The plague-stricken town, traversed throughout with hierarchy, surveillance, observation, writing; the town immobilized by the functioning of an extensive power that bears in a distinct way over all individual bodies – this is the utopia of the perfectly governed city”. – Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish

A Generalized Estrangement

In his introduction to Dante’s Inferno, T.S. Eliot wrote that in Dante’s vision “Hell is a place where nothing connects to nothing”. Hell is a place where people are divided, disconnected, and alienated from one another. Where you can no longer touch another being, but instead must sit in the permanent purgatory of a cold and painful isolation. Sound familiar? The ongoing responses by world governments to the Covid-19 situation are increasingly creating just such a hell. And people are starting to break under the strain. In October, suicides in Japan claimed more lives than ten months of COVID. In Canada a ninety-year-old woman chose medically assisted death over another period of lockdown. In the United States, an eleven-year-old boy shot himself on a Zoom call with his class, while another sixteen-year-old high football player killed himself because he couldn’t take the isolation anymore. An October Tweet from the London Ambulance Service said their crews now attend 30% more suicide calls per day than the previous year. Social isolation is used by intelligence agencies as an ‘enhanced interrogation’ (ie. torture) technique to break those considered enemy combatants, and it’s used to break prisoners in the penal system too. It’s breaking a lot of people these days, and it will surely only get worse. Experts warn of a “mental illness tsunami”, as we continue “the biggest psychological experiment in history”.

We can add to this wreckage that dementia deaths have spiked in old folks homes in the US, as isolation takes its toll there too. Social isolation is taking its greatest toll on kids, and if that’s not bad enough, child abuse has been on the rise during the pandemic, the divorce rate has been "skyrocketing" and there's been a “surge of spousal abuse”. These are tough days in the home. Adding to the incredible human strain is undoubtedly the rapidly growing destruction of small businesses, with 110,000 restaurants closing in the United States alone. More broadly, the UN warns that Covid-19 could put 1 billion people worldwide in extreme poverty, prompting some to ask, “Whose lives are we choosing to save here?” This is a human disaster. And all for a virus that mostly kills people who are on average 85, with comorbidities, and an overall death rate that’s been flatlining for months? What’s going on here? Have we simply overreacted to our first real ‘pandemic’ in decades, because it was something we’d never seen in our lives and it was frightening? Has this been a case of mass hysteria? Or is something darker and more sinister at play? It’s my view that humanity as a whole has been under attack by a severe form of spiritual warfare since the pandemic began. That what’s being done to us under the name of Covid-19 is sophisticated, intentional, harsh and purposefully brutal in order to break people, so that a new social order may be constructed on the ashes of the pandemic and the societal ruins left in its wake.

The Pathocracy and the Great Reset

Who would commit such evil and callous acts, knowingly brutalizing people so they can be molded into a desired new form? Most humans are good people, salt of the earth people, who would never dream of committing such awful acts against others. It’s this genuine good heartedness that makes it very difficult for most of us to believe that there could be a predator class capable of such cold and pitiless behaviour.  But some people are sociopaths or even psychopaths, they are amoral and unremorseful and often violent in the pursuit of their aims. What would happen if gradually, over time, a thick layer of psychopaths became embedded in our global elite? We would be living in what’s been termed a pathocracy, a society in which “individuals with personality disorders (particularly psychopathy) occupy positions of power”. Sadly, I think that’s exactly what we’re living in right now. We probably have been for decades.

