“Everybody plays the fool,
There’s no exception to the rule
(Listen Baby)
It may be factual, it may be cruel
(I ain’t lyin’)
But everybody plays the fool…

Everybody plays the fool,
They use your heart just like a tool,
(Listen Baby)
They never tell you so in school,
(I wanna say it again)
Everybody plays the fool.”

The Main Ingredient, “Everybody Plays The Fool”

This piece is the second annual WTF? Year in Review. You can read my review of 2020 here. I recommend (re)reading that piece as much of what was covered in the 2020 review is still relevant now. It was both a review and a prediction of things I expected to transpire in 2021.

The core argument made in that piece was that covid was being used as part of a piggybacking operation, i.e. as a cover for deepening technocracy. I’m far from the only voice offering that perspective incidentally. Previously I’ve written pieces on how I believe good movements like Universal Basic Income schemes as well as environmentalism can be exploited as moral justification for the installation of technocracy—that is rule by managerial elites through technology. In addition I discussed how UFOs would be brought into this larger arc—through the threat of an alien invasion and public admission of the reality of UFOs (spun in elites favor) as a cover for introducing more space-age technology as a prelude to cosmic colonialism.

All of these trends accelerated in 2021.

2020 was the initial shock and opening traumatic event of covid and everything that went went it: lockdowns, quarantine, and all the rest. That was the initial stage in the psychological operation. As covered repeatedly on the site, initiations work in three stages: opening, alchemical turmoil, and then a newly stabilized norm going forward.

The intentional perversion of the arc of transformation is to initiate such a sequence through forced traumatization, leading to an unconscious movement (post shock) into the second phase of fundamental disorientation. 2020 was the first step in that psychological operation. The shock of the traumatic event itself. 2021 was really all about people becoming accustomed to a near-constant state of confusion, whipsaw 180 degree changes in policy, and emotional overwhelm. 2021 was the feeling of being on consistently wavy and tumultuous waters for a long boat trip. One becomes used to the feeling of sea-sickness, nausea, and simply battens down the hatches in order to try to cope with this new reality.

2021 was the year in which further experimentation and refinement of this global psyop was undertaken. In other words, different national polities tried out different measures and were gaining information by such “open air” social experiments on human beings. Australia and New Zealand, for example, became testing grounds within (so-called) liberal democracies for how far extreme lockdowns and violent countermeasures to protests against them could be pressed. Various countries in Europe (e.g. Hungary and Germany) are experimenting with quarantine for unvaccinated individuals only as a carrot and stick approach. Italy has explored forcing all workers to get vaccine passports or lose their jobs—even if they live and work entirely remotely. Canada along with Ireland and other domains have brought in social restrictions without digital/app-based vaccine passports to attend concerts, sit down and eat a restaurant, etc.

With various countries trying out different strategies it could look, to the uninformed observer, as if the responses were all very fragmented. Instead, from a parapolitical perspective, this is what we would expect of a more cohesive, coordinated operation. Namely different environs need to be tested and experimented upon to figure out how to enculturate different populations to the unified goal of technocratic rule. What works in one locale or country isn’t necessarily going to work exactly as is in another. So nuance, local adaptation, and a diverse set of tactics and strategies need to be deployed. From this more clinical, cold-blooded, pathocratic outlook, more data was needed. 2021 was a year of much data collection in the form of social experimentation.

Elite media struggled to maintain a consistent narrative as more and more information came out about the possibilities of the engineered nature of the virus, the implications of leading governmental authorities (e.g. Anthony Fauci) being deeply tied to corporate interests (like Big Pharma), the inefficacy of various vaccines to handle new mutations, and so on.

While on one level all that took place, at a deeper level it is important to remember that a key part of the “learning” of MK-Ultra (and other mass experiments in large scale mind control) is the importance of gaslighting. For further background on this topic, see Ezekiel73’s excellent pieces on MK-Ultra and the weaponization of social scientific research.

