Incandescence: The White Heat of Awakening

This piece is the next in a series looking at various forms of evolving notions of spiritual awakening. Earlier pieces explored the origins of the teaching of the self as curved-in-on-itself in St. Augustine, as well as how practices of somatic regulation could be used to bring coherence to this…

Immanence Vs. Transcendence: Two Spiritual Paths

In a previous piece I explored the topic of how to bring somatic regulation practices, that is trauma healing practices, to the art of spiritual realization, specifically the mysterious activity known as the self-contraction. For more on the historical roots of the recognition of the self as the activity of…

The Wound That Heals: Somatic Regulation and the self-contraction

"There is a moment in the story when the wound—of both the [Fisher] king and his environment—could be healed, not by medicine or technology but by insight. When the young knight Perceval arrives, he has the opportunity (which he misses) to pose the right question to the king.…

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