The last few years have a brought a frenzy of activity in the field of Ufology as it enters more and more into mainstream discourse. In 2017 The New York Times broke a story on a covert US government UFO research group called AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program). Following from that revelation came public admissions by the US Navy (among others) of the existence of UFOs or as they are now called in the parlance UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and UAVs (Unidentified Aerial Vehicles).

In the 2016 US Presidential campaign, then candidate Hillary Clinton made significant headlines for talking publicly about potentially re-opening and declassifying top secret US files on the UFO subject. Her campaign manager John Podesta seems to have been the connection for her campaign to a then forming group now known as To The Stars Academy (TTSA), whose frontman (pun intended) was former Blink 182 guitarist Tom DeLonge.

Instead of a second Clinton presidency, Donald Trump was elected. Trump has his own very strange and deep connections to the UFO file via his uncle John Trump who was sent to “retrieve” the files of Nikola Tesla upon Tesla’s death. Vannevar Bush recommend (John) Trump; Bush being one of the most senior officials in the development of the postwar US military-industrial-science-intelligence complex. Bush was himself deeply involved in the US National Security State’s response to the postwar rise of the UFO phenomenon.

Into this fray, a number of very important (and very timely) UFO documentaries have been released. In this piece I’m going to explore 3 such documentaries as jumping off points for some wider discussion of the current state of affairs in Ufology: The Phenomenon, Unacknowledged and Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. In this piece I’ll review these films and continue a thread explored in my last piece concerning possible psychological operations currently behind public admissions of UFOs.

The Phenomenon

The Phenomenon covers some of the most important elements in the field of Ufology since the end of the Second World War. There’s a strong emphasis on events in the United States but the film is not exclusively about encounters in America. The documentary does a very good job introducing multiple major topics or dynamics within the field of Ufology and showing a clear and consistent thread of government silencing of the phenomenon (in the US and elsewhere around the globe).

As a single, very sober, review of the past 70 years it works as an excellent introduction to the topic for the general layperson. It shows unequivocally that The UFO Phenomenon is real (whatever it may be exactly and whatever real means) and it has been intentionally obfuscated and covered up.

The film covers various forms of UFO encounters, particularly with military personnel around the globe. The film highlights, for example, the famous The Malmstrom event which involved a UFO turning off a US nuclear missile installation. Or Byelokoroviche Ukraine where a UFO (conversely) turned nuclear warheads on. Further military encounters with UFOs (e.g. the Tic-Tac video) are also explored in some depth.

The documentary also explores group encounters particularly with school children as in the Westall case in Australia and the Ariel school case in 1990s Zimbabwe.

The documentary also explores aspects of the (in)famous Roswell Case, including the fraudulent public cover story of a down weather balloon and from that point on shows the thread of consistent coverup from the US government: Project Blue Book, The Condon Report, etc.

The Phenomenon briefly touches into the recent machinations around and within Ufology—of particular note is the story briefly mentioned but largely glossed over where David Rockefeller sought to persuade then President Bill Clinton (along with then First Lady Hillary Clinton) to bring the US government UFO files to the public.

This documentary is a great introduction to those new to the topic of Ufology and is an excellent one to begin to get up to speed on the dizzying array of information coming out of this field at the moment. The downside of covering a number of significant branches of the UFO Phenomenon is that the film is not able to go into any great depth on any of them individually. It’s more a primer.

For those interested in exploring further, Richard Dolan’s magisterial study of the UFO and the National Security State (2 volumes) is absolutely essential reading. Dolan’s work shows, without a doubt, that military encounters with UFOs have happened consistently and globally for decades, going back at least as early as the “Foo Fighter” phenomenon during WWII, if not earlier (e.g. Airship Mystery). Dolan also firmly establishes that the UFO phenomenon—whatever exactly it may be—is the hidden factor in the development of the Cold War. In other words, the UFO Phenomenon is the most important element never discussed in the geopolitical history of the 20th century.

