In this piece I’ll examine the topic of spiritual warfare. This piece fits within a larger thread on the site that includes, for example, this post investigating worldview warfare (“warfare on your mind”), as well as a set of articles looking at the psychic, subtle, causal, and nondual dimensions of reality.

When it comes to spiritual warfare those two seemingly disparate subject matters intersect.

As I’ve done throughout this site, I want to explore this topic in light of weird naturalism and ontological flooding—how do we think through spiritual warfare in light of those two philosophical frames? This question is very pertinent in the larger world of conspiracies, particularly as to whether “high strange conspiracies” may be afoot—something I touched on in my review of Daniel Pinchbeck’s gnostic take on the UFO Phenomenon.

In order to get a sense of spiritual warfare, we first need to understand the different “sides” or “factions” in this war—and further whether “warfare” is the right paradigm/guiding metaphor for this subject.

Going back to the earlier thread of the Neoplatonic four major states/realms of experience, reality is said to non-dual (or non-separate). From the Empty-Full Void (Godhead) all manifestation flows, out of the Casual Source via the medium of the Logos-Divine Intelligence, funneled “down” the chain of causation through the subtle archetypes, cohered by the psychic domain (World Soul/Anima Mundi) until eventually expressing itself into manifest gross form. That is the path of Involution. Life then “turns around” and “heads back up” to its Source through creative novel expressions of emergent form, aka Evolution.

Within this frame of reference then the question becomes, “Whence Evil?”

For the Neoplatonic tradition, Goodness is the source of the process of Involution and therefore creation itself is an overflow of Superabundant Divine Goodness, consequently (according to this view) evil is a shadow that’s intrinsically dependent on the nature of light (Goodness). No light, no shadow. But also all light casts a shadow. It’s this shadow-casting nature of light that opens up the first possibilities of division and even perhaps separation, as well as potentially animosity, that later shows up as questions around spiritual warfare.

But the shadow by itself is not really evil. A further step is necessary in order to bring something more distinctly evil—as opposed to say simply limited or unintentionally hurtful—into the equation.

In process philosophy and theology (itself very Neoplatonic & Hermetic in nature), all beings are free and possess free will and creative choice. In process thought, the greater the degree of actualization of a being is directly correlated to their expression of creativity.

Within this model beings are free to constructively and lovingly or perversely deploy the creative free nature of Reality to their own ends. On the very large scale there does seem to be some kind of gradient in the Universe that channels freedom and creativity towards greater and greater degrees of harmony, mutual enhancement, and generative thriving. Martin Luther King, Jr. called it the long moral arc of the universe and he famously said it “bends towards justice.” But note it’s a long arc and it bends towards justice and it’s really only seen in retrospect and is more on the large scale.

The more day to day and on the ground level is where things can go in any number of directions, positive, negative or otherwise.

In other words, beings are free and creative within their various domain/locales within the spacetime created matrix. The greater the relative degree of consciousness and energy the greater the relative degree of impact but still all beings are free within their various parameters. A single ant has a different degree or extension of freedom and creativity than say an angel but absolutely they are two variations of the same theme/continuum since all beings arise from and within the Divine Mind but also, in their essence, are embodiments of the Divine Mind (The All).

Evil, in this model, is a consequence of freedom and free choice. Evil (or negativity) here being defined as choice to harm oneself and others, to exploit, take advantage, manipulate, use, abuse, or violate the freedom/sovereignty of oneself and/or another being.*

In spiritual literature beings who consistently make such choices may be said to be negative entities, as opposed to positive ones. There’s a sense of an inherent conflict or polarization between the two sides which again will bring on natural metaphors of warfare and all it’s attendant implications: protection, recognizing friend and foe, the fog of war, post-traumatic stress, victory, annihilation, collateral damage and the all rest.

There are two key elements that characterize negative entities (or energy if you prefer):

They are disconnected from the Source and therefore to maintain their energy must feed parasitically off of others.
They do not respect the proper boundaries, free will, sovereignty of other beings.

