Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”
—Soren Kierkegaard

This piece is going to be a very complex and multifaceted one. It builds on and seeks to tie together a number of threads covered in earlier pieces concerning the UFO Phenomenon. The aim will be to make sense of what’s going on with the recent number of admissions by the US military of the existence of UFOs (or UAPs as they’re now known). This public acknowledgment of the reality of UFOs marks a major watershed but the question remains:

Why all these pronouncements now and to what end?

(If you’re not familiar with all these various announcements that have taken place recently, this episode of The Richard Dolan show is a very good primer.)

In order to answer that question I believe we need to bring in a series of different frameworks into a more integrated frame. Along the way we’ll encounter the nature of the traumatic freeze response, psychological operations in the UFO file, the shadowy nature of Disclosure, Hegel’s ideas of overdetermination, the lore of sister alien invasions vs. the lure of cosmic space brothers, as well as the impact of awe in one’s psyche.

As I said this is going to be a complex argument.

Let’s start with overdetermination and the UFO phenomenon.

In a previous piece I explored the application of Hegelian philosophy to the UFO phenomenon, from which I coined the term Hegalienism. One concept of Hegel’s philosophy that illuminates the UFO conversation is that of overdetermination. Overdetermination involves strange, paradoxical juxtapositions of things that seemingly shouldn’t exist yet somehow do.

An example of overdetermination that I used in that piece was the trial of O.J. Simpson. O.J. was clearly guilty of double homicide AND yet there was strong evidence that (elements of) the LAPD framed him. Normally we think of framing as only occurring for an innocent person for why would one need to frame a person whose already guilty? But in this case it happened—a guilty man was framed. Framing a guilty man is an overdetermined reality. There’s a weird doubling that goes on in the situation.

Another example is counterfeiting. One counterfeits (or fakes) an existing actual form of currency. No one counterfeits 45 goobglocks as goobglocks aren’t an existing form of recognized and legitimate currency. Instead criminals counterfeit rubles, dollars, Euros, yen, etc. because of course those are real forms of money.

What that means is that a counterfeit is an illusory act on top of an underlying reality. O.J. was guilty and yet was also framed. The framing did not change the guilt but the guilt didn’t override the frame job either, just as counterfeiting doesn’t invalidate the underlying real currency that is being faked. In fact, counterfeiting, in a very odd way, actually reinforces the truth value of the thing being counterfeited (that point will become more important in.a moment when dealing with UFOs).

I’m going to argue in this piece that many of the narratives concerning the UFO phenomenon are a counterfeit on top of an existing underlying reality. I maintain that a great majority of conventional public UFO discourse is a disinformation campaign. But unlike many who claim that the UFO, as a whole, is a psyop, I think it’s a psyop on top of an actual reality. In other words, the vast majority of UFO discourse is like framing a guilty man or counterfeiting a real existing currency. Said another way, the UFO phenomenon is overdetermined. The counterfeit or framing aspect involved does not deconstruct the phenomenon itself but oddly strengthens support for it (again criminals counterfeit real currencies not non-existing ones). In fact, I’d go so far as to say the psyop element around UFO weirdly creates further proof of it’s ultimate reality.

In addition. I’ve written a number of pieces exploring research concerning trauma in relationship to the realms of high strangeness, including the UFO phenomenon. I will further argue in this piece that the principal way in which the psychological operation on top of the real existing UFO phenomenon works is to create a state of traumatic freeze (as in fight, flight, and freeze).

In true Hegelian fashion I will further argue that this psychological operation works through a controlled dialectic whereby two seemingly completely opposed and self-contradictory narratives will both have been seeded by the deep state. One of those narratives or memes is that of the sinister alien invasion. The other (paradoxically) is that of the space brothers come down to bring us planetary peace, love, and harmony. In this piece I’ll show how both of those narratives end up in the same place—overwhelm, collapse, traumatic freeze, and energetic disempowerment. I believe that result is the intended outcome of the psychological operation itself. A psychological operation, to reiterate, that I think is counterfeiting on top of (and not in substitution for) a real existing high strange phenomenon.

UFOs are real. (Much of) Ufology is a psyop.

Controlled dialectics manage how a debate is even framed. It keeps a situation locked into a false binary between two opposing positions, which together hide a third and ultimately more truthful perspective. I’m going to end this piece by arguing that the “hidden third” in this argument is not extraterrestrial technology but rather occulted and exotic and very much human terrestrial technology. In so doing we’ll open a window into the recent announcements of The US Space Force, UFO study groups by the military, and private space tourism as signs of a coming space colonization through this exotic human technology. The controlled dialectic of a UFO religion of either demonic sinister aliens or angelic extraterrestrial space brothers will be to hide the real game of space colonization and militarization by a human elite.

