The Failed Initiation of Men's Rights Activism

“Traumatic injury in childhood has been equated with a kind of unconscious initiation ceremony—not because it is a spiritual or ceremonial experience, but because the movements within it mimic the movements of the first two stages of real initiation. Understanding the stages of initiation (and the ways in which…

Deconstruct Your Deconstruction

A little while back I wrote this piece on how inclusivity and diversity could use more matriarchy to regenerate authentic power. I want to revisit this topic but from a slightly different though related-angle: the deconstructive philosophy of Jacques Derrida. In so doing I want to explore what deconstruction might…

The Red Pill is a Psyop: Or How The Red Pillers Don't Know Their Central Symbol Undermines Their Entire Agenda

The Red Pill. Everyone remembers Morpheus offering Neo the choice of the red pill which will “show him how far this rabbit hole goes.” Only as it turns out later in the films it doesn’t quite work out that way. This misremembering would simply be an interesting cinematic footnote…

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