The first point brings us back to the metaphysical core of this teaching itself: creation is an overflowing expression of the Divine Goodness. Consequently to the degree that one is aligned with that thread of reality, one partakes of Goodness as a natural result. Also one is “plugged in” to the Source and therefore receives life force and vitality from the Fount of all manifestation.

Becoming disconnected from that dynamic is like losing Ariadne’s thread—and being unable to get out of the imprisoning labyrinth of unconsciousness as a result. Having become “unplugged” from the Source, an entity is bereft of its energetic and conscious sustenance and that is why it must become parasitic—in order to have energy to continue to exist. If one is in such desperate straits—like an addict jonesing from the next hit stealing from their family—one will not respect the boundaries of others as one’s attention and fixation has become purely selfish and egocentrically oriented.

In sum, negativity flows as a consequence of disconnection from Source. Like in a mafia movie where the gangsters about to whack a guy and say, “It’s not personal. It’s just business.” There’s something “objective”, almost clinical or scientific about this dynamic.

Within this overall category of negativity there are two sub-categories.
-a) those that act unconsciously and not out of a great sense of malevolence or dark intent but typically rather due to trauma, karmic habit, and unconscious motivation. Consider a wounded animal. It can lash out and cause serious damage but it’s not “evil” or malevolent.
-b) the rarer category of consciously intended harm. This is more cold-blooded, sociopathic and psychopathic in nature.

By contrast beings of benevolence express the opposite tendencies:
+a) they are connected to the Source and therefore can give from their “overflowing” abundance, thus reflecting how creation itself works.
+b) they respect the free will, choice, and sovereignty of their own being and that of others.

The value of this schema is that it holds for both the negative and positive. In addition, this framework can include human manifestations as well as those of other-than-human sentient entities/energies: whether previously human (like ghosts, poltergeists, ancestors) or altogether of a different ontological category (jinn, “aliens”, angels, demons, fairy folk/elementals, etc.)

This fundamental similarity between human and other-than-human manifestations allows us to discern analogically: a human bully is very much like a harsh negative spiritual entity and vice versa. They are often far less subtle than people imagine. Their cruelty stems from some deep horrifying wounding they are seeking (unjustly) to put onto someone else.

In other words the first key attribute in this whole domain of discernment and spiritual warfare is street smarts. Just as in the human world there are a small but meaningfully destructive category of people known as narcissists and amoral sociopaths, so there are such beings in the psychic and subtle domains. They are by far the minority—just as they are in the general human population—but they can exact a disproportionate amount of harm and suffering, again just as on the human plane of affairs.

Similarly just as a human elder or mentor or wise figure is one who offers their best counsel or guidance but trusts that the mentee will have to choose their own path, so too do benevolent spiritual forces/entities offer their best perspective while respecting the freedom and sovereignty of humans to make their own choices. “Spirit guides” are just that—guides. They offer guidance. They aren’t spiritual “dictators.”

If someone’s “spirit guides” sound more like dictators than guides, then they would be in violation of principle #2—respecting the free will and sovereignty of other beings—and therefore would actual be negative entities deceptively pretending to be positive ones. In such a case, it would be time to tell those guides to start respecting the boundaries or buzz off.

Some further corollaries to these two universal spiritual principles/laws would be that the longer one is in communion with a specific being (or set of beings) the more one will begin to take on the characteristics of such beings.

Or in more colloquial terms: you become like who you hang out and spend your time with.

If you spend your time around people who are loving, caring, generous, honest, and who have good boundaries–unless you're an energy vampire out to stuck them dry–the likelihood is high you’ll tend to become like that as well. That happens almost in an osmotic way. Conversely, if you spend your time with people (or media) that are excessively disturbing, violent, chaotic, traumatized, and confused, you are likely to become similarly so inclined.

To use some New Age lingo, your vibrations will synch up in either case.

As I pointed out in previous pieces, social media is both traumatized and traumatizing. It also is particularly fertile ground for intentional forms of experimenting upon on human minds. High strange phenomenon, due to their strongly charged conscious energetic nature, are often manipulated in order to freeze people into submission, as I argued is occurring with recent government-led “soft-disclosure” UFO projects.