Like I said, a very complex argument indeed.

In order to grasp how all these pieces might fit together, the first thing that’s needed is a clear understanding of the relationship between interpretation and phenomena. Interpretations and narratives frame or cohere data (phenomenal reality). We can’t place or contextualize data without frames of reference but those frames of reference can easily obscure or warp the meaning (or meanings) of the data.

The data in this case are the accounts over millennia describing strange lights, missing time, anomalous experiences, enigmatic entities, and the like. Furthermore, as numerous scholars have pointed out, these encounters across various cultures and time periods have the same structural elements over and over again (for instance, like hybridization as I’ve written about elsewhere).

So The Phenomenon, whatever it is, is much much older than the specifically UFO and ET-oriented framing around The Phenomenon. This point is an absolutely crucial one because it allows us to retain the validity of the underlying phenomenal reality (The Phenomenon) without necessarily having to adhere to the modern UFO and ET-oriented narrative framing of The Phenomenon.

The UFO narrative really starts to come into being at the tail end of the Second World War, though there are some earlier antecedents like the Flying Ship Mystery from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The UFO narrative has become commonplace, almost to the point of absurdity: claims of crashed crafts from outer space; actual biological ETs; abductions and genetic experimentation. According to this model, these beings are literally and figuratively “alien-ated”. As such the question repeatedly comes back to what “they” want or what “their” intentions are. That’s the first clue that the narrative framework around this phenomenon is part of a psychological operation as it displaces agency and sovereignty from the human perspective to some dissociated and projected “Other”.

The para-political cryptocracy (aka the deep state) have long used dissociation and altered states of consciousness—either through hypnosis or drugs or both—in order to break the normal interpretive structures of a psyche and then into that dissociative gap in consciousness they have planted their own narratives and stories. See Artichoke, Bluebird, and MK-Ultra for evidence of that assertion.

If that’s the case then consider the possibility that many (if not most) of the mainstream UFO discourse narratives are meant to inculcate dissociation (“freeze”) in order to implant narratives supportive of the overall goal of a hidden elite—namely technocratic rule through a subservient and pliant (and fragmented) population.

There are two main UFO-ET narratives we want to investigate. The first is the sinister alien invasion. Think UFOs blowing up the White House in Independence Day. Or Wernher von Braun’s telling Carol Rosin that the threat of an alien invasion would be used as a cover story to promote the militarization of space (aka “Project Blue Beam”). Or Prof. David Jacobs’ books exploring the notion of a secret alien invasion through hybridization with humans. Or Tony Stark pointing up to the sky and saying “that’s the Endgame.”

It’s more obvious why a government would want to promote this narrative—so that it helps create fear in the populace who will in turn be more supportive of the militarization of space. The clamor for a Big Daddy/Mommy Government that will protect us breeds dependency. US President Trump’s recent announcement of a 6th branch of the American military, The Space Force points in precisely this direction.

What is less obvious is why a deep state/hidden hand would want to promote the idea that the aliens are our Space Brothers come to bring us interplanetary harmony, peace, and enlightenment. Strange as it may seem, there is a great deal of evidence to support that assertion. For those interested in a deeper read on this subject Dr. Joseph Farrell’s book Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops is a crucial text. My thoughts here are largely influenced by Farrell’s argument in that text.

The space brothers narrative:

—promotes a notion of higher “races” with advanced technology.
—cultivates subservience to said “higher race” with exotic technology
—pushes for a non-transparent, totally opaque, anti-democratic, planetary government imposed from top down.
—teaches individuals to see themselves as carried along by a larger force of cosmic history, hence they should “trust the plan” as it were.

The Space Brothers narrative is very strong in the contactee movement of the 1950s. Farrell points out that there is a strange set of connections between the early contactee movement and the post war Fascist International (for more on the Fascist International see my earlier two pieces on contemporary fascism here and here).

Knowing that many in the contactee movement had very strong fascist sympathies (sometimes explicitly so) helps re-frame much of the contactee literature with its consistent references to  supposedly blue eyed/blonde haired “Nordic” aliens as a “higher race of beings”. Under the surface of seemingly serene and slightly wacky aliens lies a very dark and very human underbelly. Which is to say all those elements should immediately raise the Aryan alarm bells in our mind.