Now in the early decades of the 21st century the UFO topic is coming into public discussion but the question remains: how is it being framed and what purpose is the public admissions of UFO serving?


It’s precisely at this juncture that the other two documentaries are very useful, as they begin to expand on aspects in The Phenomenon as well as fill in missing pieces of the puzzle. Those two documentaries are Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret (2017) and Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (2020).

Both films highlight the work of Dr. Steven Greer. I’ve mentioned Greer’s work before in this piece exploring the thesis that the UFO Phenomenon is a manifestation of the psychic state-realm of consciousness. In that piece I mentioned Greer specifically in connection with his human-initiated contact experience protocol, which is the basis for the Close Encounters of The Fifth Kind. The two films really deserve to be watched together as they are two sides of one coin.

Greer was the lead convenor of the 2001 US National Press Club conference on Disclosure. He’s been a strong advocate for public disclosure of what he believes is an ultimately peaceful and potentially very positive reality of UFOs.

In Unacknowledged Greer goes deeper down he rabbit hole that The Phenomenon peeks down into. Unacknowledged reveals the development of a hidden aeronautics and space industry interface with elements of black military operations and shadow intelligence forces. This nexus of forces is what Peter Dale Scott termed the deep state (not Donald Trump’s co-opting and politicization of the term). 

The Deep State is profoundly intertwined with the UFO Phenomenon. In fact, following Richard Dolan’s argument, the Deep State was developed in large measure in response to the UFO Phenomenon. The Deep State has warped the understanding of the UFO Phenomenon but the UFO Phenomenon itself is central to the creation of the Deep State itself.

Unacknowledged covers a number of different facets to this deep state-hidden space program interface. For example the film explores the history of US intelligence infiltration and disinformation campaigns within the field of Ufology (see Richard Doty as well as the book Mirage Men). The film also explores the claims that intelligence agencies faked “alien abductions”, called MILABs (Military Abductions). It also shows the deep and longstanding pattern of the use of weaponized mind control and psychological operations on the public in order to distort the general public’s beliefs on the UFO topic.

Where The Phenomenon shows that the US government (as well as other national governments) did in fact know of the reality of UFOs and purposefully lied about them, Unacknowledged delves much deeper into how dark and nefarious these operations have been and their ongoing, cumulative, deleterious effect on society.

Unacknowledged shows that in fact a separate shadow government (“deep state” by any other name) now controls the UFO file. As Richard Dolan has repeatedly pointed out much of that covert black operations research is going on in private corporations which makes them immune from FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.

The last major topic that Unacknowledged explores is whether the recent pushes to publicize and admit the reality of UFOs is simply another layer of a limited hangout, another form of a psychological operation. I delved deeply into precisely that charge in my recent piece on the subject. I think there’s a great deal of evidence to support that assertion. Given the history detailed in Unacknowledged of the depths gone to in warping the public’s perception of the topic, especially the heavy emphasis put on denying and wiping the subject of UFOs from rational public discourse, the immediate about face and admission of the reality of UFOs by military and intelligence agencies should make us be very skeptical and alert to potentials for psychological operations.

For example, TTSA has strongly emphasized the potential threat of an outsider “alien menace.” That group has deep and long lasting ties to the CIA—many of its members are “former” CIA. They are also tied to a strong corporate-intelligence alliance. In contrast, Trump and his creation of The Space Force has been more on the side of a military-controlled dynamic. While there’s some factional in-fighting between these various parapolitical forces, both are pointing (I believe) precisely towards the same goal: space colonization.

In light of those maneuverings, Unacknowledged explores the wildest and perhaps most far out possibility: namely that of a fake “alien invasion” false flag attack staged by deep state forces in order to push the public for calls to weaponize and militarize space, aka Project Blue Beam.