I wrote two pieces for the site to try and give folks (especially those on the progressive left) a sense for the rot, the degeneracy, and the hyper violence that exists in the shadowy worlds of the elite. One was called What’s the Deal With Kevin Spacey? Or, the Problem With Game B. The other is Naomi Klein’s Bridge- Neoliberalism, MKUltra, and the Long Trauma War Pt.1.  My co-writer Son of Korg wrote another very relevant piece, entitled, Reptilians Are (Imaginally) Real: On Symbolic Truth in David Icke’s Lizard People. In all three we get a much deeper sense for the reality of the pathocracy. The nightly news over the past four years has also continued to reveal the rot that’s long been taking place away from the prying eyes of the public. We got the NXVIM trial, where a sex cult was involved in human trafficking and human slavery, and whose members included Hollywood actors, a son of a former Mexican president, and blue blood donors such as the Bronfmans. The lid was also finally blown off the long running Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell operation, a blackmail operation likely run by the CIA or Mossad (or both), that provided underage girls to a long list of major players, with scientists, media moguls, Hollywood A-listers, politicians, and Fortune 500 CEOs all visiting Epstein’s island, which was laden with occult statues and symbolism. Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial, should she make it there, may reveal a whole other layer of horrors that took place on this elite Pleasure Island. The arrest and detention of French modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel on December 17, 2020, could mean the Maxwell trial is cooking behind the scenes. Brunel was an associate of Epstein and is charged with, among other things, the sex trafficking of minors.

Just this week another elite, Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard, has been arrested for activity very similar to Epstein’s. Nygard had a huge compound in the Bahamas, where he threw lavish parties, and he’s been accused of sex trafficking, racketeering, and numerous counts of rape and drugging victims, going back decades. Over the years people who have visited Nygard in the Bahamas include George H.W. Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Robert DeNiro and Randy Andy himself, the Duke of York. As the famous George Carlin line goes, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”. It’s a hard pill to swallow when many of the people and faces we’ve been taught to trust the most, turn out to be vicious wolves in sheep’s clothing. Take Bill Cosby for instance. Who could’ve imagined that Mr. Puddin Pops, America’s favorite doctor dad, would turn out to be a serial rapist? Or worse, that it would be an open secret in Hollywood. Or that the much lauded movie mogul Harvey Weinstein would also turn out to be a serial rapist, and that this too was an open secret. Or that the boyish face of Matt Lauer, or the pensive serious face of Charlie Rose, would also hide sexual predators.

The ruling class is rotten to the core. It’s a pathocracy. It also happens to own the vast majority of the media, a dangerous situation and one that’s been key to what’s happened during the pandemic, as we’ll see in the next section. The elite also desire a future where there’s (technocratic) global governance beyond the nation state. How do I know this? As I’ve said several times on the site, Jay Dyer’s Globalist Book Series, where he reads books by the global elite themselves chapter by chapter (he’s done over 50 now), has shown that they talk about it all very openly. From Jacques Attali’s 2006 book A Brief History of the Future, to Klaus Schwab’s 2017 book The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or going all the way back to H.G. Well’s 1928 book The Open Conspiracy, the elite are rather open about their future plans and their desires for global governance. They are now talking about a version of this they’re calling the Great Reset. Despite mythic level gaslighting by the media, calling talk about the Great Reset a conspiracy theory, Klaus Schwab has a book called COVID-19: The Great Reset, the World Economic Forum has a podcast called The Great Reset, Justin Trudeau has talked about it with Prince Charles (and in a recent speech), there was a recent Great Reset issue of Time Magazine, and there have been several world leader’s talking about “building back better” after the pandemic, a catch phrase for the same program. The Great Reset is real alright, at least in the mind of the elites. Whether or not Covid-19 was a bioweapon that was purposefully released to enact the Great Reset, I'll stay agnostic on for now. But we know from Event 201 that the elite were prepared for such a pandemic if it did come, and now that it's here, the push for the 'new normal' is in full swing.

Biological, Psychological, Economic and Information Warfare- An Attack on All Fronts

One of the more controversial aspects of the pandemic has of course been the wearing of masks. Despite those that are pro mask always yelling that the “Science!” is in their favor, there’s been plenty of science over the past twenty years showing that masks don’t actually work. The surgeon general of the United States agreed, as did Anthony Fauci on March 6th, 2020, before apparently having a change of mind. What’s even worse for COVID-19 is that it’s aerosolized at a size so small that masks just can’t stop it. The aerosolization can also spread up to 30 feet, and can linger for hours, rendering all of the social distancing protocols and all of the plexiglass etc. basically useless.

