“We’re in the endgame now.” —Dr. Strange  

In a previous piece, looking at new data emerging questioning dominant models of human origins, I explored the work of Thomas Kuhn on paradigm change in the realm of scientific disciplines. Kuhn called them revolutions in science.

According to Kuhn there are two elements to a paradigm:

1. An actual change in scientific measurement, data collection (and thereby data)
2. A changed interpretive structure that makes sense of the newly emerging data brought forth by #1.

Keep those two pieces in mind as we proceed as they will be critical to what follows.

Paradigms and paradigm change in Kuhn’s original and true meaning of the term also transpire in technology. This piece will look at the arising technological paradigm change known as the 4th Industrial Revolution.

My contention is that the Fourth Industrial Revolution does indeed represent a radical technological paradigm change according to Kuhn’s first meaning of the term. Further, I argue that frameworks like The Great Reset and allied ones (e.g. “Build Back Better”) constitute a narrative frame being pushed by global elites as an attempt to capture and control the Fourth Industrial Revolution to technocratic and tyrannical ends.

The Great Reset, then, would be a paradigm change by the second definition of the term. I’m not arguing that the World Economic Forum secretly runs the whole world, as if they were on the top of the conspiracy pyramid. Examining The Great Reset from the point of view of communications strategy however is very revealing as The Great Reset is representative of a wider movement towards controlling the narrative concerning the present moment and programming societies towards a specifically intended future: one I believe that is rooted in scientistic technocratic goals.

Global elites like Klaus Schwab (President and Founder of The World Economic Forum) have sought to conflate The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Great Reset as if they were a hand and glove naturally and seamlessly made for each other. I would prefer to think of the Great Reset as more manacles or chains that will be imposed upon the hand of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In order to make that argument however we first need to get clear on the nature of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset, and how the latter could well be a form of psychological warfare meant to condition the mind to only interpret the possibilities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution under frames set by elites.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a conceptual framework that sees modern technological change moving in three prior paradigms: i.e, Industrial Revolutions 1-3.

  • Industrial Revolution #1: the steam engine, James Watt, (mid 18th - mid 19h centuries)
  • Industrial Revolution #2: coal, mass urbanization & factories, the Model T, armaments for the Two World Wars (late 19th century through mid 20th century)
  • Industrial Revolution #3: computing power, global communications, the internet, (post WWII through to early 21st century)

Which brings us to the current Fourth Industrial Revolution (or paradigm). The major technological aspects of this 4th industrial paradigm are ubiquitous smart meters/grids, blockchains, global satellite and geo-locating, machine to machine communication, automation/AI, robotics, genetic engineering, and the Internet of things.

Digital data collection of all varieties—from RFID chips in products for global shipping  to wearable body devices tracking a person’s heart rate, step counts, or sleep patterns to augmented reality/virtual reality sexual encounters—are at the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. All data is being harvested and mined and, as I argued in a previous piece, being weaponized to create addictions to the tech and virtual worlds (e.g. neuro-hijacking and smartphone addictions).

This all-pervasive data collection and mining is core to the surveillance state—a surveillance state intended when the internet was first being formulated in the covert military black operations world. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself there.

By Kuhn’s first meaning of the term, these Fourth Industrial technologies do constitute a paradigmatic next level jump from those of the Third Industrial (computing) Revolution. They are not simply a faster more efficient version of Third Industrial Revolution tech; these new sensing-smart technologies do in fact represent an evolutionary leap (i.e. an actual technological paradigm change).

In that regard I believe The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a valid framework for making sense of the current technological shift underway. Because these technologies do actually bring forward a different level of experience (first definition of paradigm), they force a need for a new framework of meaning to make sense of, properly orient towards, and structurally embed these new realities opened up by these technologies (Kuhn’s 2nd meaning of paradigm). It is that second definition of paradigm which brings us to The Great Reset.

What’s So Great About The Great Reset Anyway?

Klaus Schwab (with backing from Prince Charles) proposed the phrase The Great Reset. The Great Reset officially—according to its advocates—is an attempt to respond to the Covid19 crisis in a way that builds a fairer, more ecological sustainable world moving forward. The Reset here being a “reset” button on “business as usual”. This framework seeks to shift the vision of a post-Covid19 crisis world into one built around stakeholder capitalism and The UN environmental & sustainable development goals. It should be note that The Great Reset is only one of a series of phrase or memetic frames proffered by elites: “build back better”, “alone together” being others.

Schwab specifically cites The Fourth Industrial Revolution and ties The Great Reset to it by stating one of the core goals of The Great Reset is to channel the forces of The Fourth Industrial Revolution to a fairer, more equitable world.

Here is a section from the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) website on The Fourth Industrial Revolution (my emphasis)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology advances commensurate with those of the first, second and third industrial revolutions. These advances are merging the physical, digital and biological worlds in ways that create both huge promise and potential peril. The speed, breadth and depth of this revolution is forcing us to rethink how countries develop, how organisations create value and even what it means to be human. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about more than just technology-driven change; it is an opportunity to help everyone, including leaders, policy-makers and people from all income groups and nations, to harness converging technologies in order to create an inclusive, human-centered future. The real opportunity is to look beyond technology, and find ways to give the greatest number of people the ability to positively impact their families, organisations and communities.