It's worth noting that the Aryan mythology from Karl Maria Wiligut (aka “Himmler’s Rasputin”) and Hans Vons Liebensfeld, among others, is that the Aryan race came from the stars. They were “starseeds” to use New Age ascensionst terminology. It was (and is) a quasi-Gnostic narrative of falling from the realm of purity to the evil “lower” plane and being caught in the deadening forces of materiality. For the Nazi cult specifically this “deadening” quality was tied in with the notion of “pure Aryan blood” getting mixed and therefore soiled by what they claimed to be the more “primitive races.” We know what horrors that ideology unleashed on the world.

I'm not saying that everyone whose had am encounter and claimed to have had a higher state of consciousness wherein they received a message of a deeper or higher purpose to human history is automatically participating consciously in some deep psyop. Rather my point is a subtler one--namely that individuals can have such encounters and yet the framing and narratives of such encounters can easily be co-opted to serve another agenda. As I covered in my look at the realms of subtle mysticism, particularly as it has played out in contactee & starseed lore, the subtle realm does feel like a higher state of consciousness and can therefore easily lead to a notion of a "higher form of governance" or a "higher intelligence" that should be in charge. This explicilty hierarchical mystical frame is where--often unwittingly– a fascist meme can be inserted beacuse of fascism's adherence to a form of political and social hierarchy (violent and opressive though it may be).

We can start then to see the outlines here of the controlled dialectic within Ufology—that is how both the sinister alien narrative and the seemingly totally opposite space brothers narratives both end up in calls for top-down forms of tyranny.

But how exactly do those two seemingly opposed narratives end up at the same destination through such wildly different paths? The answer lies in the topic of traumatic freeze.

To understand how traumatic freeze relates to these twin UFO narratives, this interview with Mary-Jane Rubenstein on the podcast Expanding Mind (with Erik Davis) concerning awe is a very good place to begin. Rubenstein discusses two forms of awe: 1. A version oriented around the beauty of the cosmos and the Earth 2. And another rooted in horror (“holy terror/awe”). For the first type of awe, think Bach. For the second think Lovecraft. Both end up in awe, and awe (from either direction) is often synonymous with being “frozen in time”.

Please note that the two major narratives of alien invasion and the contactee/space brothers perfectly embody Rubenstein’s two types of awe. The alien invasion is the horror/Lovecraftian angle. The contactee/space brothers is the overwhelming awe and beauty of (seemingly) cosmic harmonic perfection. And again the link there is that overwhelming awe leads to dysregulation and lack of coherence (aka trauma), particularly the freeze response.

For the horror alien invasion side, think of a deer in headlights. It’s become so frozen with fear as to become petrified. For the contactee/awe of cosmic beauty, think of individuals “blissing out”—as in blissing “out” of regulated experience. Think of how much of the contactee literature involves people going “out of their bodies” and taken up to the stars—when looked at from a trauma lens that is a recognition that they are very likely dissociating to such an extreme degree that they are disconnecting from their physical, material sense of themselves.

In freeze a person experiences a feeling of deep helplessness. Persons in freeze lose a sense of their own fundamental agency and choice. Notice that stupefaction is precisely the end result of both the sinister alien invasion and the contactee/space brothers narratives; both frames entrain individuals into helplessness and collapse. Once again to really drive this point home, that helplessness is the consequence of either the “negative” alien invasion meme or the “positive” contactee/space brother meme. Both of those narratives cultivate a specific version of overwhelming awe which, from a nervous system point of view, means freeze.

Notice that in the sinister alien invasion meme the helplessness leads to a sense of wanting a “big brother” to come and rescue us. The same by the way holds true of the contactee movement. It too calls for an outside “big brother” to come and be “our” savior. The only difference being in the sinister alien invasion meme the “big brother” called for is military dictatorship whereas in the contactee movement the “big brother” would be the supposedly “higher ET race” itself (for example, see the film The Day The Earth Stood Still).

While that second, space brother option, may seem antithetical to the first option of a militarized space program, it really isn’t. We are here in the territory of a controlled dialectic whereby the seeming opposition of the surface belies a deeper unity. The deeper unity, as I’ve been arguing, is cultivated helplessness.

Or said slightly differently, all that is required for a deep state is to pitch itself in the garb or clothing of the “space brothers” to achieve the same result: top-down, hierarchical and cosmic fascism.