All that to say, the same basic insight applies analogically to communion (or connection with) beings or energies from the psychic, subtle, or causal domains: one becomes like who or what they commune with.

Commune with angels, benevolent deities, or ancestors of light and one gains a greater perspective on life, a deeper sense of compassion, kindness, and desire for integrity. Hang out instead with shadowy, trickster-y, false light beings and expect to experience a great deal of confusion, suffering, and spiritual egotism.

These points of “contact” or communion—again just as on the human-human level—can easily slide over into entanglement or co-dependency. In spiritual literature this would be what is known as entity attachments, psychic attacks, and energetic infiltration.

This topic is an enormous one with a vast literature and history behind it but to keep it simple, as an analogy think of a cut or wound that gets infected. The infection is a secondary symptomatic layer that can only happen so long as the unhealed wound is there. In other words, if there’s not a break in the integrity of the skin—or at least some soap and bandages applied to the wound such that it heals properly—there’s no infection.

In other words, a person with a strong healthy immune system doesn’t get sick, even if others around them have a cold. If however that person is stressed, hasn’t slept well, isn’t eating healthy or exercising and their immune system drops, then they get sick.

Same applies at the realm of energetic and spiritual processes. Healthy energetic and spiritual immune systems keep people free from “infection.” Unhealthy, distressed, or compromised energetic and spiritual immune systems leave a person very prone to “catching a spiritual cold.”

C.S. Lewis said there were two mistakes when it came to evil: to underestimate it and to overestimate it.

When it comes to spiritual warfare models, negative entities, and the like much of the literature spends way too much time and energy (in my estimation) giving most of the power and agency to the projected evil “Big Other.” It’s overestimating the evil. As I covered in my piece on the stages of grief in relationship to the the conspiratorial path, this disempowering perspective can lead to a sense of helplessness, traumatic fear and freeze, and in extreme cases, paranoia.

From a process perspective, the agency and orientation needs to be placed firmly back on oneself in conscious energetic sovereignty. Namely—back to the cut/infection analogy—if a person is suffering from sort of energetic/spiritual interference or attachment issue, the key is to heal the wound in them that makes them vulnerable or susceptible to infection in the first place. Heal the underlying wound and there’s no possibility for parasitic leeching/infection.

Otherwise the tendency in spiritual warfare models will be to treat the negative entities as somehow radically and fully ontologically “Other” to us. These entities then can willy-nilly attack or infiltrate us. This viewpoint is disempowering and ratchets up the tendency towards traumatic fear (“flight”) and helplessness & overwhelm (“freeze”). “They” are not wholly Other to “us”—as all are arise from the same Origin/Source—even if they may be expressing a very different and problematic version of creative freedom.

Negative entities always have the choice in any moment to simply reverse their polarization and realign to the Source—in other words there’s always a chance for redemption. In fact early Christian Church Fathers like Gregory of Nyssa and Origen argued for an eventual return of all beings to the Source/Good (called apocatastasis). Or at least potentially that is always the possibility in any moment.

Notice that I’m not saying such forms of negative energetic interference or attachment do not occur. To take that approach would be to underestimate the negativity. These dynamics can and do occur. That doesn’t mean of course every time someone claims “the devil made me do it” they are telling the truth, just that all such stories can’t be simply written off as delusional.

These scenarios are real (enough). Again one only need think of the far more commonplace and mundane example of two humans in a co-dependent relationship. One person in the relationship carries the responsibility and tries to rescue the other, while the would-be “rescuee” would rather continue to be in a victim/wounded status and have someone else take care of them rather than take up their mantle and do their own work and be an agent of generative change in their own life.

Same applies with many people’s ancestors or beings in the “Otherworld” intersecting with this one. They simply want someone to do their work for them or take away their pain or take on their trauma.

“Spiritual warfare”, in this outlook, is much more about spiritual empowerment and discernment. It’s about the process of healing and transforming and empowering one’s being to (re)connect to one’s Sovereignty wherein there are no forms of negative energetic interference or attachment.

Basically building up one’s spiritual immune system such that one does not get sick.

Otherwise all the emphasis on clearings and exorcisms miss the boat. They might remove the offending “infection” layer temporarily only to leave the underlying wound, which will simply get “re-infected” later.

