Sausage Party: The Animation of Contemporary Gnosticism

Prof. April DeConick one of the premier religious scholars of Gnosticism has written reviews examining Gnostic themes in Dark City as well as Avatar. Gnostic themes occur in multiple films. The Truman Show would be another oft-cited Gnostic film example. And of course The Matrix (I’ll get back to…

The Postmodern Genius of Deadpool

"And believe it or not, Deadpool 2 is a family film. True story. And  every big family film starts... with a vicious murder. Bambi, The Lion  King, Saw 7."      --Deadpool, Deadpool 2 Postmodernism is a central topic around these parts. Understanding postmodernism is key to understanding our current moment. Postmodernism…

The Red Pill is a Psyop: Or How The Red Pillers Don't Know Their Central Symbol Undermines Their Entire Agenda

The Red Pill. Everyone remembers Morpheus offering Neo the choice of the red pill which will “show him how far this rabbit hole goes.” Only as it turns out later in the films it doesn’t quite work out that way. This misremembering would simply be an interesting cinematic footnote…

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