The (Pseudo)Christian Theology of Aleister Crowley

In 1904 (in)famous Left-Hand Path occultist Aleister Crowley stated that he had contacted an entity named Aiwass. Crowley channeled The Book of The Law from this communication with Aiwass. Through this channeling, Aiwass claimed that Crowley was to be the prophet of The (New) Age of Horus. While mention…

New New Thought

This piece is the first in a series looking at the tradition of New Thought (aka Mental Science or Science of The Mind). In these pieces I want to explore issues of intentionality, magic, and cosmological co-creation. I’ll investigate in particular a number of the techniques or processes within…

The Trauma of the Contracted Self

One of the deepest threads I’ve been exploring on this site is the relationship between trauma and mystical or high strange encounters. The overarching piece in that thread is this one examining trauma in relationship to ontological flooding (what I call ontological immersion). That piece offers the theoretical framework…

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