As far fetched as that idea may seem on the surface, once we see how deep and dark is the rabbit hole around this topic—including assassinations, abductions, faked alien encounters, trillions siphoned off into a global black market, spying on and sowing disinformation within Ufology, paying off editors to silence investigators, and psychological warfare operations around the topic—then it may not seem so crazy.

Why all this subterfuge and nefarious activity for something that is supposedly so kooky? Or more to the point: if after decades of denying the whole thing why admit it’s real now? What’s the purpose of that admission?

Greer’s argument—which I think has much merit to it—is that the UFO Phenomenon reveals an alternative physics and technology, rooted in over unity or “free” energy. I’ve made much the same argument elsewhere on the site. If true, then all the psychological operations and deep state machinations concerning UFOs make prefect sense. If the physics and the technology inherent in the UFO phenomenon (again whatever else this phenomenon may be) is off such an elegant order that it can (and does!) violate the publicly taught laws of physics, then that is something that an elite would want to monopolize and control and keep out of transparent public view.

If such technology were able to easily and fluidly tap into hitherto unrecognized potentials within nature, then the possibilities for an abundance economy and energy supply become very real and grounded, however utopian sounding in theory.

  • If such a possibility of essentially limitless and basically “free” (near cost-zero) energy and technology based on the (hyper)physics expressed in the UFO,
  • and IF the world economic order (as we know it is) is based on monopolies, cartels, and debt-slavery controlled by a ultra-small ultra-elite,
  • THEN the UFO exists as a direct threat to their control and enslavement of the human race. Such a view would again be of a sufficient importance to merit the intensity (and insanity) of deep state interference.

It also raises the possibility—not really explored in Unacknowledged—that such technology could be weaponized and be beyond catastrophic. I’ve always wondered whether all the fear placed on the idea of alien reptilians coming to destroy humanity is not in fact a disowned fear of our own "reptilian nature." (That is the argument I explored in this piece on the symbolic meaning of David Icke's reptilian aliens gnostic mythology). In particular I wonder if this "alien other" is not a projection screen for a deep seated human fear that were we able to wield the elegant potency inherent in the UFO Phenomenon it would corrupt us (shades of The Atlantis mythology).

What if the "othering" of the "aliens" is in fact a disowned shadow and fear of human misuse of such power to Armageddon-like ends?

For those interested in further research on this side of the UFO topic Joseph Farrell’s books concerning The UFO Phenomenon are essential, particularly the following (here's a link to his bookstore where you can find all these texts):

* Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops: A History of Breakaway Civilization, Hidden Aerospace Technologies, and Psychological Operations
* Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations: UFOs, Oligarchs, and Space Secrecy
* Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations: The Secret Space Program, Celestial Psyops, and Hidden Conflicts
* Roswell and The Reich
* McCarthy, Monmouth and the Deep State

Richard Dolan coined the term breakaway civilization. The term refers to the possibility of a deeper layer of hidden technology, engineering, and physics of such a greater degree of capacity than the public above ground state and industry that such an elite group would constitute an entirely Other and separate civilizational complex which has “broken away” from the mainstream society.

Farrell’s book explore in intricate detail his reconstruction of the players and forces—from organized crime, money laundering, black projects, public-private hybrid companies—that form the nexus of the breakaway civilization.

In addition to Farrell’s work, see the brilliant research of Dark Journalist (Daniel Listz) with his series on X-Technologies (exotic technologies). For example: this one on X-Protect, the deep state covert programs to eliminate individuals who might reveal aspects of the X-Tech publicly. Listz’s research confirms a major point raised in Unacknowledged—namely that all the secrets and dark covert machinations surrounding The UFO Phenomenon are actually due to its alternative physics, energy, and exotic technological capacities.

If, as the documentary Uacknowledged shows, the UFO file had a higher classification of secrecy than even the Hydrogen Bomb, and if even US Presidents, as well as other elected leaders and even military brass, are kept out of the loop of the black operations hidden space program, what then can be done? 