What then are the implications of the very current stories of “Disclosure” of The UFO phenomenon by the US military? How might we understand them in light of this foregoing analysis?

UFO Researcher Grant Cameron’s book Managing Magic: The Government’s Disclosure Plan is an important text in this regard. In it, Cameron argues that there has been a long standing plan for a slow motion disclosure by the US government (i.e. a “long game”). Cameron then offers a speculative reconstruction of the timeline of this plan and some of its central plot points. While specific sub-elements of his reconstruction may be open to critique, I think his overall argument that there has been and is an ongoing disclosure plan is valid.

The question however is who (or what) is being disclosed?

At this point, I’ll part ways (slightly) with Cameron. I think the nature of what exactly disclosure entails needs to be more thoroughly examined and critiqued. Because of the predominance of the ET hypothesis and the larger “alien” mythology surrounding the UFO Phenomenon, the assumption becomes that “Disclosure” will be disclosure of things like ET corpses, autopsies, debris from crashed physical craft, and a storyline about how humans have reverse engineered UFO technology via these crash retrievals (a la Bob Lazar). This understanding of the meaning of disclosure, by the way, is held in common both by its proponents as well as its critics.

I think this view of disclosure is a very flawed and simplistic one. I think there is a disclosure plan (as Cameron argues). I think however the nature of that disclosure is rather about bringing out into the open a very human exotic technology as part of a social engineering plan.

As I’ve argued previously, based on the work of researchers like Jacques Valle, John Keel, and Joshua Cutchin among others, the UFO phenomenon is a species of psychic-state-realm experience. The UFO mirrors in this regard phenomena like poltergeists, the fairy folk & jinn, as well as Sasquatch, among others. These are phenomena that “shimmer” in and out of material existence. They “hover” on the border between full gross realm materially and subtle reality. The nature of such experiences, as George Hansen eloquently argued, is that they are inherently trickster-y. The more an individual studies the phenomenon, the stranger and more elusive it becomes. Those who study it in greatest depth are the ones who claim to grasp it the least. The more investigation that is done on the phenomenon the weirder and (weirdly) the more natural it becomes.

I quoted Kierkegaard as the epigraph to this piece—Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. In this case, simply substitute The UFO Phenomenon for life and the same applies. The UFO is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be lived. (For the record, that’s been Whitley’s Strieber’s position for a long time.)

The upshot of which is that UFO disclosure, as typically conceived, is a non-starter. It doesn’t actually make any sense. Is the US government and/or military really going to come out and have a press conference to announce that there’s a mysterious phenomenon somehow linked to cattle mutilations, poltergeist activity, crop circles, telepathic communication, ball lightning, anomalous orbs in the sky, the jinn, Sasquatches, and communion with the dead but that we can’t really understand it? Further, will they add that whatever they are, UFOs sometimes switches off and on nuclear missile sites. But hey everybody don’t worry.

Of course not. There would be (literal) panic in the streets. People would lose their minds in an actual Lovecraftian meltdown into pure incoherence and mass hysteria.

That’s not happening.

So what is Cameron’s hypothesized UFO disclosure plan?

I would argue it’s a psychological operation to soften the population for the introduction of (human) exotic technology controlled by an elite.

As Daniel Listz (Dark Journalist) has pointed out, the exotic human technology file (X-Tech) is held within the UFO file. In other words there’s a running thread of human development of exotic technology that predates events like Roswell. John Keeley, Nicola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, among others were all involved in exotic technology development and engineering before the post WWII “flying saucer” mythology got going.

That exotic technology has been cloaked inside a larger narrative of UFOs. Cameron’s hypothesized disclosure plan is, I contend, a public disclosure of that hidden (human) exotic technology not of some revelation of the aliens (or whomever).

The narratives then of sinister alien invasion and space brothers, both amplified if not fully seeded by the deep state, are necessary to cultivate traumatic freeze and lead to calls for a militarized “rescue” by “big brother”. Once the elite have the necessary additions from genetic engineering, AI, robotics, and cyborg transhumanism, then those human elites will fully mirror that of the “Nordic higher race aliens” of contactee/space brothers lore and the circle will be squared.

Richard Dolan’s notion of a breakaway civilization is extremely pertinent here. The premise of the breakaway civilization is that an ultra-elite have a level of technology of such a higher order of complexity and power that they represent a fundamentally different civilization than that of mainstream society. With the rise of transhumanism tied to the exotic technology (see Elon Musk for example) then the breakaway civilization will become a “breakaway species”. This is why I was at such pains to argue in my pieces on transhumanism and New Age Ascension spirituality that both have their roots in the same soil and have branched out from one another for awhile but are well on their way to re-connecting (much like apocalyptic Judaism and Christianity).

