drop 354-

Remember, they never thought she [Hillary Clinton] was going to lose.
Therefore, they never thought investigations and/or public interest into their criminal acts would be exposed/investigated.
Therefore, they never thought they had anything to fear.
Therefore, they openly showcase their symbolism.
Therefore, they were sloppy.

There’s so much more dark activity that could be added to the above, but there’s not enough time and space to cover it all. From ongoing false flags, to Trump assassination attempts, to the MK Ultra program still being operational, to the plundering of Haiti, to the dark work of Planned Parenthood and the Red Cross, there’s so much more and it runs cold and deep. As Q said in drop 749, “Deeper we go the more unrealistic it all becomes/The end won’t be for everyone/The choice, to know, will be yours”. Q has said many times that “These people are SICK!”, indicating that we’re dealing with real living evil here. But we’re also talking about a movement from “Dark to Light”, which is another recurring Q phrase. Through a highly sophisticated military operation the light is slowly and systematically being shone onto this worldwide darkness. That’s the Q operation. Moving from dark to light. You can read Paul Serran’s thread on this theme, here.

The Armor of God

I want to finish up with some other characteristics or flavors of the Q operation that I’ve found notable. A sort of roundup potpourri of Q as it were. The first is that it is, as I just mentioned, a highly sophisticated operation. It’s clear that whoever is behind it is educated at the highest levels. Q has mentioned several times that they're using game theory. Q also mentions chess a lot, and it appears that chess strategies are actually being deployed in the operation. The timestamps of Q’s posts have meaning and connections to other drops, and to Trump’s Tweets. The operators also have a highly developed and intricate understanding of the US legal and governmental systems, and are working within the strict letter of the law. Basically ‘the plan’ put into play by the Q group is a very complex one. This becomes obvious over time. And who is behind it again? As we said it’s primarily the NSA and the US Military, but to get a bit more granular, Q has pointed toward the NSA’s counterintelligence ‘Q group’, and towards SIGINT or signals intelligence (Drop 1876, 2114). You can read Paul Serran’s two threads on this topic here and here, where he further unpacks who and what the Q team is. But basically this operation is no joke. Its intricate complexity is quite impressive.

Despite being a military operation, there’s a literary flavor to it as well. Q is often humorous, especially when trolling [them] or the MSM. Q also uses a lot of movie references, often as ‘signatures’, or the final phrase of a post. These have included, Speed, Godfather III, Sum of All Fears, Hunt for Red October, Jason Bourne, Iron Eagle, White Squall, and more. These all have meaning and intelligence, either by pointing to something in the actual film, or as useful descriptors for a stage of the operation, or as a way/metaphor to drop a clue about the actions and operations of the Cabal. Often there's multiple meanings at once. Sometimes Q will use lines from a movie in the same way like, “Mess with best, die like the rest” (from Hackers). This is all another layer of the sophisticated nature of the operation. It gives it a populist pop culture flavor, while also using those references with utter precision.

While Q can be humorous Q can also be fierce. I haven’t yet mentioned that Q is speaking to three different groups in his drops. First and foremost are the anons. Secondly are Q’s own operators in the field. There have been several posts with signals intelligence style military communications letting operators know that new phases of the operation are beginning. That doesn’t happen that much, but it’s definitely been a part of it. And the last group that Q is talking to is the enemy. They are watching the board too. And Q brings the heat. One of the most recent examples was in drop 2811. Q often says that “Patriots are in control”, meaning that behind the scenes the Q operation is in firm control and winning. So someone on the board said to Q, “In control of what? NOTHING. That’s what”. And Q responded,  “Are you ready, shill? Survival of the FITTEST. Q”, and then linked to this video. This is a hot war, and real people are dying in the field, as Q has said several times. Q brings a big fierce warrior ethos when communicating with the enemy. And Q uses great phrases too, often biblical ones, like JUDGMENT DAY. One of my favorite lines of direct communication to the Cabal was “Read the BIBLE. GOD WINS” (Drop 1603). It’s potent stuff.

Which brings me to Q’s use of biblical references in general, which is also very sophisticated. Q has added a few biblical passages to posts, and they’re always well chosen and appropriate. It makes one wonder if the Q team has a resident theologian on it. Q has used 1 Thes. 5:21 and Jer. 29:11 for instance. But the most repeated biblical passage from Q has been Ephesians 6:10-18. It’s worth quoting in full:

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

Basically what this passage is saying- and what Q is saying is real - is that there’s a cosmic battle between good and evil going on, and it’s playing out here on the earth too. This is the ultimate scope and scale of what we’re talking about. Many people today would hear that and scoff. But I think this has a lot to do with the scientific materialist worldview most of us have been indoctrinated into in the modern era. We no longer believe in evil. This is a big mistake. What’s that famous phrase, “The biggest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing the world he didn’t exist”? That’s pretty much what’s happened, and we’re far weaker and more susceptible to being conned by sinister forces if we don’t take evil seriously. Q’s use of Ephesians 6 is inspired and important. It will continue to take a lot of good people putting on the armour of God if the forces of light will be victorious in this battle.