To quote Jesus on that point:

“When an unclean spirit has gone out of a person, it wanders through waterless regions looking for a resting-place, but It finds none. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house from which I came.’ When it comes, it finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then it goes and brings along seven other spirits more evil than itself, ant they enter and live there; and the last state of the person is worse than the first.” —Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 12, verses 43-45

The “empty, swept, and put in order house” is what happens when negative energy is removed (“empty”) from a person but the underlying wound or “hole” in their being isn’t filled in. Like someone going to the chiropractor with underlying bad posture, just wanting the chiropractic treatment to “make the pain go away” but doesn’t want to do the work of adding in more movement, yoga, and better posture into their being such that they don’t have constant back/neck pain in the first place.

Or consider it like dealing with a (human) narcissist with whom one may have gotten entangled—perhaps because one was empathic and felt sorry for them and that kindness was exploited by their narcissistic parasitism. In that case, the first action is to cut off all contact and not respond which sends (temporarily) the narcissist into a rage as they have lost the source of their feed. Remember they are disconnected from the Source and hence must feed off of others emotionally and energetically in order to survive. Once their narcissistic “supply” is cut off they are forced to face into the need to undo the machinery of their narcissism and reconnect to the Source on their own, do repair work, and become redeemed (i.e. switch to the light side). If they don’t do that, then they will “wander through waterless regions looking for a resting place.” In other words, they will look to find someone else to feed off of and continue repeating the cycle over and over again.

Same applies with negative entities/energies. If we heal the wounds within us that can create vulnerability or susceptibility to being parasitically leeched from, then the entities are automatically sent packing. There’s no “co-resonance” at that point such that any attachment or interference could take place.

This outlook explains why I find the notion of spiritual warfare (as it’s usually used in contemporary circles) a major problem. From the more charismatic or orthodox Christian perspective, for example, one has to call upon an outside force (God, the saints, the angels, etc.) to be one’s protector rather than taking up one’s own energetic conscious sovereign empowerment and responsibility. In the New Age world there’s similarly a whole host of misdirected focus on fetish objects like amulets and protective spells and all the rest, rather than more focus on energetic sovereignty.

The Gnostic tradition—which is also very strong in the conspiracy world and increasingly in wider society—can be (partially) helpful in developing a strong sense of one's own path and sovereignty. It can also assist in cultivating a healthy critical skepticism concerning beings that might appear to be of the light (but perhaps aren’t). But Gnosticism typically fails by its emphasis on seeking to avoid and bypass the entire created order and simply transcend into a pure Light beyond form rather than work to create a sovereign form of in physical, fleshly existence.

Neither overestimate negativity nor underestimate negativity. Neither succumb to it nor simply try to bypass it.

To go back to an idea from the OG of the weird, Charles Fort, all such experiences are of what he termed an intermediate nature. They both are and aren’t real at the same time. Terms like negative entity attachments, spirit possession (or oppression) and the like are intermediate phenomenon—there’s a way in which they are (partially) true but aren’t ultimately true. The ultimate truth—back to the Neoplatonic thread—is the overflowing goodness of manifest existence within and from and as the Source. A universe that is ultimately free and sovereign.

Karma, trauma, and misaligned choice lead to a disconnection or reduction of the inherent sovereignty for each soul. This wounding can compromise the energetic and spiritual immune system leaving one open or susceptible to infection, as I’ve been saying but there is no great separate Ontological Other as source of Evil, comparable to the Good. Goodness has being. Evil is a twisted, knotted, inverted, traumatized version of the Good.

As it stands, it may not even be that such forms of negativity are actual substantial “entities” (or at least not in the way we imagine them to be ontologically). In my piece on communication with the dead and the afterlife I explored the wave/particle paradox of physics as a potential frame or analogue to communication with the dead. From the “particle” perspective, we might speak of “lost souls”, ancestors, and the dead as entities. From a ”wave” perspective those processes may be communing and interacting with the unfinished energies, stories, and actions of those who have died, not necessarily their souls as such (this would be more akin to Buddhist teaching of the anatta/no-self and the skandhas and samskaras).

