The Physics of Reparations

“Jack was nimble, Jack was quick/ Got a question for Jack, ask him… 40 Acres and mule Jack Where is it? 
Why you try to fool the Black?” —Public Enemy Who Stole the Soul? In a previous set of pieces I looked at social movements in light of models of…

Mediumship: Life In the Wake of The Dead

How are we to think of communication with the dead in a weird naturalist light? That’s the question guiding this piece. In that regard, this piece is one in a series applying a weird naturalist lens to various highly strange encounters—I’ve written on looking at past life…

The Failing Initiation of #metoo

This piece is a sequel to this one critiquing the men’s right activism (MRAs) from the perspective of collective initiatory experiences and trauma. In that piece I laid out the conceptual grid of trauma and initiatory movements and how they shed incredible light on the MRA movement—an understanding…

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