Greer’s most recent documentary, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind seeks to answer that question.

Close Encounters of The Fifth Kind

Close Encounters of The Fifth Kind goes very deeply into one aspect of the overall phenomenon: human-initiated contact (aka Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind or CE-5). In addition to his push for public Disclosure Greer is most well known for his development of a conscious spiritual technology and practice meant to initiate contact on peaceful terms with what are perceived to be extra-terrestrial civilizations (whether they are in fact extra-terrestrial is a question we’ll explore later).

Greer’s process involves three main elements: consciousness/awareness meditation; toning; and a specific process to indicate one’s position in space-time so as to communicate such a location and invite communication from this phenomenon (called Coherent Thought Sequencing or CTS). The latter process is very similar to remote viewing, shamanic journeying, and creative visualization exercises. Those three elements just so happen to embody the three great states-realms of transcendental experience which I’ve covered on the site. Mediation is the causal (described in this piece); toning is the subtle (explored here); and the Coherent Thought Sequencing/vectoring process is the psychic (described here).

The film explores research into conscious intention as the key to unlocking psi phenomenon like telepathy, telekinesis, and the like. Dean Radin’s research has exhaustively established the reality of psi phenomenon. William Tiller’s research also established the ability of conscious intent—particularly unified group intentionality—to effect material reality.

Greer’s work builds off that body of research, especially the emphasis on group collective unified intention in order to, as he sees it, bypass the national security apparatus and its psychological operations on the UFO Phenomenon, in order to initiate or invite contact directly. He calls this a form of citizen diplomacy.

This emphasis on conscious intentionality on the human side finds its potential match in The Phenomenon itself. As Jacques Vallee has argued The UFO Phenomenon is a conscious technology. Intentionality is inherent to consciousness, hence the UFO Phenomenon is an intentional technology.

The question of course that looms over all Ufology is what is the nature of The Phenomenon’s intentionality? Is it singular or multiple? Is it benevolent, malevolent, or neutral? Is it even a form of intentionality we humans can comprehend? Many experiencers have reported their own consciousness being altered by encounter with this phenomenon.

Greer takes a very optimistic views towards The UFO Phenomenon—an all light perspective in contrast to his all-dark view of the parapolitical forces of the deep state. I’m not necessarily as purely sunny-side as he is about The Phenomenon in its totality. I think The Phenomenon, as a psychic or mixed material-transcendental state, is full of tricksterism, as argued by George Hansen in his great book on the subject.

Take for example the abduction phenomenon. As detailed by numerous researchers (e.g. Joshua Cutchin) the contemporary alien abduction phenomenon repeats point by point that of stories of the fairy folk in the Celtic lore as well as that of the jinn in Persia and the Arabian Peninsula. This point for point similarity also extends to the hybridization lore as I detailed in my piece on the subject. So something is going on there. I don’t think the medieval and 17th century version of the deep state was false flagging fairy abduction and changeling/hybrid baby attacks.

It’s entirely possible that modern black operations forces have simulated such attacks or used them as cover. There’s strong evidence for that claim. But that’s not the same as saying that all such experiences are deep state hoaxes part of a large scale psychological operation. As I covered in my piece on Hegalienism, one of the strangest aspects of The Phenomenon is its overdetermined quality. In this case the military abductions are “hoaxes” on top of a real existing high strange phenomenon of encounter much like a counterfeit bill is, in a strange way, proof of the real existing nature of the underlying currency being faked.

Be that as it may, Greer’s process is very intriguing and does suggest the possibility that the protocol itself would only contact such entities or energies of a more compassionate nature. This point is one to consider. I’m by no means arguing it’s 100% established at this point but it does have some intriguing data to point in that direction.

