By now most people have probably seen the second ‘Christmas video’ put out by Kevin Spacey.  It was about as weird and subtly disturbing as the first one. The mainstream media described it as “bizarre”, “strange” and “chilling”, but that’s about as far as the analysis went. Why was no one wondering who exactly Spacey was talking to with his cryptic messages? And why was no one alarmed that the day after the second video was released, the fourth person accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual assault died in mysterious circumstances? One or two maybe even three deaths could be chalked up to coincidence, but four seems to stretch the credulity of that charitable reading. Was the phrase that finished Spacey’s video, “kill them with kindness”, some kind of go-code? To who? None of these questions were ever asked in the mainstream media.

In this article I want to add a few other perspectives that might give us a better sense for why Spacey is making these videos, and who he’s ultimately speaking to. Be forewarned that there’ll be some very disturbing material in this post. The world that lurks behind the scenes of our society is sadly a dark one. But it’s my view that we’ll never cure the rot that’s eating our world from within, if we don’t peer fearlessly into the horrors that are happening in its shadows. I’ve been looking into this material for long enough now that I’m more resilient in the face of reading it, but at first it stained my soul for months when learning what the elites of this world are up to. It was like a cosmic gut punch. So if you’re new to this material and you’re thrust into the heart of darkness by reading it, go for a walk in nature, pray, meditate, smudge, do whatever it takes to hold your center and cleanse as you digest and integrate it all. If we can hold the line and tear the awful curtain back, this world will begin to heal quickly as the light shines its disinfectant into the malignant darkness.

The first to thing to note about Kevin Spacey is that he was on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ at least once according to the flight logs. Other sources, which I’ll get to in a moment, say that he’s been down to Epstein’s island many more times than that.

But before we turn to that, let’s first look at an article talking about Spacey’s highly traumatic upbringing. In a 2017 article in the Daily Mail, Spacey’s estranged brother Randall Fowler made some revelatory claims about the upbringing they both endured at the hands of what sounds to be a very wicked father. Fowler says that his dad was an open Nazi sympathizer who terrorized the family. The two brothers and their older sister “shared a brutal upbringing in a 'house of horrors' dominated by their ultra right wing, perverted sadist of a father”. They referred to their dad as “the Creature”. Fowler was serially “raped and whipped” by his father, and his mom new it was happening but didn’t stop it. His sister also received repeated beatings from their father, and ran away at the age of eighteen. Fowler said that, “There was so much darkness in our home it was beyond belief. It was absolutely miserable”.

So Kevin Spacey apparently grew up in a situation of intense trauma. How did he cope with this? These words from his brother are very telling- “Kevin tried to avoid what was going on by wrapping himself in an emotional bubble. He became very sly and smart. He was so determined to try to avoid the whippings that he just minded his Ps and Qs until there was nothing inside. He had no feelings”. Spacey became very sly and smart? And had no feelings. You can see that sly intelligence in Spacey as a person when he’s interviewed, and in many of the characters he’s played over the years. It looks to be on display in the Christmas videos he’s making too.

Spacey has now had over thirty people come forward accusing him of sexual assault. His traumatic childhood doesn’t excuse this behavior by any means. But it can shed a lot of light on his own capacity for serial sexual abuse, and what he’s been up to behind closed doors for many years. To deepen this picture let’s turn to another source to get a rather horrifying depiction of what Spacey is both capable of and prone too. After that we’ll try and decipher who the coded messages in his Christmas videos are truly intended for. We’ll then finish with a discussion of why any of this matters.

The source for the following information is a website called Crazy Days and Nights, which is often shortened as CDAN. The website began in 2006 and is run by Enty, a supposed entertainment lawyer in Hollywood who dishes Hollywood dirt through the use of the old school ‘blind item’. Readers have to guess the names of who Enty is talking about, but sometimes those names are eventually revealed at the bottom of the post. You can read a mainstream account of CDAN here and here. To buy my full case of who Kevin Spacey is and what he’s been up to, there are four crucial posts from CDAN that need to be taken seriously. I personally do take CDAN seriously, mainly because he’s been right on several cases way before they broke in the mainstream media. You can read about some of those here. Enty seems to have been getting good intel for many years now. Reading CDAN can leave one with a sick feeling in the gut, as you hear over and over about the rampant degeneracy that runs throughout Hollywood.

The first CDAN post involving Spacey to consider is one that’s the least stomach churning. But it’s also revealing in its own way. In this one we hear a story about Spacey at a Rhode Island restaurant with some friends. Spacey immediately starts smoking, but of course that’s not allowed anymore. Their waiter comes up three different times to tell Spacey to quit smoking, and on the third time Spacey says, “You’re an aggressive prick”. That sounds a lot like many of Spacey’s own film and TV characters. After the meal Spacey starts smoking again. The waiter again tells him not to, and Spacey tells him to “get the fuck away from my table”. The restaurant owner apparently gets wind that Spacey is mad and amazingly fires the waiter. It’s a great scene for showing how entitled and above the law certain celebrities feel they are. They feel protected. By whom? For what reason? As George Carlin said, “There’s a big club, and you’re not in it”.