So why are we still doing it? Is this really about the virus, or is it about something else? If I was trying to keep people in a state of fear and keep them separated and fearful of one another long enough to usher in a new social agenda, then the ongoing wearing of masks would be a very useful tool. They would serve as a constant and frightening daily symbolic reminder that we’re living a state of emergency, and that we all must be vigilant in following the rules, despite the damage the lockdowns and the distancing and the isolation are doing to our psychological, physical, and spiritual health. But what if there’s another even more sinister element also at play. What if masks are actually helping to make us sick? There’s some very good evidence starting to be compiled, showing that mask mandates correlate to a spike in cases after mask mandates have been implemented. The mechanism behind this still needs to be unpacked and explained, but the data is both suggestive and alarming. We can add to this that dentists are warning that wearing masks is causing ‘mask mouth’, and that other studies are showing that wearing masks can lead to “severe psychosocial problems”, ranging from triggering trauma victims (leading them to self-harm), to enflaming our stress response (which can weaken the immune system and increase the risk for infections), to making people so fearful that they do no seek help for their current medical or psychological ailments. This is a lot of human torment and suffering to be endured for a virus that currently has a survival rate ranging from 99.5 to 99.9 percent.

While all of these afflictions are besetting upon people everywhere, there’s simultaneously been almost zero talk in the media about any other strategies or therapeutics for Covid-19. Not once have I heard or read a news report about positive ways we can strengthen our immune system, such as through Vitamin D3, exercise, fresh air, meditation, and healthy eating. Another important factor for our health and happiness is human connection, as shown by the famous Harvard Study on adult development. But of course, in a time of lockdowns, social distancing, the canceling of holidays, the continued closure of churches, the messages not to hug, the tiny funerals and cancelled weddings, and the edicts to not have your neighbors over for dinner, this utterly crucial component of the human well-being has been severely impacted. What’s even worse is that this may all be for naught, as there are now at least two therapeutics that have been proven to work against Covid-19, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, both of which have been either attacked by the media or studiously ignored. Over the past eight months I’ve personally seen numerous doctors from a variety of countries post on social media about how their hydroxychloroquine protocols have worked very effectively on their patients. I’ve also watched as Big Tech took down every single one of those videos, often with rapid speed.

Something is very rotten in all of this. If there were already medicines that worked effectively against this virus, don’t you think the world’s elite would want to use them so that the economy could recover and the global trade paths could reopen, and the money could start flowing properly again? Or is there another agenda that’s worth all of these temporary financial losses? It’s true that some billionaires are raking it in during the pandemic, but the collapse of Hollywood, the major decline in pro sports viewing, the seismic hit to tourism and cruise ships and the service industry and so on, must be battering away pretty hard at the wealth of some. And yet, ignore the viable solutions and keep it all going on anyway?

One of the ways the pandemic is being kept alive is via the increasingly controversial PCR test. A global team of experts recently found “10 fatal flaws” in the test and asked that its use be ceased. A court in Portugal recently declared that the PCR test was not a reliable enough basis for authorities to justify quarantining people. The PCR test is good as far as it goes, but it’s actually doesn’t tell if someone is infected, it only says if someone has traces of the virus or not. If the test is cycled beyond the typical/standard 35 cycle threshold- a practice that has become widespread during the pandemic- it will find traces in most people and there will be a huge number of false positives, up to 97%. The inventor of the PCR test himself, Kary Mullis, said the test is “inappropriate to detect a viral infection”.  Dr. Fauci was on a podcast this past summer and said that if the PCR test is cycled beyond 35 the results are basically useless. Yet when the No Agenda podcast did an animated video of Fauci saying this, it was taken down by YouTube immediately. Some are slowly catching on to the PCR test problem however, as seen by a new mandate from the Florida Department of Health that PCR threshold levels must now be reported.