There’s quite a bit to unpack in that quotation. First, the emphasis on the merging of the physical, digital, and biological. Wearable technologies that are tracking human biodata come into play here. Also included would be genetic modification experiments in creating chimeras. If that sounds a bit of Frankestein-esque to you (as it should!), it’s worth remembering that Victor Frankenstein studied at The University of Ingolstadt, the home of Adam Weishaupt founder of the Bavarian illuminati. Hence the chimerical, alchemical, and the secret society of the scientistic priesthood is there from the jump, as I've argued previously.

Smart cities, smart grids, wearable smart technologies, as well as proliferation of augmented reality overlays over the physical world are all a part of this transformation (or should I say transmutation?). I’ve covered alchemy in multiple pieces on the site and they are worth reviewing here to understand what it means to alchemically “melt down” (negredo) the divisions between the digital, physical, and biological, in order that they can be then re-forged/remade in another likeness or image.

The second point I highlighted in the WEF quotation has to do with the co-opting of the language of economic fairness, social justice, and ecological sustainability as a cover for a technocratic power grab: “an inclusive human-centred future.” Unfortunately the humans at the center of that human-centered future will likely not be the masses but rather an elite-oriented humanity (see my earlier piece on Luciferian for Me, Satanic for Thee for more on that supposition).

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, in other words, is inevitable. “The future is already here it’s just not very evenly distributed,” in the immortal words of William Gibson. The Great Reset however is not inevitable—as much as individuals like Schwab would like us to believe that it is. The Great Reset is an intentional frame perpetrated by elites to exploit The Fourth Industrial Revolution to their own technocratic ends. Hence my calling it the Great (P)reset.

Consider this headline from the World Economic Forum’s own website:
Tanzania is Turning Waste Plastic Bottles into Coronavirus Face Shields

This story is meant to tie all these elements together into integrated piece. Tanzania brings up the developing world and the desire to (supposedly) make a more humane capitalism that lifts the masses out of poverty. These individuals however are collecting the refuse of the throwaway world (“plastic bottles”) instead of say having clean abundant water available to them not through privatized corporate entities. Then they are turning these plastic bottles into face shields for coronavirus, as part of the larger process of “shielding” human beings from direct face to face encounter, which have dubious medical claims at best to prevent disease transmission associated with them.

That is a perfect, if disgusting, illustration of how a psychological operation works. Recall that term psychological operations (psyop) is translated from the German but the literal translation into English is worldview warfare. (See Limited Hangout’s presentation on worldview warfare on The Stoa for a deeper dive into this topic.)

The warfare on sensemaking or worldview here is to condition the reader to assume this is all a good thing and, more importantly, a creative and ingenious solution to our present crisis. When looked at through another set of lenses (like They Live! Glasses) we can see colonization of the developing world, actual ecological devastation, corporate power grabs, and the psyop of masking.

Going back to Kuhn’s writings on paradigm change, the second form of paradigm change (the theoretical/interpretive aspect) is critical because data always must be held within meaningful contexts. The “data” of the present moment are these series of accelerating technological changes and multiple simultaneous global crises. These have left most with a fundamental sense of disorientation—which as I’ve covered elsewhere is the definition of trauma. The Great Reset inserts itself at precisely this point appearing to offer a way of making sense of the present moment, providing a direction forward and potentially thereby hope and grounding in a groundless moment.

Except it’s all very bait and switch. What officially on the surface is about using the present moment to help create a better future becomes in practice facial recognition software being used to lock people down in Australia. It becomes, in actual practice, the “normalizing” of the (il)legal authority to deny people from going to restaurants or shops because of vaccination status, creating different tiers in society and officially promoting public discrimination. While at the same time co-opting the language of things like racial and social justice, even though the actual civil rights movement involved breaking down public discrimination around, you guessed it, restaurants (see Jim Crow). Remember those iconic photos of civil rights protestors eating at counters in the American south?

In order to pull this switcheroo, elites have used both the carrot and the stick. Much of the carrot unfortunately has failed. As in this famously tragic-comic article written by the World Economic Forum about how by 2030 you won’t have any private property or ownership of your goods and you’ll love it.

That type of “Alone Together” doublespeak, complete with celebrities joining in an awful chorus of Imagine over Zoom haven’t really worked very well. So consequently it’s the stick: e.g. vaccine passports and the excessively Orwellian named “freedom pass” in Australia.

There are other ways that the technological change wrought by The Fourth Industrial Revolution could be organized. There could be alternative frames of understanding and embodiment than that of The Great Reset for handling The Fourth Industrial Revolution, particularly in a way that could be far more liberating and bring greater social cohesion. The Great Reset however is a frame intended to bring in greater top-down dominance.

In a recent excellent piece Ezekiel73 speaks about how the pace of technocratic dominance has accelerated drastically. To quote again Dr. Strange, “we’re in the endgame now.”

