“[The war on America] is not a shooting, but a psychological war. Its battlegrounds are not physical but mental. Its most potent weapons are not nuclear, chemical or biological, but deception, propaganda, disinformation, lies and manipulation, and it has worked to perfection”. – Servando Gonzalez, Psychological Warfare and the New World Order- The Secret War Against the American People

The Great Relief

On January 20th, 2021, a great gust of relief blew across the United States and much of the world. The Orange Man was finally gone. Cheeto Hitler had finally exited the terribly turbulent stage he’d been occupying for four excruciatingly long years. The great sower of discord and chaos, the progenitor of all that was wrong with the world, was finally no longer the president of the United States. I don’t even live in the US and I had strangers that day telling me at grocery stores and other places, “Did you hear? Biden was sworn in. It’s finally over”. The tension felt had apparently been so bad that I even heard Keith Roth, hard rocker and host of SiriusXM’s Ozzy’s Boneyard, say that he was relieved. I mean, this guy’s been around all kinds of rockers and metal heads and has probably seen a thing or two in his day, and even he was saying he was breathing a lot easier now that Donald Trump was gone. It must’ve been bad. And it was. The last four years have truly been a relentlessly tension filled time of great conflict and unease, a pressure cooker for the ages. The amazing trick of the endlessly lying and hypocritical mainstream media, however, was convincing a good percentage of people that it was solely Trump that was responsible for all of the tension and disorder upending our world for the past four years. From where I sit, the situation was much more complicated. Trump and his America first (and openly anti-globalist) actions were in my view a serious threat to the oligarchic elite who own the media, and through the media they unleashed the hounds on Trump 24/7 365 in a never-ending spectacle of attacks on anything Trump. More on this venal sleight of hand later.

Accompanying the sigh of relief heard round the world, was a vast chorus of ridicule for Q, or QAnon as the media prefers to call it. With Biden sworn in, people from all sides of the spectrum could finally mock Q and the stupid Q movement. The media’s endless attacks on Q helped make it enemy #2 in the minds of many, and now it was time to pile on these ‘dangerous’ tin foil hat wearing Qultist morons. From liberal late-night comedy shows, to conservative commentators, to conspiracy podcast hosts (who’ve never believed in Q), it was time to laugh mightily and pour on the caustic scorn for this ‘crazy conspiracy theory’. This outpouring was rather something to behold. I’ve been a participant observer in the Q movement since Q began posting in October 2017. I’ve written five articles on the subject for this site, and in one even threw down the Babe Ruth pointing at the outfield prediction that Q would eventually be revealed to be true/real. And believe it or not, I still think there’s a very real chance that this could still prove to be the case. Now hold on, it’s not time to drag me off to the deprogramming camp or to send in the cult extraction specialist just yet.  I’ll make my case for this statement in section four of this piece. But there’s been a lot of data points to suggest that the Q story is not over yet, much to the depressing chagrin of many I’m sure.

One thing that became glaringly obvious during the outpouring of Q mockery, was that almost no one opining on the subject, including many commentators whose work I admire and learn from regularly, really understood the phenomenon they were commenting on. Just about everyone I heard was talking about the Q strawman that’s been built by the media in its unabated parade of articles, and not Q as understood directly through the Q drops. They were talking about the cultural phantasm floating in the media ether, and not Q itself. I’ll provide several examples of that in section three. But first, we must turn to the important subject of junk conspiracy, as the two subjects are intimately intertwined.

Junk Conspiracy

When you’ve been researching into the world of parapolitics and ‘conspiracy’ long enough, you come to realize that there are considerable forces who are intentionally flooding the space with a lot of disinformation, or what Daniel Liszt, aka The Dark Journalist, calls junk conspiracy. Liszt has created a helpful tripartite breakdown that he often uses in his own work- 1) There’s an event (JFK assassination; 9/11; MLK assassination) and an official report or official ruling (Warren Commission; 9/11 Commission Report; James Earl Ray was the murderer); 2) Then there’s a credible group of researchers who start to look into the case, maybe investigative journalists, professors, detectives and independent researchers, who start to piece together evidence for a different story than the official one. This becomes the ‘conspiracy theory’; 3) When the ‘conspiracy theory’ starts to gain attention and traction from the greater public, then we often see the arrival of the junk conspiracy, which is often outlandish or salacious or absurd. This junk conspiracy serves a few different purposes. It can redirect people away from #2, often alluring them through fantastical stories that are too juicy not to read and mull on. It also creates barriers for average folks (so-called ‘normies) when they come seeking to read about the conspiracy theory (#2) that they’ve been hearing about. Instead, they find so much noise and so much ridiculous sounding BS, that they just go back to the official story because at least there’s some semblance of sanity in it. Junk conspiracy also makes great fodder for ridicule, allowing the media pundits and late-night comics and arrogant skeptics to easily scoff and laugh and make jokes, thus discrediting the field of inquiry entirely in the minds of many. All of this is counterintelligence work at its finest.

To give some examples, we can start with the 2012 documentary Mirage Men. In the film we see how the US Air Force Intelligence uses agents such as Special Agent Richard Doty to put out false UFO stories, to mislead gullible and unsuspecting targets, and otherwise spam the UFO research community with disinformation, obfuscations and time-wasting dead ends. It we look at something like the 1953 Robertson Panel, which had the CIA recommending that the US public should be covertly dissuaded of their interest in the UFO subject, we can see that this is a long-standing strategy deployed by groups with a vested interest in maintaining secrecy on some subject. Another good example came when a group of solid researchers started to collectively piece together evidence that something like a Secret Space Program exists in the US. It was not long after a key conference on the subject in 2014, that people like Corey Goode showed up on the scene, saying (with no evidence other than personal testimony) that he had been in the program, and he told incredible stories of being stationed on Mars, of being a hollow earth ambassador, and of Blue Avian aliens who are here to help us in our spiritual evolution. Goode was promoted by people like David Wilcock on his Cosmic Disclosure show on Gaia TV. The Dark Journalist has a six-part series on the subject called New Age Deep State, which is very much worth watching for how junk conspiracy gets made and for what purpose.