In other words, if the mainstream media one day says that vaccines will prevent new mutations of covid and then next week has to backtrack and say, well in actuality you can still get the disease but it won’t be as dangerous...then that’s actually too part of the plan. Contradiction, in other words, does not become a problem once it becomes brought into the loop of breaking people’s ability to cognize events clearly—see my piece on information warfare through the lens of John Boyd’s OODA Loop Theory for more on that conclusion. When the information terrain is constantly shifting as the “new norm”, then people start to dissociate and tune out altogether which is perfect for a divide and conquer strategy.

In my 2020 year in review I also provided some astrological background (“space weather”) to give a larger framing of the collective movements. Astrologically one of the core major events of 2021 (and will continue into 2022) was the square between Uranus and Saturn. Saturn is the lord of karma, conservatism and the existing order. Saturn is constriction, restriction, and boundaries. Uranus, by contrast, is the force of promethean fire-stealing from the gods. Uranus is the great change agent, the force of out with the old and in the with the new. Uranus symbolizes the energy of progress, newness, and social revolution. A square relationship in astrological terms (a 90 degree relationship in a chart) represents deep tension as two lines intersect at a hard right angle.

Saturn and Uranus are archeyptally at odds with one another from the start. To have that inherent dynamic amplified by the squared relationship into an almost near-constant state of open warfare—complete with skirmishes, forays into each other’s territory, and ongoing running battles—has made it a difficult year to put it mildly.

Saturn moved into the sign of Aquarius at the end of 2020 (out of the sign of Capricorn). Saturn has traditional rulership (or extra juice if you will) in both the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorn is an earth sign so the form of Saturn’s restriction in 2020 was very earthy—as in actually locking people in their physical homes. In 2021 Saturn worked through Aquarius and will continue to do so throughout 2022. Aquarius is an air sign and symbolizes digital technologies. Hence the form of Saturn’s repression/constriction in 2021 was mostly through digital tech: e.g. vaccine passports for public events.

Uranus meanwhile is in the sign of Taurus, the fixed earth sign. Uranus represents (among other things) money and currency and we see the upheaval in the financial markets consequently. Uranus is in modern astrology also co-ruler of Aquarius with Saturn interestingly. Aquarius is the sign of social innovation, humanitarianism, and a new age after all.

The squared or tense relationship then is between the push for an imposed order via digital technologies represented by Saturn. That’s the astrological signature (in my read) of technocracy. And that energy has a bit of the upper hand at the moment—for those who know a bit of astrology Saturn is in the superior square position (right-hand square).

Uranus represents the forces opposed to that existing social order and the various forms of protest and resistance to this imposed digital oppression. It ultimately represents a desire to find a new Aquarian way forward in life that is more innovative and humanitarian and (truly) ecologically sane. Unfortunately much of the energy is currently being co-opted as part of the larger Saturnian agenda of control. As I mentioned in the 2020 Review Saturn, is after all, the Lord of the Rings—something I’ve discussed elsewhere on the site.

The deep tension between the desire to impose a digital technocratic scheme of deep control (Saturn in Aquarius) and the various forms of pushback and resistance towards it (Uranus) will almost assuredly continue throughout 2022.

Another major astrological configuration for 2022 is that of Jupiter conjuncting Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune has been moving through the sign of Pisces since 2011. In modern astrology Neptune is co-ruler of Pisces—Neptune being lord of the ocean and Pisces being the fish. Neptune is the planet of spiritual awakening but also it’s shadow—delusion, illusions, disinformation, and the loss of meaning-making and coherence. Pisces is the sign of dreams, idealism, and vision. Hence since Neptune entered into Pisces we’ve seen the rise of ascension spirituality (2012 craze) but also the loss of meaning making and the rise of disinformation campaigns. As Ezekiel73 has pointed out, it’s also correlated with the dissolution of the society of spectacle.

As I’ve argued elsewhere, as the meaning making void widens, into that gap elites attempt to impose a worldview among populations at large that foster support for technocractic oppression. These elite technocratic psychological operation seek to exploit the dying out and dissolution (Neptune) of out of date mythologies (Pisces) by imposing their own—one more rooted in Satanic principles.

Neptune’s move through Pisces has much to do with the larger public influence of postmodernism (a philosophy among the avant grade of the late 60s but since booming much more mainstream). See my earlier pieces exploring postmodern currents in thought, particularly in film (e.g. Star Wars and Deadpool). Neptune in Pisces also correlates with the explosion of Luciferian spiritualities—aka spiritual bypassing gone mainstream.