One of the benefits of this continuing highly inflated ‘case’ count is that the media can stoke its fear porn and its panic porn on a daily basis, endlessly frightening people and keeping them in a constant state of fear (which swells the amygdala and activates our fright, flight and freeze mechanisms). This looks a lot like the strategy of tension, an old playbook of ruling elites where people are bombarded with awful events and conditions, until they themselves beg for the solution that the elites will be ready to provide (in this case, it’s looking like the vaccine and the Great Reset). When I wrote my article The Importance of Yacht Rock in a Time of Tribulation, I already knew that the media consistently uses fear as a form of social engineering and social control. And that they’ve used ‘outbreaks’ of diseases in the past (such as Ebola), as just one of many tools in their rather large fear rattling toolbox. But I don’t think I ever dreamed I would see the endless, relentless barrage of alarmist fear tactics that’ve been on display by the media during the pandemic. It’s been no holds barred petal to the metal, with the beginning of every radio and TV newscast being full of “New cases!”, and other carefully chosen and framed stories aimed to scare the living bejesus out of anyone hearing. There’s never a story about the flatlining death rate, or a critical story about how tests are inflating the numbers, or any other good Covid news. Only doom. Not only does this fear keep our rational brain offline and have us clamoring for our institutions and leaders to save us, but it also does something else. It helps to weaken us and make us more susceptible to getting sick. Is this by design? Either way, the constant stress and anxiety weaken our immune system and what’s worse, children who suffer from early life stress (ELF), can have compromised immune systems their whole lives. Just one more painful body blow in the long and ongoing trauma war.

The media along with Big Tech are playing other nefarious roles during the pandemic too. Marshall McLuhan once said that, “World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation”. This past year has shown just how prescient that statement really was, as the information war has raged white hot in 2020. I’ve watched in real time as any dissenting views on the pandemic have been rapidly censored and terminated, whether it’s on masks, testing, terrain theory vs. germ theory, the science or lack thereof on lockdowns, etc. There have been many channels on YouTube and accounts on Twitter summarily deleted, Facebook has been blocking certain links and information or putting people in timeout for posting something verboten, it’s been censorship at a level you’d only expect to see in some totalitarian society, like communist Russia or China. The fight for control of the narrative has been fierce by those who own the media and Big Tech, and the all-important public sphere has been shrunken considerably during this time.

But it’s not just censorship, it’s also the use of ridicule and shaming against anyone holding views different than the Gated Institutional Narrative. To even question the official views coming from the media one is called an anti-vaxxer, or right wing, or a conspiracy theorist, or is painted as someone that doesn’t believe in “Science!” When I wrote my article A Priesthood of Marginal Paranoids- In Defense of Conspiracy Theories in the spring of 2020, it was already clear that the phrase conspiracy theory was going to be used to stifle discussion on many topics, so I thought it needed to be defended. But I couldn’t have guessed just how weaponized the phrase would become, with just about anything countering the official narrative these days being quickly deemed a conspiracy theory. At this point I’d say that anyone using the phrase conspiracy theory as a pejorative is signalling that they have abandoned critical thinking entirely. The phrase should be categorically rejected, permanently disarmed as a weapon in the information war.

The media has also done its shrill best to stoke divisions among people as much as possible, feeding and fomenting the tried-and-true divide and conquer tactics of the elites, which I wrote about in my article The Devil Sows Division. The so-called “great mask debate” was created and fuelled by the media endlessly until it was a real thing among people, often dividing friends and family, and causing angry altercations in public. Snitching on our fellow non-mask wearing citizens has been encouraged, prompting mask snitch volunteer groups to form and a “pandemic of nagging Karens”. This spying on and distrust of our fellow humans is what took place in Soviet Russia and in East Germany, and it’s just one more thing separating us from one another, creating in the process a living hell where nothing connects to nothing.

