Living on the Edge

It’s now 26 days until the 2020 US election. It’s been nearly six months since I wrote my last article on QAnon, and a lot has happened in the Q realm since that time. Trump was finally asked the question about QAnon by the press, after those following Q waiting for the question to be asked for the past three years. Trump said what was mostly expected. He didn’t condemn it, he said he was kind of familiar with it, and thought that those following Q were just good Americans worried about their country. After this the MSM started a new barrage of Q attack articles, expanding on the already copious hit pieces they’ve run over the past three years, and social media cracked down hard on anything Q related, with Facebook not allowing links to anything associated with Q, and Twitter just straight out deleting many Q accounts. During this time of increased media coverage, a whole layer of my progressive friends seem to have heard about Q for the first time, and they were horrified. The angry screeds and “unfriend me if you follow Q!” posts on social media were quite something to behold.

It’s clear the pressure cooker is coming to a head. When thinking of an image to describe the current moment (as of writing, Sept. 28-Oct.6, 2020), of course the garbage compactor scene from Star Wars came to mind. But besides being a little cliché, the walls of the compactor are moving too slowly to capture this mad and amped-up time. Instead another image sprang forth- there’s a scene in the video for Aerosmith’s 1993 song ‘Livin on the Edge’, where Eddie Furlong and a friend smash the window of a car and take it on a joyride. They drive the car full speed into a wall, for the thrill, and are saved by the airbags. That’s what I see right now, a car hurtling at full speed towards a wall. I don’t know what’s on the other side of the great explosive dust up we’re likely to witness in the weeks ahead. There’s probably few that do.

But the stage is sure set for some incredible fireworks, and in this piece I want to write both a partial defense of Q against a series of recent allegations, and I want to write one last piece for posterity before the events of the coming weeks are finally unveiled. As I’ve written in my previous four pieces on Q, I personally think Q is real and exactly what it says it is. It’s an operation emanating out of the US Military, in combination with the NSA and the president. The Q ‘drops’ are an information backchannel to the public, going around the MSM that is owned by the globalist oligarchic elite who are on the other side of this (mostly) silent war. A global criminal network of players is being fought by nationalists within the US Military and other sections of the US state apparatus, who are finally fighting back against an enemy that has infiltrated, subverted and sold out their country from within for too long. Who is this sinister network of players? I tried to offer a beginning sketch of an answer to that question in my recent article Naomi Klein’s Bridge- MKUltra, Neoliberalism, and the Long Trauma War Pt.1, which I recommend as background to those interested.

And yet, despite writing the above description of Q with some confidence, we still don’t know for sure if this is true. If it is true, OpSec or operational security would demand that there’s enough plausible deniability that you can’t know for sure. An even though for those of us who’ve been following Q closely there’s been more than enough proof that the Q operation is real, ongoing, and Trump is involved, we’re still waiting on indictments and the big explosions of justice that've been promised. Which is all great fodder for the critics of course, who are busy saying that Q is really an allegory, or an ARG, or a myth, or was the work of some ‘lone nut’ like Jim Watkins or Paul Furber. And those on the independent media/conspiracy researching side of the street haven’t become any more favorable to believing in Q since I wrote my article on the subject, with Illuminati Watcher’s Isaac Weishaupt putting out a four part podcast calling Q a psyop, and Jasun Horsley calling it controlled opposition. So, with the car rushing headlong towards the wall, it’s still unclear what the wall is made of, and what will happen when the Q train runs straight into the wild weeks ahead.


The latest torrent of attacks on Q by the MSM has utilized the new tactic of calling Q ‘anti-Semitic’. For those following Q this smear choice is laughable in the extreme. Q has said very little at all about Israel, with the particular exception of Drop 916 (March 10, 2018), when Q said (in response to a question about Israel), “We’re saving Israel for last. Very specific reason not mentioned a single time”. Since we’re not at the end yet, what Q meant hasn’t been revealed. Meanwhile, Trump and his Jewish son-in-law have been brokering peace deals between Israel and its regional foes, gaining Trump nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. Pretty strange behavior for an operation that’s anti-Semitic. In fact, all of this advocating on the behalf of Israel by the Trump administration has many people in the conspiracy world proclaiming that the Q operation is really Mossad/Israel! You’re damned if you do I guess. What the anti-Semitic smear tells me, is that the (Mockingbird) media believe that most people won’t look further into something, or don’t have the time to do so, so they’ll just believe what the news tells them at face value. For those who have closely followed the Q drops, the smear just adds yet one more piece of evidence that the media really is fake news.