Lastly Neptune through Pisces indicates to me the dream—or rather nightmare—of the metaverse among the elites. A dream (Pisces) of illusion/delusion (Neptune) mixed with spiritual fervor (Neptune). Christopher Knowles’ recent work on Socerarchy—rule by sorcerers—eloquently details this movement. What Knowles means is that elites use public rituals as forms of sorcery. Neptune, recall, is the planet of divination and ritual, including inverted or dark ritual. Here’s Knowles’ take on the AstroWorld tragedy as a form of public ritual.

Neptune also rules film—as a mode of projected imagery like in dreams. Neptune therefore rules augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) movements. With Jupiter heading into Pisces and eventually joining Neptune expect 2021 to be a year of serious public unveiling and profusion of AR/VR reality.

Perfectly combining both postmodernism and sorcerarchy, in 2021 Facebook changed its name to Meta(verse). The name Facebook itself perfectly encapsulates two motifs within postmodernism—represented by Emmanuel Levinas and Jacques Derrida respectively. Levinas spoke of “the face” (le visage) as the face of The Other that would force ethical decisions from a person. The face of The Other concerns not “othering”—hence the postmodern movements towards greater inclusion of minority voices and populations. The book in Facebook points to another motif in postmodernism—represented by Derrida, see my earlier piece on his work here.

For Derrida, text (book) and grammar overwrote speech and created “slippage” in the meaning of intended communication. Derrida termed this slippage between intended speech (logos) and its material embodiment (grammar) “differance.” With the rise of misinformation & disinformation campaigns, cancel culture, and shadow banning, we are experiencing the very technological embodiment and machinery of that slippage, aka differance.

The metaverse however points towards a third French postmodern thinker: Jean Francois Lyotard. Lyotard argued that life was becoming a simulated simulacra. In the first Matrix movie Neo hides his hacker files in a copy of Lyotard’s Simulcra and Simulation. Lyotard did make some connections between his prediction of the coming onslaught of hyperreality (Neptune in Pisces) and the relationship between hyperreality and trauma as disorientation. He did not, however, make the connection between elite-led psychological operations rooted in trauma-based mind control tactics and hyperreality. Though any study of MK-Ultra and the fact that the internet was created by the military industrial complex ties those two together threads in a horrifyingly neat weave.

I contend that the meta-verse then is an intentional augmented reality overlay of physical existence meant to impose a trauma-worldscape. See my review of The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum’s explicitly alchemical languaging of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s merging of physical, digital, and biological realities into one chimerical hybrid for more on this point.

Speaking of Jupiter, he is traditionally the ruler of Pisces. Jupiter entered Pisces on Dec 28, 2021. In 2022, Jupiter will move through Pisces (last sign of the zodiac), briefly move into the following sign of Aries (first sign of the zodiac) mid-year, then eventually retrograde, move temporarily back into Pisces and then finally end the year of 2022 moving into Aries for good.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, blessing. For a significant portion of 2022, Pisces will have both its (co)rulers present in the sign. The sign will be extra activated for the year. The Neptune portion will continue beyond this year (until 2026 when Neptune enters Aries).

What then about Jupiter?

One possibility is Jupiter will radically exacerbate the existing Neptune-in-Pisces trends. Junk conspiracies—including ones amplified by elites—spiritual bypassing, psychological operations towards technocracy, the loss of meaning-making, the death of dreams and the loss of older narratives of coherence and cohesion.

There’s also the possibility of a brief “valve release” on the pressure of the social lockdowns. When Jupiter briefly entered Pisces in summer 2021, before retrograding back into Aquarius there was a short window of opening of restrictions and people returning to social events. As soon as Jupiter went back into Aquarius, new variants of covid were announced along with the re-imposition of quarantining measures (with the more digital oriented form of surveillance as previously mentioned). Given that Jupiter is entering into Pisces in the winter (in the northern hemisphere) that type of (re)opening seems less likely.