Thankfully there are a lot of anons out there contributing to the Q operation, and it has spread globally. Critics of the Q phenomenon often point to Q’s phrase “Trust the Plan”. They say that the whole Q thing just tells people to sit back and do nothing. It’ll all be taken care of for us. The critic is usually concerned with political quietism, and millions of people becoming politically disengaged. But anons are deeply active and asked to be so by the Q team. First and foremost, they’re asked to dig into the clues that Q is dropping, and we’ve already talked about the amazing collective intelligence going on between anons in this regard. Q also asks the anons to make memes, because memes by-pass the censors of the social media companies (who are all beholden to the Cabal), and because memes communicate important information quickly to ‘normies’. Anons are also asked by Q to get a hashtag trending, or to otherwise bring attention to an issue. This gives Trump the ability to say, “Hey, people are asking about this, so I’ll address it”. So the plan is in operation, and there’s nothing we can do about much of it. But the anons are also important for its success, particularly in helping to bypass the blockade of the MSM and get the word out there.

And as I said, the anons are now worldwide. People have been posting pictures of a Q (on a shirt, or car, or painted on a building or bus stop) from India, Spain, France, Antarctica, all of over the place. The board at 8Chan has people of many different nationalities posting there. And all of these different peoples are cheering the Q operation on because the corruption and the sedition and the treason and the crimes against humanity are worldwide. It affects us all. So although it’s the US Military leading this operation, it’s getting support from fellow ‘white hats ‘ in other countries, and it’s being cheered on and contributed to by people all over the world. You don’t have to be an American to be a ‘Patriot’ either. Anyone who cares about their country being freed from tyranny, and who is contributing (in whatever way) to the new Great Awakening (as Q has called it), is a Patriot. And there are Patriots all across the world. It’s quite a powerful thing to watch unfold in real time.

Conspiracy No More

As I said at the beginning, we still don't have full confirmation that the Q operation is what it says it is. We know it's a real operation, and we know that Trump is involved. We've witnessed much draining of the swamp (in the DOJ and FBI, and in political as well as CEO resignations, which is another part of it), we've seen the (Mockingbird) media become increasingly deranged and dishonest, and we've seen the panic in those said by Q to be the corrupt players. We've had revelation after revelation of sexual abuse in a variety of corners, there's been odd happenings at public events, and we've had crazy things going on in the skies, at airports, and in the oceans. It's definitely a high time for high weirdness. Something strange is going down on this planet. And yet the final stages of the Q operation have not gone into action, so we haven't seen the big fireworks in terms of trials and arrests and the general unveiling of the true depths of the planetary rot. As of now, one must still wager on weather or not the Q operation is true in its stated aims.

If it does turn out to be true, there are a few things to note. First, A LOT of conspiracy theories are going to turn out to be true. Not all of them, but many of the topics relegated to the 'conspiracy fringe' over the past decades are going to be shown to have been right all along. As Q has said several times, "Conspiracy no more". Meaning that the phrase 'conspiracy theory' will no longer be the ultimate tool with which the Cabal can dismiss anyone looking into the dark underbelly of their criminal activity. Secondly, there's a great irony in the fact that it's going to be the US Military who ultimately saves the day. As someone who was once a lefty, and 'walked away', this notion would've been ridiculous. And there's no doubt that the the Cabal has used the US Military for their ends over the past seventy years. But it's also true that there's a real honor code in the US Military, as well as genuine love for country. It's the US Military who finally said enough is enough, and they have the power to back up that stand. The other related irony is that the vast surveillance society/network that [they] set up, is being used against them. Q has said many times, "We have it all". Meaning the Q team has access to all that the NSA and the Defense Intelligence Agency have, and Q says they have a lot of material on the corrupt network. There's a sweet justice in this turn of events.

But the biggest thing to be said is that if the Q operation turns out to be true, and is successful, we're about to live in a very different world. We haven't even talked about the cures for diseases that exist, or the alternative energy sources that are still top secret. There's a lot more to this story. If the plan succeeds, a new reality will be unveiled and it will be glorious. That doesn't mean evil will disappear, or that we can't be fooled again, but humanity will become much wiser to the ways of the wicked. And there will be a lot of general healing, because [they] are masters at sowing division in their bid for total control. May the truth be revealed in the times ahead, whatever it is. And may the forces of good triumph. Where we go one we go all.