Emperor Palpatine's Controlled Dialectic: Thoughts on Galactic-Level Psyops

Months back, Ezekiel73 and I presented on the topic of worldview warfare, aka psychological operations, aka psyops, for the website The Stoa. You can watch our presentation here. In it we detail a series of classic techniques of psychological warfare and provide multiple, concrete, historical versions of each. For example,…

The Universe Is Like Portland: Keep It Weird

The unofficial motto for the city of Portland is "keep Portland weird"– a unique weirdness was hilariously captured in the show Portlandia. The argument of this piece is that Portland is a microcosm of the macrocosmic whole. In other words, existence itself is weird, very weird. I’ve explored notions…

Epic Fail: The Postmodern Debacle of The New Star Wars Films

This piece is in many ways the inverse of my piece on Deadpool as the perfect postmodern movie. Star Wars did (most) everything wrong that Deadpool did right when dealing with our contemporary postmodern zeitgeist. Whereas Deadpool wasa postmodern triumph, the new Star Wars trilogy is a postmodern disaster. This…

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