The latest variant of covid at the time of writing (Omicron) appears, so far, to be the most transmissible form of the disease (although also it would seem the least lethal). Neptune is about the dissolution of boundaries—like water. Pisces, the fish, swims in a watery permeable context. So Jupiter intensifying and amplifying a boundary-less watery situation (covid as carried through saliva) could easily symbolize an increased wave of transmissions, as is happening at the exact time of writing (end of 2021). Jupiter moving into a fire sign (Aries) in the northern hemisphere hotter months might indicate a temporary burning away of fluid transmission (Pisces as water sign). Though again Jupiter will retrograde back into Pisces in northern hemisphere fall meaning potentially another round of watery amplified transmission.

The last major outer planet not yet discussed is Pluto. 2022 also will bring the Pluto return chart of The United States (as calculated from the Declaration of Independence as birth chart).

The Pluto Return is the return of Pluto to where it was at the point of birth. This process isn’t applicable to individual humans lives as it takes over two hundred years for Pluto to make a complete orbit. But it can and does happen for nations or larger entities (crowns, royal houses, corporations, etc.)

Pluto is the planet of death, transmutation, and rebirth. Pluto will cross its US birth position in Feb 2022 (27 degrees Capricorn), then turn retrograde within about a 1 degree orb (28 Capricorn) and cross back over the 27 degree marker throughout much of 2022. Recalling also that Jupiter enters Aries—ruled by Mars god of war—as the months get hotter in the US (starting in May and going through July). Capricorn is the sign of administration and systems.

So we have death (Pluto) and total transformation (Pluto) of the structure, governmental systems, and administration (Capricorn) of the United States simultaneous to the amplification (Jupiter) of the energy of self-assertion and potential violence (Aries).

A potentially foreboding omen if there ever was one. Hopefully another way can be found there to harness those energies to consciously die to the existing failed order (Pluto return) and make a conscious initiatory turn into a new form moving forward. A new constitutional convention could be an interesting way forward.

If not, and only in retrospect would this be seen to be true or not, but this configuration could indicate the beginning of the breakup of the federal republic of the United States as previously understood. We’ve already seen via covid southern US states reviving the doctrine of nullification and simply refusing to abide by federally imposed rules dominated by the North. The last two times that happened it both ended with federal troops occupying the South (the civil rights movement and the Civil War).

To summarize then, 2020 was the initiating traumatic event. Whether one believes that initiating event (covid) was an intentional weaponized release of a pathogen, an accidental release of a weaponized pathogen, or a truly naturally occurring viral mutation, the ultimate trauma was the piggybacking operation of using said pandemic as a cover for installing digital technocratic rule (Saturn in Aquarius).

The chief learning from MK-Ultra and other trauma-based mind control human experimentation, was to first dissociate a person and create a vortex of helplessness through intentional trauma. When applied to a larger-scale social collective, particularly through media, a key way to achieve this is through trigger words (trigger in the true original meaning of the term as activating latent trauma energies). The excessively terrifying mainstream media reports of deaths and numbers from Covid and overflowing hospitals are part of this triggering process.

The first step in trauma-based mind control is the trauma-based portion.  The mood or atmosphere of trauma is one of disorientation. The second step in trauma-based mind control is to insert a new narrative or meaning-making apparatus during the disorientation. This is the mind control part of trauma-based mind control.

2021 was the year of deeper disorientation and where initial forays to offer the new narrative frame came into play: e.g. The Great Reset, The New Normal, Build Back Better. These were at best marginally successful I’d argue. But the more technocratic digital forms of authoritarianism and establishing those as a new normalcy did unfortunately (in my view) take root.

In 2022 with Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Neptune I expect the spell (Neptune) of the metaverse will be cast as a dream (Pisces) over the waters (Pisces = water sign = the emotion/unconscious) of the collective space. I envision that the sorcerers will attempt to cast that spell in light of human sovereignty (Jupiter) but in reality be a trojan horse for deeper absolutist digital rule (Saturn in Aquarius). There will be pushback (square) and movements to protest and route around the technocratic (Uranus) in various forms of currency and material goods/value (Taurus).

Potentially in the mix with that larger collective dynamic, will be a specifically American tumult (Pluto return) that could intensity the global reality in addition to have transmutational possibilities domestically for the US.

Short version: weird and wild times only to get weirder and wilder. Happy 2022 everyone!