The same framework might apply here in relationship to questions of energetic and spiritual infiltration, temptation, deception, and attachment. Namely in a more “particle” formulation, the emphasis would be on negative spiritual entities whereas in the “wave” version, we would be discussing the unhealed etheric and astral energies, unfinished karma, trauma, and abuse sort of “free floating” in the collective space of human consciousness personified as negative entities, demons, and the like.

Remember the electron is both a wave and particle simultaneously (or at least potentially so) depending in part on the observer. In other words, this same high strange phenomenon will appear as either wave or particle depending on how we relate to it.

That’s a bit of a more secondary and technical side point. Either way, pragmatically the way to respond to the situation (wave or particle interpretation) is the same: energetic and spiritual sovereignty.

Sovereignty is so key because—along the lines of Charles Fort—issues like entity attachments or attack can have a kind of partial or pseudo-reality but they are much more like an oasis in the desert from a Looney Tunes cartoon. If Bugs Bunny is dying of thirst and thinks the oasis is real and dives for the “water” he’ll end up with a mouthful of sand. If however he realizes the oasis is simple a mirage, then it has no binding force or reality and it automatically dissipates.

Another version of that same idea is the famous snake-rope trick. The trick to the trick is of course there is no snake. There’s only the illusion of a snake, meant to generate the same kind of fear one would automatically have in the presence of an actual, venomous serpent. Once the person realizes the snake is simply a rope, their fear automatically releases.

Same applies in this context. If we give agency or power to various negative entities as if they are final or ultimately real, they then can become or appear to become so. If we fail to see the oasis is a mirage then we end up chewing on sand. When we see that these beings are ultimately not in control of us or have power over us (unless we give it to them) then they have no binding power.

Or as Martin Luther famously said,

“If you can’t out quote the Devil in scripture, just laugh at him.”

While there might be a relative place for some “spiritual antibiotics” to clear out an infection, as I’ve been saying, the real key in empowerment is developing a healthy spiritual immune system so one is not liable to infection in the first place.

All that I’ve covered so far is dealing with the more general form of spiritual warfare/discernment on the path. Having established those parameters, I now want to bring in a more specifically conspiratorial angle as well as it’s a crucial component of this conversation. I covered some of this terrain in my review of the work of David Icke, but I want to expand on some points here as well.

Icke is (in)famous for his notion of the Reptilians—human elites who are aligned to the Archons (negative spiritual entities/demons). In that piece I explored trauma theory and it’s notion of the “reptilian” brain stem and how extreme forms of trauma lead to narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy—being a “cold blooded” reptile-like human being lacking in fundamental empathy. I explored further how that is an apt metaphoric (not literal) description of the nature of power. In other words, that the highest echelons of power in the world—financial, governmental, military, media—tend to cultivate cultures of sociopathy.

In a followup piece titled Luciferian for Me, Satanic for Thee, I further investigated the notion of the Left-Hand (“sinister”) Path and the archetypes of Satan and Lucifer and how those may well being deployed, consciously or unconsciously, by elites in our day. And as mentioned at the beginning of this piece, I have explored clear evidence of intentional experimentation on a mass scale on human minds. See Ezekiel73’s Long Trauma War Series on MK-Ultra for further evidence of that horrifying story.

Icke further asserted that elite media and governmental control leads to intentional traumatization through consistent fear porn, violence porn, as well as actual porn porn. He argued that these social control mechanisms were trauma-inducing (again see MK-Ultra) and that the resultant dysregulated traumatic energy—flight, fight, and freeze—was feed off of by the Archons. Icke called this psycho-spiritual-emotional energy “loosh”.

As weird as that notion appears at first glance, there’s something to it. Icke’s language tends to be very literalistic (and unhelpful in my mind) but symbolically and energetically there’s an important (partial) insight being communicated through the notion of loosh. That key point is that traumatized energy feeds on itself in a problematic, self-amplifying loop. And such dysregulated energies leave one up to energetic and spiritual parasitism.