The Armor of God- How to Protect Ourselves During the Spiritual War

“When rich speculators prosper
while farmers lose their land;
when government officials spend money
on weapons instead of cures;
when the upper class is extravagant and irresponsible
while the poor have nowhere to turn—
all this is robbery and chaos.
It is not keeping with the Tao”.
-Tao Te Ching, 53

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that our ruling class wants what’s happening now to be a permanent state of affairs. To the average person, to the good salt of the earth folk who make up the majority of people, it makes sense that with if we just continue on a bit longer with strict masking and lockdowns and social distancing, we’ll make it out on the other side of this terribly trying time we’ve all been through. But that’s not the messaging we’re starting to get from our elites. There’s already talk of keeping masks going, even when people get vaccinated. And now, without any proof shown, there’s supposedly a ‘second strain’ of coronavirus that’s even more infectious. This doesn’t end unless we fight our way out of it, and we’re already inside the trap that’s been set for us. The dystopia has already begun. Unless Trump and his DIA backers have a fourth act still coming, we’re about to enter a long dark winter indeed. Joe Biden just remarked that "Our darkest days in the battle against Covid are ahead of us, not behind us".

We must understand the dark reality of the pathocracy to see clearly. We must truly know deep in our heart of hearts, that they don’t really care about us. We can see this in the unbelievable acts of hypocrisy taking place, such as Gavin Newsom’s outrageous let them eat cake $15,000 dinner at the French Laundry, with a group of people and no masks and no social distancing. Or mayor Adler of Austin, Texas, who has made life hard for his constituents, and then sends his message about staying home from a time share condo in Mexico, after flying on a private jet with a group of others for his daughter’s wedding. Or Dr. Birx, who went to visit three generations of her own relatives at Thanksgiving after telling the nation not to travel for the holiday. This is an aristocracy, and there’s clearly different rules for the upper crust than there is for us plebs. We must remain in isolation, a known torture tactic that also makes us sick and depressed. We must chase the carrot of maybe going to a concert again, or to the cinema, or being able to fly, if we get vaccinated and follow all the rules. Maybe. Our enemy in all of this is not those who aren’t wearing masks or who are ‘breaking the rules’. Our enemy is the bureaucratic stooges, the corrupt politicians and the extremely wealthy who pay them. It’s the bought off media who terrorize us daily. That’s who the enemy is. It’s a class war, and we’re currently being attacked on all fronts.

There are many things we can do, however, to fortify and strengthen ourselves for the battle ahead. First and foremost might be to get out in nature. The earth is far older than any of this human drama, and so is our connection to it. Doing as much forest bathing and earthing as possible will ground and refresh us deeply. So will meditation or yoga or breathwork, or any number of modalities from the world’s religious traditions. Prayer and gratitude too. It might seem hard to do a daily gratitude practice given the harsh circumstances we’re in, but it nourishes us, puts us back in subtle touch with whatever force it is that’s the Creator, bringing calm and healing within us. We can try and sleep properly, we can walk and exercise, we can garden (if even on our windowsill), we can read books (and put our phone in another room). We can turn off the mainstream media as much as possible, get off tyrannical tech for other burgeoning platforms, and seek out alternative media through podcasts and other means. We can love our friends and family deeply, and perhaps most important of all, we can be kind to strangers, breaking the bonds of division that are destroying us. We can grieve deeply when it comes, and we can also embrace joy when it arises. We can dance. We can protest and resist and fight back, we can use reason and yes science to expose the absurdities of so many ruling narratives. We can be with others, we can hug and laugh and eat and share stories, forced estrangement be damned.

If we do these things, we’ll persevere. Humanity has been battling its own tyrannical impulses for centuries, and here we are again. This time the methods of control look a little different, but the end game is the same. May we find the collective spirit to throw off the yoke of tyranny and empire once more. Our finest hour awaits us. May we all answer the call. A future worth living in, depends on it.