UFOs are real. Ufology is (largely) a psychological operation. Or at minimum, disclosure most definitely is.

The “disclosure plan” (or really psyop) is a counterfeit on top of a genuine existing and highly strange reality (The Phenomenon). If that analysis holds water, then what it means is that the disclosure plan is a limited hangout—it’s going to reveal genuine aspects of exotic human technology but will hide the true story of their origin, purpose, and meaning. The sinister alien invasion narrative as well as the space brothers/contactee narratives are the necessary ways to pull off that fake out. The reason that fake out works is because both the sinister alien invasion and the contactee/space brothers memes (as mentioned) both end up from seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum in the same place: learned helplessness, freeze, surrender of agency, and the call for an outside savior/rescuer. Check and mate.

The reason the limited hangout works is because the exotic human technology file requires contacting the psychic state. The exotic human technology is the material expression of an alternative (psychic-domain) physics, as the great Ufologist Jacques Vallee, argued. The psychic state is also the realm from which the various entities that we contemporaries think of as “alien”/ETs abide in and derive from.

That’s how the psyop has “sticking power”. It’s based on a partial truth (the hangout in limited hangout): i.e., the exotic human technology file does derive from the same psychic realm as the entities and experiences encountered in The Phenomenon. But while the exotic human file comes from the same general domain as the wider aspects of The Phenomenon it is not necessarily reducible to them either. This point is an extremely subtle one.

The hangout is therefore “limited” because it’s conflating human exotic technology with supposedly extraterrestrial technology. The use of the extraterrestrial aspect is a cover for the control of the exotic human technology.

Reducing the X-tech file to simply the work of “aliens” is the realm of ancient alien theory, whereby every anomalous object (e.g. pyramids or Nazca Lines) are automatically reduced to “the aliens did it.” It’s an utterly reductive position.

In that sense, ancient alien discourse officially wipes away all human creativity, ingenuity, and access to transpersonal states of insight. That official disempowerment narrative is perfect for an elite who want to develop such exotic technology in secret since public discourse is all focused on arguments about whether or not it’s real, with skeptics arguing against it’s reality while proponents for it its existence maintain, as an article of faith, that it’s some sort of alien tech. This false binary keeps the conversation focused in precisely the wrong place. Again that is the intention of a controlled dialectic—to keep the third (and true) option occulted. Once more, the third option is the human exotic technology (X-Tech).

We’ve seen this game before. In a previous piece I explored the public portrayal of Giordano Bruno in the recent PBS Cosmos show with Neil deGrasse Tyson. I argued that the philosophy of materialism (which Tyson advocates) is actually itself a limited hangout to keep the true roots of science in alchemy and magic hidden so that the elite can control magic and psychic capacities for themselves.

The vast majority of UFO discourse, especially around Disclosure, is the same thing. The UFO as alien framing removes the exotic technology from human agency altogether just as materialist philosophy officially wiped the reality of transcendental consciousness and spiritual existence from the realm of acceptable public discourse. This move is ultimately a feint however as it deconstructs a framework around a phenomenon not ultimately the phenomenon itself.

When it comes to the reality of consciousness it’s obvious that the deep state never believed it’s own officially secular public ideology because, as noted, it was behind the scenes running experiments on people involving psychedelic states, trauma-induced mind control, hypnosis, psi-capacities, and remote viewing among others. None of those are possible according to the philosophy of materialism and yet they all exist. The hidden hand needed to scrub alchemy and magic from public discourse so it could control it for itself.

As the saying goes, “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was in making people believe he didn’t exist.”

Just so in this case. The Phenomenon is real. The alien discourse around The Phenomenon is meant to eliminate from public discussion the reality of human exotic consciousness and technology. Everyone is too busy arguing about whether aliens are real or not, and if they are, what “they” want, rather than focusing on what the hidden human hand are doing (the real “they” to be concerned about). By eliminating discussion of the hidden hand and its relationship to exotic human technology and consciousness, it allows those forces to keep a secret monopoly on the power and magic that is held in the exotic technology.