A term I’ve used previously in this piece but didn’t define at the time is “false light realm.” I want to put some flesh on the bones of that one as it’s crucial to understanding the larger topic of spiritual discernment/warfare and the impact of trauma particularly within it.

Rudolf Steiner would call the false light the lower astral plane (see my piece on Steiner on the current state of the astrals via the recent Ghostbusters movie). The false light realm or “lower astral” is an intermediate realm which one begins to contact during the initial to middle phases of spiritual awakening. It’s a mixed realm (largely psychic with a tinge of the subtle). But in particular the false light realm tends to be aspects of the high strange domains where entities (or energies) of subtler wounding and traumatization tend to congregate.

As one is “ascending” in the spiritual process they will inevitably pass through this false light intermediate zone. And here is where the danger or possibility lies in terms of various forms of energetic interference, attachment, or attack come in.

As one passes through this specific zone, traumas or unhealed wounds in one’s own being can have an energetic “match” or “resonance” to similar entities/energies in the false light zone. This matching-energetic resonance creates the possibility for entanglement. Again there has to be some match in a person’s energetic field—even if very unconscious—in order for such spiritual entanglement to occur. That match could be unhealed wounds from one’s ancestral energies, karma, the life between lives, in the womb/birth, the list goes on and on.

That process can happen in a more general sense for anyone on their path but there can also be a specifically sinister quality when we add in the Icke-ian dimension of intentional energetic traumatization and psychological operations rampant in our world.

These intentional forms of social engineering are “soul warping”. Consequently if a person has unhealed and unconscious scripting in their field from ongoing nefarious psychological and spiritual operations, then that would create the potential energetic match/resonance in the false light realm to similarly “vibrating” entities or energies.

While that may seem really far out there, in practice it’s pretty much the same as high school: the jocks all get together and play out their trauma on the nerds; the nerds band together for protection; the goths and the loners are out on the margins; all the groups co-resonating and synching to each other in cliques.

Same basic thing in the astral plane, just at a higher octave.

This dynamic is why I’ve written on the conspiratorial path as a form of awakening (“Woke”), parallel to but distinct from traditional spiritual awakening by itself (“Wake”). I also wrote a followup piece exploring the conspiratorial path as a form of soul initiation and the need to learn to work with it as such (through the lens of the stages of grief from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross). One has to release the forms of imprinted social engineering by the cabal/cryptocracy in order to “clean and heal” those wounds, such that they can’t unconsciously invite in various forms of spiritual infection.

If one notices any kind of “infection symptoms", spiritually speaking, then, in a strange way, this is a good sign. Or at least a potentially positive one because it means that the symptom is revealing an underling wound looking to be healed. Heal that wound and the infection is removed automatically.

Remember negative energy attacks, attachments, or interference are always secondary (“infection”) level phenomena. The primary level is that of the actual wounding that needs to be transformed. Primary type wounds would include things like over-giving at the cost of sacrificing oneself, empathic co-dependency patterns, feeling guilty or responsible for other people’s choices, trying to spiritually rescue other beings, believing the one has to suffer for their sins, etc.

The list of potential primary level-core wounds is long. Those are the deep transformations that are necessary. When those are healed, there’s no longer any point of potential match to those kinds of similarly wounded entities or energies. Remember the vast majority of “negative” entities are in fact unconscious wounded ones—this dynamic is even more pronounced in the false light realm.

Which is why, at this point, I believe we need to be very cautious with paradigms of spiritual warfare. There’s a partially valid point in there but also a lot of room for confusion. Taking a stand of “battling demons or negative entities” is precisely the wrong tack. Such battle energy leads the person to orient more and more towards survival energies, aka trauma energies, aka “loosh”, which is precisely what these negative energies and entities feed off of.

They want to battle. They want to fight, just like a raging narcissist. What they can’t abide is someone not giving them airtime or attention. What they can’t deal with is a person doing their own work and transforming such that there’s no longer any energetic resonance because then they are forced to face their own pain and do their own work.