There are several other erroneous talking points the MSM articles on Q all repeat. First of all, I wouldn’t really call Q a conspiracy ‘theory’. It’s more like a happening, an ongoing something. There’s a person or persons who continue to post information on an almost daily basis, which is often pointing people in the direction of where corruption is happening (at political, state and global levels), and how it works or has worked in the past (read Drop 4782 for an example). It has told its readers ahead of time what the Democrat anti-Trump playbook was going to be for almost three years. So someone has an insider in the Democrat realm, or perhaps it’s the NSA like it says it is, and communications are being intercepted. Either way, if this isn’t the US Military, you’d think the military would be damn interested in finding and stopping whoever it was that was posting all of this information, or at least have a wee chat with them. But somehow it still goes on unimpeded. Not only that, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (US Military) General Michael Flynn, said the Q oath on his social media page (much to the outcry of the media of course). And the Twitter pages for various branches of the US Military have been posting variations on Q phrases for the past three years.

The movement is also not right-wing, as the articles must repeat as often as possible. Or at least not only right-wing. How do we know this? Because there’s been a steady stream of articles for months lamenting how New Agers and other spiritual seekers on the progressive left have been sucked in by this horrible “baseless” (have to use that one too) conspiracy theory. Yoga teachers have taken on QAnon! The Wellness Movement has been tainted by QAnon! Ah crap, New Agers in Brazil have succumbed to QAnon! These articles and plenty more like them are flying off the presses these days, and they clearly show that many people outside of the ‘right-wing’ are also following QAnon. And that last article from Brazil also brings up another point. Q is not a phenomenon that’s located strictly in the United States, on the ‘white right-wing fringe’. People all around the world are following Q. We can also show this by another flavor of anti-Q article that are coming out these days- Q is spreading dangerously around the world! I would argue that word of Q is spreading around the world because the corruption is worldwide in the current world-system, and people have felt the rot underneath it all for a very long time. Nevertheless, Q has been global for some time.

There are several subjects that get attributed to Q by the media that Q has never spoken of. These include adrenochrome, cannibalism, and JFK Jr. being alive. Q has said exactly nothing on any of these subjects, and yet in almost every article these fantastical things get mentioned. Q did have one thing to say about the status of JFK Jr. however- when asked in a Q&A in 2018 if JFK Jr. was still alive, Q replied “No”. Pretty definitive, but that doesn’t stop the media from saying otherwise. It should be said that these subjects are talked about on Q Twitter, a lot. At this point I try and make a distinction between the Q Drops, and what’s said by people with Q related accounts on Twitter. Q Twitter is basically a shitshow at this point, and it’s hard to tell which accounts are shills saying things to make the movement look stupid, or are just people with atrophied critical thinking skills who are prone to flights of fancy. We know from the history of COINTELPRO, to Navy counterintelligence in the field of Ufology (as shown in the documentary Mirage Men), to the revelations from Edward Snowden about how counterintelligence agents infiltrate the internet, that these kinds of tactics do get deployed against social movements. So maybe there’s been some flooding of the Q social media space, who knows, but it’s hairy out there for sure. On Twitter Q gets swirled in with the rapidly growing ‘truther’/independent media movement in general, and there’s certainly lots of people talking about adrenochrome and those other subjects there. I try and stay with the drops themselves and how they’re relating to the news and current events. And if I need some help with understanding something in the drops, Praying Medic still remains a grounded and useful source. He’s one of the few long-term Q commentators with a big following that hasn’t been banned or deleted from all major social media platforms. Just yesterday, another stalwart Jordan Sather finally got the boot from Twitter (you can hear him tell the story here).  The censorship towards Q related content is fierce and daily at this point. Many links in my previous Q articles will now be broken because of it. But as Q said in Drop 2772 on Feb. 17, 2019, “The world is waking up to the TRUTH. Expect ‘attacks’ to intensify across all platforms”.

The Horned and Hidden God

One aspect of the Q narrative that gets a lot of press, and a lot of ridicule, is the notion that sections of the elite are Satanists or partake in Satanic ritual activity. This time it's true that this subject has been a theme of Q’s drops: Drop 3- “Many in our govt worship Satan”; Drop 10- “These people worship Satan_some openly show it”; Drop 113- “Does Satan exist? Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist? Who worships Satan?” In that same drop Q indicated that ritual human sacrifices had been taking place on Epstein’s island under the temple, and that major players had travelled there for this reason.