In a previous piece I reviewed Daniel Pinchbeck’s recent book on The UFO Phenomenon. Pinchbeck takes a largely negative, and mostly Gnostic-Archon oriented perspective on UFOs. Pinchbeck does however wonder whether there could also be positive spiritual forces or entities that could be contacted and he specifically ponders the possibility that various processes could help generate built-in spiritual protection if they were rooted in deeper forms of conscious intentionality and goodness. In other words, maybe different ways of initiating or inviting connection would set parameters for the kinds of entities one might encounter. Perhaps there is some principle of mutual resonance or mirroring at work in the Universe.

Greer’s CE-5 process could be cited in that regard. By starting with a very mystically influenced orientation of Awareness and Oneness of all entities in The Universe, Greer is saying there are no “aliens” as all entities are of the same Source. The toning or subtle sounds create beacons towards beings who resonate at such a frequency and could in theory repel or repulse entities or energies that are not oriented to such harmonic tones. The tones are in essence sacred geometry symbols acoustically expressed. So when an individual or group then engages in The Coherent Thought Sequencing process which is the human-initiated contact moment proper, they are doing so from a more pristine energetic and spiritual place. At least that seems to be the working hypothesis.

In that light, compare the CE-5 process to that of the human-initiated conjuring of The Nine. In that experience,  Andrija Puharich, the man who sought to weaponize psi phenomena for the US military, facilitated a seance to call forth an occulted set of entities/powers. The nine individuals involved in that magical working were all ultra-elites (“bloodlines”) and the group was built in deep secrecy. Immediately you can feel the more shadowy nature of the process from its inception. It is not perhaps surprising that the entities who “responded” to such a call were appear more shadowy in nature. 

“Ye shall know them by their fruits”.

Each of the members of The Nine, as detailed in Peter Levenda’s Sinister Forces Trilogy, were intimately connected to the assassination of JFK. JFK’s assassination itself being very possibly linked to the hidden space program—as was the later assassination of his brother Robert.

Or compare CE-5 to the Babalon Working led by Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. Parsons was one of the founders of the JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) and one of the fathers of American rocketry. He also was an avowed Left-Hand Path occultist explicitly out to overthrow Christianity in America. Parsons, along with Hubbard (who of course later founded Scientology), were following in the line of Parson’s idol Aleister Crowley. Parsons sought to call in Babalon (aka The Whore of Babylon from The Book of Revelation) so that he could mate with her and bear the child of the New Age, Horus prophesied in Crowley’s work. Parsons did indeed bring forth his Scarlet Women (literally a redhead) in the person of Majorie Cameron and oddly the three did play out the ancient Egyptian drama with Hubbard, the spiritual “brother” of Parsons, betraying Parsons eventually leading to Parsons' very suspicious death. Parsons = Osiris. Cameron = Isis. Hubbard = Set.

All of which comes back to the key theme in the documentary of intention. For shorthand it’s often said that conscious intentionality can affect materiality and that may well be true. Or it may be that conscious intention activates some as yet unidentified (pun not intended) mechanism which itself causally effects change in material form. This view is closer to Carl Jung’s notion of synchronicity which he claimed was an acausal coincidence. Jung’s work on UFOs (which I examined here) argues for a synchronicity between the human need for integration symbolized by the perfect roundness of the disc-shape UFOs and the appearance of said archetypes in the sky. Terence McKenna followed along those lines, perhaps even more radically, wondering whether human intentionality was actually bringing UFOS into physical form. They were simply outward expressions of the inner human consciousness manifest in spacetime object and dream-like form.

Concluding Thoughts

Where do all these roads lead us? We’ve explored deep states, psi phenomenon, alternative physics and technology, psychological operations and at the heart of it all lies an ever-enigmatic phenomenon. As the saying goes,

“The U in UFO stands for Unidentified.”

The Unidentified nature of the phenomenon is not a bug but rather a feature.

There are many things we know ABOUT the UFO Phenomenon.
—We know that it exists.
—We know that a black operations world built up to protect its secrecy
—We know that psychological operations have been run off of this subject for decades
—We know that various conscious technologies can in some way access this phenomenon. If not always, then at least with a decent probability.
—We know the UFO violates the publicly stated known laws of physics.