David Icke correctly argued that humans need to extract themselves from this mind control-spiritual abuse system. Because this system has no intrinsic connection to The Source and therefore can’t power itself, it requires external energy in the form of giving away power/sovereignty by people. Reclaim one’s energetic sovereignty, take back one’s energy, and the system would eventually dry up and die of its own—like a vampire who can’t find a blood source or whose left out in the sun.

Understanding the nature of “their” war is crucial—its strategies, aims, tactics, and methods—as I’ve detailed in previous pieces on the OODA Loop Theory as well as controlled dialectics. This step is a necessary but not ultimate one in learning to empower oneself.

But one cannot beat them at their own game. Resist yes but not in a way that further ensnares you into the hunter’s trap.

If they cannot be beaten at their game (and they cannot), then one needs to play a fundamentally different game. Understand their war but don’t meet them on a battlefield of their choosing on their terms. To do that is to invite disaster.
The false light realm is called that because it’s of The Light—as are all realms, entities, and energies. It’s a “false” light realm because it’s taken that Core Light and twisted it and perverted it in numerous ways, some more obvious, others quite subtle. The false light realm pretends or appears to be of the Light when in reality it’s a distorted or parodied version of the true embodiment of the Light.

Again many of the beings in that realm are not evil or intentionally cold blooded per se. Most are wounded, traumatized, and lost in bewilderment. They are again like wounded animals—potentially dangerous but not malevolent. The rarer (but more nasty) elements are ones which are purposefully and consciously manipulative and deceptive. Both types however require a “cut” or “opening”, a susceptibility, on our side to come in. Whether an unconscious vampire or a cold-blooded conscious one, either way they have to be invited in before they can come in your door.

Conversely, since beings of the Light are connected to the Source of Goodness they will practice integrity and honesty. Ask a benevolent entity “Who do you serve?” “Are you of the Light?" They’ll answer in a very forthright manner. They won’t claim they are God or whatever but that their hearts (generally speaking) are in the right place and it will have the ring of authenticity to it if so.

If any answer is dissembling, dishonest, or not clear and straight, then it’s automatically a no. Proceed accordingly.

Same applies of course with humans. Truly good people will acknowledged their mistakes, their limitations, as well as their goodness and, as much as any of us can be, be honest and transparent. As I’ve been stressing using our human level experience to guide us is key as it provides a compass to orient in the more fast-moving, wilder realms of the soul and spirit.

Circling back to the Gnostics then for a moment—with David Icke as a contemporary representative—what did they get right and what did they get wrong?

On the plus side:

  • each person must realize the truth of spiritual teachings for themselves in their own conscious experience (gnosis).
  • each person has to stand in their own fundamental energetic autonomy and sovereignty.
  • there are realms with beings who appear, at first glance, to be of the Light but in actuality are trying to feed off our unhealed pain under the cover of spirituality. Many so-called gods and goddesses, under the guise of “adoration” and “worship” are actually creating co-dependent, entangled, and spiritually vampiric relationships to feed off of the well-intentioned but mistaken good will of humans.

Where Gnosticism fails:

  • Gnosticism ultimately agues that humans should ascend beyond this world to return to the Source (the causal). This is the realm where there Is no pain, no trauma, no wounding and therefore by extension no potential for energetic entanglement, interference, or attachment. As the Tibetan Buddhist tradition however argues the causal realm can also be called “the very subtle”, as in the very subtlest form of separation and suffering. Without recognition of the non-dual (that the formless and form are one) then the Gnostic is left in a very subtle form of suffering pretending to be spiritual liberation. The Gnostic then has simply traded in a subtle form of suffering (addiction to the false light realm) for a very subtle form of suffering (addiction to the causal realm).
  • Gnosticism can not therefore offer a vision of true redemption and healing.

Elements of the Gnostic path (the positive ones cited) can be incorporated as critical yet partial elements of a wider process but by itself they are not sufficient. In the next set of pieces we’ll begin exploring the work of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa (aka “The Mother”) on precisely such a more integrated psychospiritual discernment model, including both awakening and occult esoteric “awokening”.

* For those from a more orthodox religious persuasion (e.g. orthodox Christianity) the conversation is a different one since God alone is sovereign and therefore the question becomes how to square the circle of evil with a sovereign Creator. (Did God create evil?)