Next we turn to the set of Superman Returns, the 2006 film starring Spacey as super villain Lex Luthor and directed by Bryan Singer. Singer himself has had a string of allegations against him since the #metoo movement blew up, and this CDAN post talks about how Singer would like to lube up the teenage boys on the set with baby oil before he had sex with them. And then it says this about Kevin Spacey- “The disgraced actor was also into the baby oil game but used it to inflict as much pain as possible on to whatever barely legal teen he was with that night. The actor would find whatever was within reach and try to insert it into places it was not meant to be inserted. He would yell and scream at any guy who tried to get away and berate him by reminding him who was paying. He was a truly awful human being”.

Another 2012 CDAN post was way ahead of the game in terms of Spacey being gay. This blind was revealed in 2017 after Spacey finally 'came out'. The post calls Spacey a “sex crazed nympho”, but says he doesn’t have boyfriends or allow anyone he has sex with over to his house. He prefers “random acts” and “loves finding someone new and will strike whenever he can”. It also says, “He’s not that good looking but can talk guys into anything”. So it’s becoming clear that Spacey is a highly charismatic and violent sociopath. No doubt much of this is stemming from his childhood, which again doesn’t excuse it. But it does make sense of his brutal and depraved behavior.

The last CDAN post is an important one, although Spacey’s name has not yet been revealed on it. He is, however, the guess of many of the commenters, and it’s definitely congruent with what we’ve read so far. The post is from November 1st, 2017, and it talks about Jeffrey Epstein’s island and what went on there. It’s interesting to note that it begins by Enty saying that he’s hearing that Epstein and his island might come back into the news again in the future. He was certainly right, and there’s a good chance we haven’t heard the last of it yet either, despite Epstein’s death.  The post says, “Can you imagine a place where Hollywood types and rich executives from around the world can gather in one place and have sex with underage boys and girls without any interference from any governments or parents? Well, there was such a place”. It talks about the sickening behavior of a few different people that liked to visit the island, and then it talks about an “A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award Winner”. And this is what it says- “He is the one who almost killed several of the boys to the point where his host no longer invited him. Our actor had a preference for tweens who didn’t speak English. He didn’t want to hear anything they had to say. Probably one of the cruelest people around. He lied to the feds like crazy the first time around [when questioned] and said he only went to the island to fish and lay out and relax”.

Can you imagine being so depraved that you don’t get invited back to Epstein’s island, which is a haven for depravity? Raping boys so violently that they almost die? It’s fucking terrible, and some A list Hollywood actor would do this, and there’s a strong chance that this actor was Kevin Spacey.

It’s fairly well accepted at this point, even in mainstream media, that Jeffrey Epstein was running some sort of black mail operation out of his properties, and that he was likely working for either the Mossad or the CIA or both. It’s pretty likely that Kevin Spacey has seen a whole lot of in his times with Epstein, and in the backrooms of the Hollywood elite. He probably knows more than a thing or two. As Christopher Knowles puts it over at his blog the Secret Sun, “Wow, Kevin Spacey just races from triumph to triumph, doesn't he [referring to his dead accusers]? Man, what I'd give to have a peek at that man's blackmail file. He probably had to buy himself an old missile silo just to store it all. If this keeps up, I can see him becoming a studio head before the New Year is out. Real-life Lex Luthor, indeed”.

The biggest thing the elites who are involved in systemic pedophilia don’t want you to know is that it’s systemic. But through the cases such as Jimmy Saville, Jerry Sandusky, Denis Hastert, R. Kelly, NXIVM, Epstein, Weinstein-Cosby-Lauer-Spacey, documentaries such as An Open Secret, and ongoing revelations of kids being passed around as sexual playthings in Hollywood by agents and executives, we’ve already seen enough to know that the practice is systemic across the ruling classes. But not everyone knows this yet and, as evidenced by the revelations that ABC spiked the Epstein story, the MSM (owned by the same elites) is still trying its hardest to make this all go away. The easiest way to put out the ever-growing fire of public awareness would be to have a few people who were the fall guys for this behavior. People such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey for instance. Then it would look like it was all just the despicable behaviour of ‘a few bad apples’, and it could all fade from view as these awful people went to jail.