Let’s move into this topic a little slowly. First, I think it’s important to deal with the word Satanic, because at this point in our post-Christian society it’ll mostly engender eye rolls as we picture the little red man with the pitchfork and tail. I think we can better refer to what’s being called Satanic as Left-Hand path occultism or dark arts occultism. There’s a long and ancient tradition of occultism that tries to conjure and connect to dark/demonic paranormal forces. You can read a crazy account of Aleister Crowley doing just this in one ritual he performed in Algeria in 1909 (the story is a little way down in the article). It is this religious tradition that Q says parts of the elite are involved in. You could also call it Luciferianism, because as Isaac Weishaupt writes in The Dark Path, “In the occult belief system, they worship the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer as the true salvation figure for humanity. They believe he was the one who freed us from the oppressive control of God. It’s only through the serpent that one can achieve the enlightenment necessary to become something greater. To become a god” (p.153).

But us materialist moderns might be thinking, demon conjuring? What a bunch of hocus pocus. That’s fine, but as Q asks, “Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?” Meaning, do some people actually believe in this kind of thing, and do ritual practice based upon their beliefs, even it isn’t really real? All we need to believe to take in this material, is that some people believe this stuff, and act upon it. I personally think that there is another meta-physical realm behind our own, one that is populated by entities, and that people can (using a variety of methods) connect to and access these entities. Our site Limited Hangout is partially dedicated to re-integrating the reality of magic and the paranormal on the other side of post/modern materialism (while incorporating the best truths of those two eras, or structures of consciousness). But one doesn’t have to share those metaphysical views to acknowledge that ‘Satanic’ occult crime is a reality in our world.

Let me make a case for its reality. It’ll be mostly a series of links with little unpacking, as this article was supposed to be a quick Q roundup as we speed toward the election (and it’s already taking longer to compile than I’d hoped). Here’s a training manual on Satanic Cult Awareness issued by the U.S. Department of Justice for police training. An underground of this occult criminal activity obviously exists. It’s what’s pointed to in Season 1 of True Detective, and a few X-Files episodes. To hear more about that reality, we can listen to this recent interview with Russ Dizdar on the Skeptiko podcast. Dizdar has worked with police occult crime units for several decades and has worked with hundreds of victims of occult ritual abuse. Dr. Colin Ross is a leading expert on dissociative identity disorder (which is often the result of massive and systematic trauma). He’s also an expert on MKUltra and how these traumatizing techniques (and the intentional creation of DID) were perfected within the program. He’s worked with victims of ritual abuse for decades, and you can listen to this interview with him on the Foul Play podcast. Lastly, one could read the book Raising Hell- An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime. In the entry under ‘Human Sacrifice’, it says, “Human sacrifice, as a religious ritual, is firmly rooted in our history. Without regard to race, creed, or geography, it is a simple fact that residents of every continent, at one time or another, have indulged in ceremonial assassination of their fellow men…It would be comforting to think that we, as modern men and women, are beyond such lapses into lethal superstition. Living in the space age, with computers in our homes, and footprints on the moon, it seems impossible that anyone could still have faith in human sacrifice. Unfortunately, such presumptions of enlightenment are premature” (p.191-192). The Dark Lord demands sacrifice, and it appears there are some willing to oblige.

That last thing that needs to be discussed in this area is the so-called ‘Satanic Panic’ of the late 1980s. Nothing acts as more of a prophylactic against people coming to understand the true and dark reality of occult (‘Satanic’) crime in our world, and the elite involvement in it, then this little phrase. It’s in almost every article about Q. Nothing is easier for people to say than, “It’s just another Satanic Panic”, and then dismiss it and never look further. It’s my view that the phrase Satanic Panic was a counterintelligence psyop (probably CIA) to cover up crimes and allow for the easy dismissal of very real allegations that were surfacing at the time. It was incredibly effective. In the name of brevity, I’ll have to let two others make the argument for me. We can read the article ‘What You Should Know About (‘Satanic’) Ritual Abuse’ by the excellent researcher Jasun Horsley, who’s not afraid to peer into the darkest and most horrible underbellies of society. And we can also listen to the voice of William Ramsey, a lawyer and author who specializes in investigating occult crime, on a very recent podcast interview entitled, ‘The Satanic Panic Head Fake’.