And the piece de resistance is that by deploying the alien narrative it keeps all the attention distracted and focused in the wrong place. Either people are officially labeled kooks and nutters for “believing” in aliens. Or if they do believe in them but then they are forced into two further positions—sinister alien invasion or contactee—both of which induce traumatic freeze, which as noted earlier, is core to the MK Ultra programs of trauma-induced mind control and psychological operations. There is the true sinister quality in this whole topic—the evil genius of the controlled dialectic itself.

In a similar vein, I've hypothesized that calls for universal basic income are another controlled dialectic meant to hide the hidden third of free energy and truly sovereign currency. The free energy element is directly relevant here insofar as the UFO Phenomenon shows itself to be expressing an alternative physics and therefore an alternative technology and form of energy (aka “free energy” or “overunity” processes, including “anti-gravity”).

The Phenomenon is real—both in its other than human dimensions and it’s human (occulted) dimensions. The two are always already intertwined (“the imaginal”).

The announcement of the Space Force and the public admissions of UFOs (of a variety) by various US military agencies would seem to suggest that such (human) exotic technology is quite far along in its development. They would only be starting to more publicly bring it out from the world of hidden finance and technology if they feel more confident in what they have already achieved.

Remember that a controlled dialectic occurs where two seemingly opposed narratives are both set up by a single group. There are two functions to a controlled dialectic. 1. Control the debate around a topic within pre-set boundaries and 2. To obscure a third, hidden truth.

The third, obscured hidden perspective in this case would most likely be that space is becoming collateralized, as suggested by Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell. A military force is used to protect commercial shipping lanes and to prevent piracy. Space colonization is not going to happen with conventional rockets. It will require an alternative physics and technology, which as already mentioned is already manifest in the anti-gravitic propulsion systems of the UFO. Creating a framework of aliens—whether sinister or our space brothers—keeps human attention focused on that dimension rather than on the development of the exotic technology, an exotic technology that must replicate the nature of the psychic state and therefore be inherently consciousness modifying (aka psychotronic).

The primary thrust of such psychotronic consciousness (dis)orienting technology is to induce traumatic freeze. I’ve explored this point in great depth in my work on the (so-named) alien abduction phenomenon, as well as in my (symbolic) interpretation of the ideas of David Icke.

As I said, so many complex, interwoven threads to this tapestry.


To review here’s what has been asserted:

  • The UFO phenomenon is a contemporary variation and framing of what is an ancient (and yet ever new) psychic realm experience that weirdly unites both a (quasi)material and fully conscious, psychotronic reality simultaneously.
  • The UFO file has largely been a cover for the development of (human) exotic technology involving things like overunity processes, anti-gravitic propulsion and the like.
  • Consequently various memes or narrative frames within Ufology largely serve (intentionally or unintentionally) to create distraction from that thread of human exotic technology (X-Tech).
  • By linking the thread of human exotic technology with stories of ETs from outer space, it allows a hidden hand to frame the disclosure of said exotic technology towards its own ends of militarization, elite control, and social engineering of the masses.
  • The social engineering occurs primarily through a controlled dialectic—that is creating two seemingly opposed narratives concerning the ETs, one wholly negative (sinister alien invasion) and the other wholly positive (space brothers) both of which end up in the same place, i.e. induced traumatic freeze and entrained helplessness.
  • Intelligence agencies and deep state players spent decades researching the induction of dissociative trauma in order to control minds. When we see the physiological results of both the sinister alien invasion and space brothers as leading to traumatic freeze via overwhelming awe, we should immediately link the two together.
  • The psychological operation run “on top of” the UFO phenomenon does not invalidate the existence of the underlying Phenomenon.

Conclusion? UFOs are real, (most of) Ufology is a psyop.

Given all of the above what then can we do about this state of affairs?

This question would really require a piece of its own to flesh out. To conclude, I’ll very briefly mention two possible responses.

The first and most important piece is to see through the psychological operation and keep our eyes on the prize. The prize (or rather prizes) in this case being twofold: a. The thread of the covert development of exotic (human) technology and the use of the alien/ET cover story in order to roll out militarized colonization of space  b. the existence of the weirdly natural phenomenon that in the contemporary world goes under the name of the UFO (but really is a much wider and much older process).

Second (and relatedly) the practices of trauma resolution can be used to prevent ourselves from being sent into dissociation and overwhelm as part of a trauma-based mind control techniques by the deep state.

Both points lead to the question of whether it would be possible to have energetic and spiritual sovereignty in relationship to this phenomenon?

A future piece will look to explore that question in the depth it deserves.