But why are we in the endgame now? Well one key reason I believe is because at the core of these Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies is a significant possibility towards an abundance economy and true decentralization. These technologies have the capacity to actually free humans to an incredible extent precisely as Buckminster Fuller theorized decades ago. Namely that automation technologies could free humans from the drudgery of much labor in order to focus on creativity, thriving, healing, and generativity.

Instead the elites pushing The Great Reset are looking to control these technologies for themselves and leave the masses disempowered. The Great Reset is a frame for weaponizing and turning these technologies which could otherwise be a force for great liberation into greater enslavement. Because The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a genuine technological paradigm shift it offers vastly greater possibilities in either direction: greater liberation and decentralization or greater enslavement and even further centralization of power.

Rather than the liberation of humanity through new technologies, I would argue we instead see a huge push towards an elitist post-humanity. The recent rebranding of Cyborgism as Centaurism is a perfect illustration of the shell game afoot here. A centaur, as defined by the great humanistic psychologist Erik Erikson was a healthy integration in a person of both their human cognitive functioning along with the bodily and emotional intelligence, symbolized by the centaur being half-human (mind) and half-horse (somatic/emotional).

Centaurism, in the current transhumanist discourse, is the union of human and non-human in one. Notice in that move the denial of human embodiment, showing the ultimately Gnostic roots of transhumanism—as I’ve argued previously. As well as deep ties to Luciferian spirituality (covered here) with Lucifer as the originals spiritual bypasser. Transhumanism after all is an inverted form of alchemy which us back to the Fourth Industrial Revolution merging physical, biological, and digital worlds through alchemical transmutation.

By deploying language of environmental sustainability and social justice, elites have co-opted constructs that are meaningful and resonant for many. It acts as a cover for the real agenda of control which would not be popular were it to be directly stated publicly. Who can be against inclusion and a sustainable, human-centered future after all? Unless of course the actual implementation of that human-centered future looks like a social credits, an unchecked surveillance system tracked through a digital health passport/identity upon which one’s universal basic income is dependent. That’s a very human-centered future; it’s very data inclusive (in fact pervasive). It’s unfortunately a very dystopic future.

Buckminster Fuller also wrote that systems do what they are designed to do. The failure often is in the design of the system not the execution.

If the present moment appears utterly bizzaro and weird it’s because we’re looking at it through the lens of the mainstream controlled discourse. “I thought this was all about a health crisis, why are now at digital passports?” If you think it’s odd that what was supposed to be a viral pandemic is now being used to talk about climate change (what’s the relationship there?), then the veil is still held over the eyes.

If we take the Buckminster Fuller approach we would ask instead what is the systemic design such that these otherwise seemingly self-contradictory events, make deep sense? I would propose that one such design that makes sense is that of an intended goal of exploiting the arising Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies towards the end of greater social control, aka technocracy.

In that light, the pandemic has been exploited—Peter Dale Scott calls this a piggybacking operation. When looked at through the lens of a health crisis and a (legitimate) humanitarian desire to protect people from harm and heal those affected, much of what is going doesn’t make any sense: e.g. cutting off other forms of potential healing that are inexpensive and not patented by Big Pharma; the massive push towards social isolation leading to higher rates of suicide, depression, domestic abuse, and addiction; cratering economies around the globe, etc.

The psyop is so intense that even Naomi Klein, who came up with the thesis of the shock doctrine, who herself, as Ezekiel73 pointed out understood that the shock doctrine had roots in the trauma-based mind control experiments of MK-Ultra, who all the way back in 2008 presciently wrote how China was creating a digital police state that would be the model for global export around the world (including to the West!), has come out recently with a puff piece critiquing “conspiracies” concerning the present moment, including too much emphasis on The Great Reset.

A wild time to be alive, that’s for sure.

I previously written on the promotion of Universal Basic Income practices by elites like Mark Zuckerberg as a shell—hiding the true possibilities of actual abundance-based energy and economics, I’ve also written on how I believe the recent public admission of the reality of UFOs may be part of a larger psychological operation to introduce breakthrough technologies from the covert black ops world into the above ground economy. The link there is that the UFO is an anti-gravitic, “free energy”/zero point expression in real time in the skies.

Many of the technological aspects of The Fourth Industrial Revolution are similarly breakthrough technology in nature (a good majority of which likely come originally from the covert research world, e.g. 3D printing). Consequently, 4th Industrial Revolution technology could naturally point to abundance-based economics, energy, and living. The danger for elites is loss of power. The lure is to weaponize these same technologies towards greater surveillance and control. In order to achieve that end however they must convince the population that the only way to rationally and safely bring these revolutionary (4th Industrial Revolution) technologies into society is through their guidance and mindset. Hence, The Great Reset—and similar such frames—are there to manipulate and socially engineer public opinion towards technocratic ends and to occlude a more liberators vision of these same technologies. The Great Reset is an attempt to control the technological paradigm change of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to maintain elitist, scientistic, managerial control.