But I can add two more important pieces of information to the words of Horsley and Ramsey. When a wave of people started turning up at psychiatrist’s offices in the mid to late 80s with stories of ritual abuse (many victims of MKUltra), an organization called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation sprung into existence, claiming the memories of all these people were false. Many diligent researchers have shown in the decades since that this organization was made up of very shady people, many with connections to intelligence services. This article is the best compendium I’ve found on its members. When the foundation finally dissolved in 2019, many survivors of abuse celebrated. The other piece of evidence is this- on October 25th, 2019, the FBI Vault Twitter page posted a link to some newly declassified documents on the Finders cult, and they included new information on the McMartin Preschool Case too, which was at the heart of the ‘Satanic Panic’. These documents reveal that the CIA was behind the Finders cult, which was involved in child sexual abuse, child trafficking, and occult activity. These dumps by the FBI also revealed that there really were tunnels under the McMartin Preschool, just as was claimed by many of the preschool kids who said they were abused. The existence of these tunnels was denied, which is one of the reasons the case was dropped. You can listen to researcher and investigative journalist John Brisson, who has done a lot of research on the Finders, unpack this FBI document dump on this 2019 episode of the William Ramsey Investigates podcast.

So why did these documents get unclassified now? Brisson is not sure, but guesses that this was a timed release, that they were ready for their scheduled declassification. That could be true, but from a Q perspective, this could’ve been a salvo in the ongoing information war that’s been taking place between the MSM (and its globalist owners) and their opponents on the Q/NSA/POTUS/DIA side of the battle. Maybe it was a little hand grenade rolled into one of the best weapons of ridicule against Q, the Satanic Panic. Either way, this phrase should be categorically dismissed, taken out back like Old Yeller and permanently removed from its long-time ability to cover up for heinous crimes against children.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming?

During the writing of this article several new plot twists have emerged within the Q story. First, the US House voted in favor of a non-binding resolution to condemn QAnon and the “conspiracy theories it promotes”. During his speech on the floor, Representative Tom Malinowski said that in terms of the reach of current extremist groups, nothing comes close to the scale of QAnon. It’s the biggest by far he said. Cool, then all of the media articles can now officially stop using the word ‘fringe’ when writing about Q. Malinowski also used another oft repeated trope deployed by critics trying to dismiss QAnon- that the FBI warned it was a violent terrorist group. But did they actually say this? Of course, anons do what anons do and they did some digging to see if this was true. You can read Praying Medic’s story of researching into this subject (far down in article under headers ‘Silence and Violence’ and ‘The FBI Bulletin Examined’). Long story short- the bulletin doesn’t exist. The FBI field office in Phoenix, where the bulletin was said to originate, said they know nothing of it. FOIA requests looking for the document returned empty. See how easy this is? Fake story gets created (probably by spooks), no one inquires to see if it’s true or not, and then article after article (and folks like Malinowski) get to condemn QAnon as violent based on the authority of the FBI. Just another day in the relentless cloak and dagger thrills of the past three years.

In other news, the slow drip of declassification by the Trump administration and the DOJ continues. Q has long said that declass will be a key weapon through which much will be revealed, allowing the public to slowly realize the level of corruption that's permeated the US government and its three letter agencies over the past many years. This particular declassification states that the intelligence community knew “that Hillary Clinton was planning an anti-Trump collusion campaign” that would paint him as working with the Russians. New related documents were just declassified today (Oct. 6, 2020) by the DNI. The slow trickle will probably continue unabated, with the media either studiously ignoring each one, or playing an increasingly exhausting game of Whack-A-Mole. Then we had the whole Trump gets the Rona circus, bringing about much speculation from all sides as to what was really going on. Never a dull moment. And throughout all of this, the long-awaited investigation by US attorney John Durham still sits blanketed in shadows, it’s scope ever expanding. What it brings when it drops, very few know, but a great many are waiting to see.

It’s time to put a lid on this article. Too much is happening too quickly. The weeks ahead should be, well, it’s hard to say. Will we truly see the final blows in the systematic destruction of the old guard, as Q vows? Will crimes against humanity be revealed? Will the contents of the apparently radioactive Weiner laptop finally see the light of day? Will journalists who have colluded with the deep state be exposed and punished? Will it be revealed, as many skeptical conspiracy podcast hosts believe, that Trump was part of the globalist cabal all along, and we got gamed? Is Trump really the gangster criminal that the left thinks he is, and this will be exposed for all to see? The car hurtles toward the wall surrounded on all sides by a thick fog of war. Is the wall solid and we’ll see an incredible wreck? Does the wall dissolve, unveiling a new morning for humanity on the other side? May you and yours be safe. We’ll see you on the other side.