My guess is that’s what those in the highest echelons of power had in mind for Spacey, but Spacey wasn’t willing to take on that role. He’s too smart and cunning and ruthless to go quietly into that fate. So his videos are a message for them. You hang me out to dry, and I’ll expose as many people as possible. Make my problems go away, or I’ll take you down with me. Do you remember in 2017 when Spacey came out of hiding and delivered an, ahem, cheese pizza to the media? It sure looked to be a message sent. Or how about in his first Christmas video, ‘Let Me Be Frank, when he’s holding a mug from the British royal family. Was this a message to his friend Andrew, who gave Spacey a private tour of Buckingham Palace in 2017? Do what you can to make this go away, or I’ll expose you? It’s hard to say, but there’s definitely something very odd about Spacey’s behaviour, and the mainstream media doesn’t seem at all eager to ask any hard questions about it.

Postscript on Game B

So why does this story matter? What’s the value of these revelations about Kevin Spacey, other than opening a slimy window into the sordid backrooms of Hollywood? I think it’s an important story for three reasons. But first, let me set a little background context.

For many years now my fellow writer Son of Korg and I have been around various communities that were trying to envision a different future, and in many cases trying to enact that future through a variety of experiments (social, economic, and spiritual). One such current emergent community are those who are trying to envision what they call ‘Game B’. All of this is important and honourable work. From a systems theory perspective, as one societal organizing system begins to fail, like ours currently is, other systems need to be ready to take its place if collapse is to be avoided. A failing system looks for new pathways for survival, and formerly ‘fringe’ experiments in social and economic organization can be the route that a crumbling and desperate system takes. So these experiments and all of the energy put into them by so many caring people are really important. Yet I’ve noticed over the years that many of these experiments didn’t make much of a dent in the giant out of control juggernaut that is our global world-system. The corruption continued to be rampant, the wars carried on, the politicians and the media continued to lie, and nothing seemed to be really changing, despite the always pregnant feeling in these communities that the new paradigm was just around the corner from being born.

My concern is that experimental ‘progressive’ communities still underestimate what kind of people run the world. The Kevin Spacey story shines a hard light on that reality. Firstly, its shows that the media is complicit with the elites and do everything they can to steer the public away from the truth of what’s really going on beneath the surface. No one is asking tough questions about Spacey’s strange behaviour, or the string of ‘coincidental’ deaths that are following him. One writer in The Spectator even asked about his Christmas messages, “Is Spacey Creating a Final Masterpiece?” That person is either incredibly naïve or a paid shill, and it’s probably the latter. It’s true that the power of the mainstream media, what Game B theorist Jordan Greenhall calls “the Blue Church”, is dying. And after Nick Sandmann’s settlement with CNN last week, we officially know that CNN is fake news. But I still see a lot of people in progressive communities treat the so-called legacy media with some degree of trust and respect, and I think this is a big mistake at this point. The rot and the deception in the media is far deeper than most people still realize, and the Spacey story is just one of many where we can see the media’s complicity in hiding the ugly truth.

The second reason the Spacey story is important is that it continues to pull the mask off of Hollywood and what really goes on there. Hollywood has long been used as a method of programming the masses by the deep state, whether through messaging in films, or through using the opinions of stars to influence the public. Ana Lucia Alves, a top model who turned whistleblower, recently said this about what the big stars are obligated to do- “Robert De Niro, Leo DiCaprio, George Clooney, they have this thing they are given to promote, that they have to promote”. The ruling elites/deep state uses these stars as spokespeople for their own agenda. This has proven to be a highly successful form of social engineering until recently when the mask got torn off via the stories of Bill Cosby, Weinstein, Spacey, NXVIM, and so many others. Crazy Days and Nights has been another source that has helped the scales fall from the spellbound eyes of a star struck public. I remember watching season 2 of House of Cards and thinking, “Wow, Kevin Spacey sure plays a sociopathic scumbag really well. That must be really hard, he’s such a good actor”. I was much more naïve then I guess. I now know why it was so easy for him. The moral force of Hollywood has been in steep decline the past few years, with box office numbers plummeting in response. Ricky Gervais’ recent monologue at the Golden Globe Awards, and the much celebrated response it got in many pockets of the public, show that the hold of Hollywood (and its deep state handlers) is fading. This is a good thing if we’re interested in getting to Game B. Learning about the truly depraved nature of Spacey and his behaviour can only help quicken that process.

Lastly, the Kevin Spacey story is important because it reveals the hard truth that psychopaths run the world. We live in a kakistocracy, and these people are not going to just let us start Game B without a bitter and protracted fight. As much as we need to plan the next iteration of culture, I think we equally need to shine a light into the dark world of the elites. The pedophilia, the human trafficking, the corruption, the money laundering, the mass surveillance, the secret islands where anything goes, and possibly worse. I believe that this more than anything will weaken their grip on our world, so that a new one can emerge. Most people are good people who are not sociopaths. Most people are also trusting of authority, but as we continue to awaken to how deeply that trust has been violated, the whole sordid house of cards will inevitably fall. So let us keep pulling back that awful curtain, and peer fearlessly at the terrible world that lies behind it. If we do, we’ll clear an enormous space for all those good people warming up in the Game B bullpen. And then we’ll step into a future that's yet to be written.