The (Q)uestion of Trump: Thoughts on Russiagate, Q, and The Path Ahead

This is the second part of a series exploring the rise and fall of Donald Trump. If you haven’t already read Part I (you can here), you’ll want to do that before going ahead. That piece laid out an argument for Donald Trump’s longstanding deep state ties,…

WTF? Trump Edition

My latest piece (2020 WTF Year in Review) looked at all the craziness of 2020—coronavirus lockdowns, governments admitting UFOs are real, conspiracy theory going mainstream, and the Great Reset—seeking to unite these seemingly disparate and bonkers realities into a unified field theory. In this piece I want to…

The Attentional Economy = Intentional Mind Control

“The moon was shinning on the lake at night, My Slayer T-Shirt fit the scene just right…” —Weezer, (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To Let’s start with an etymology and a kind of psychospiritual techno-political mathematical equation. Etymology of the word attention:…

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