There are many aspects we can speculate with a pretty high degree of confidence (if not exactly totally certainty):
—The likelihood that the psychological operations surrounding UFOs have magically stopped with public admissions of their reality is very low.
—The likelihood that this exotic technology has been developed to some significant degrees in the black budget world is very high.
—That the recent public admissions by intelligence and military forces of the reality of UFO may well be tied to the progress made in the exotic technology side. In other words, the admission of UFOs may well be used to introduce these exotic technologies into wider society with the cover story of an alien menace to gin the public into calls for that technology to be militarized and monopolized by elites.

What we don’t know is what this phenomenon is.

While I’ve offered generally very positive reviews for all three films (and they are definitely all worth your time in my view), there is one critique that I have of all three. Each automatically assumes and never questions the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), which as the name implies is a hypothesis. It’s an educated guess to make senses and offer a frame of reference for the anomalous (and very real) nature of the UFO Phenomenon.

All the documentaries assume—without any substantive proof—that these encounters are of vehicles from outer space and extra-terrestrial civilizations. But when we stick as closely as we can to the actual evidence, the evidence itself is simply of a high strange encounter. The Extra-Terrestrial (ET) hypothesis is an educated guess as to the source or meaning of that encounter. But it is open to potential critique while maintaining the validity of the underlying reality of the data/phenomena itself.

For example: Who is to say these are vehicles?

They behave in ways we humans would interpret as vehicles but should our frame of reference be the one imposed on the phenomenon. I’m not saying we know for certain they are definitely NOT vehicles either. That too would be to impose too much certainty into a phenomenon that is inherently slippery. I'm simply saying we need to question constantly our human frames of understanding in reference to this high strange phenomenon.

As soon as we bring in a metaphor of a craft then we are bound to ask about its pilots or inhabitants. That logical leap is built into the metaphor of vehicle itself. Vehicle also suggests transit or travel from one point to another in a linear fashion—hence the assumption “they” must be from elsewhere and come here.

Even the metaphor of technology which I’ve used repeatedly throughout this piece may itself be an obfuscating lens. Technology inherently implies design and civilizational capacity—at least from our human point of view. Consequently, the extra-terrestrial hypothesis speaks of such groups as “off world civilizations” or “interstellar civilizations.” But what if that too is a dead end brought about by the limitation of current human thought and language?

When we learn that the lore concerning, for example, the jinn, the fairy folk, and Sasquatch (among others) perfectly mirrors that of the “aliens”, then we should immediately wonder about our assumptions of “them” being from outer space.

Maybe they are from inner space.
Maybe they are us or at least like us (and vice versa)
Maybe they are from the earth and older than humans.
Maybe they are from the stars or rather are expressions of the consciousness of stars taking on something of a humanoid form in order to try to bridge a nearly impossible gap in understanding and experience?
Maybe the “vehicles” have no occupants because the vehicles themselves are conscious.
Maybe the vehicles and the “aliens” or entities are simply two different projected forms of one unified continuum of experience?

The possible interpretive frames are nearly endless. It’s unclear how we humans will ever be able to answer that question—if we can at all.

That’s why it’s so crucial to distinguish between what we can know about the phenomenon versus knowing what the phenomenon is. The latter may for a long time (or maybe forever) be out of teach but with the former we can make discriminating and intelligent decisions, at least about a number of factors associated with the phenomenon.

I would love to see some future documentary detail that subtle but ultimately crucial distinction. Without that distinction, we are all prone to the psychological operations which seek to answer the question of “What the phenomenon is?” by inserting something we know about the phenomenon as constituting the meaning of the phenomenon as a whole.

And when that substitution of something we know about the phenomenon is itself a limited hangout, i.e. a deceptive half-truth that is part of a larger psychological operation, than the damage will be enormous.