Through the leaks of Edward Snowden we know that various FVEY’s intelligence agencies use “covert agents to infiltrate the internet”. We also know that that the British Army has a 77th Brigade that’s involved in online information warfare. And these are only the tidbits that’ve made it to the surface. It makes one wonder if Your News Wire, a website continuously putting out outrageous junk conspiracy (which gets posted by well-meaning but gullible people, leading to mainstream ridicule), isn’t also an operation of one of these agencies. It’s hard to say, but it would fit the mold. I’d personally consider Flat Earth conspiracy to be junk conspiracy, a view so preposterous and absurd to most people that conspiracy in general gets tossed out with its laughable bathwater. It’s the perfect op for some intelligence community to be running. If you want to smear a growing credible body of knowledge (#2), just put that ‘conspiracy’ in the same sentence as Flat Earth, maybe throw in something about the elites being reptiles, and boom, people dismiss it and walk away from further investigation.

The world of Q has also had more than its fair share of junk conspiracy poured into its space over the past three years, and it’s gotten much worse over the past six months to a year. Now there are all of these people who claim to have insider knowledge, like Simon Parkes and Robert David Steele and Juan O Savin and Charlie Ward or Mike Adams, who often spin fanciful tales and peddle out the most honey filled hope porn to many who are genuinely thirsty for it. And then the relentlessly Q hating media of course reports on what these people have said as though it represents Q, and then everyone rolls their eyes and shares a big hearty chortle. It’s been an effective tactic too, and has worked on many pundits whom I respect, as we’ll talk about in the next section. The thing is, Q was very clear from the beginning- (Drop 474, Jan. 6, 2018) “IMPORTANT: No comm w/ anyone privately. No comms outside of this platform”. Two days later- “NO private comms past/present/future”. And in May 2018, when there was a crop of people (such as Jerome Corsi) who were talking as though they had insider access to Q or the Q team, Q responded- “They all claim to be insiders. They all claim to have insider contacts. They do not” (Drop 1339, May 11, 2018). Q has said emphatically and repeatedly that the only communication the Q team will be doing is through the drops. Nowhere else. Zip zilch nada. Yet this didn’t stop Simon Parkes from claiming he was in contact with Q. Or how about the absurd and rather humorous Austin Steinbart junk conspiracy saga, where this twenty-nine-year-old guy claimed to be Q and gained some sort of ‘following’ (however inflated) online during the process. The media had a good time chuckling at ‘Q follower’ Steinbart, but those with a little more time under their parapolitical belts could see that this was a pretty transparent counterintelligence move, and one that ultimately failed.

None of the big long term Q follower accounts (formerly on Twitter, now scattered about on Gab and Telegraph and elsewhere), such as JuliansRum, JoeM, Praying Medic, CJTruth, Jordan Sather, X22 Report etc., take any of those people (with their supposed insider contacts) seriously at all. In fact, when they gently warn people about following them and being misled, they get a very interesting amount of heated pushback. Are some of these 77th Brigade type soldiers in action? Hard to say, but there’s a repetitive collective tenor to the responses that does make me wonder. As mentioned in a previous Q article, there are other junk conspiracy subjects that’ve been heaped onto the pile and associated with Q, when Q has said nothing on these matters. This includes adrenochrome, elites eating babies, and JFK Jr. being alive. Q hasn’t said word one on these subjects, but that hasn’t stopped the media (and a few gullible pundits as we’ll see) from attributing these beliefs to Q in the vast majority of articles written on the subject.

Some Q followers on Twitter didn’t help matters much by often throwing out all kinds of sensational theories as to what might be happening behind the scenes, especially during the tense madness of the early Covid era. Are children being rescued from underground tunnels? Are the mystery booms people keep hearing the white hats blowing up underground bases used by the Cabal? Is the Galactic Federation here in our skies, helping Trump and his team behind the scenes? These kinds of speculative posts hit such a fever pitch in March-April 2020, that Q had to offer a gentle rebuke against all the racket, precisely because it was producing the kind of junk conspiracy narratives that could be used as ammunition by the media. On April 10, 2020, Q said (Drop 3929): “Patriots: be cautious in your interpretations of info posted. False expectations [& push] based on ‘speculation’ will only weaponize those who attack us [MSM]”. And of course, the media was indeed having a grand ole time lampooning these more fantastical claims being made by people with Q themed Twitter accounts. Another form of junk conspiracy emanating out of Q Twitter accounts were absurd decodes based on the time stamps of Tweets by Trump, or Secretary Pompeo, or Dan Scavino and others close to Trump. The thing is, there has been that dimension to the Q drops, where a timestamp of a Trump tweet can be cross referenced with the Q drop of that number, and there’s resonant themes and information. I heard a retired SIGINT officer say that whoever is behind the Q posts has very sophisticated knowledge of signals intelligence operations and how they work. That dimension of a layered cross-referencing puzzle is indeed there. But there were (past tense now after The Purge) many Q Twitter accounts that made the most flimsy and outlandish leaps in their ‘decodes’ that it looked completely ridiculous to an outsider. And was that the point? I wondered about those accounts. When they got challenged on these kinds of preposterous posts (“It’s habbening!!”), there was a curious chorus of aggressive Twitter accounts that came to their defense. It was just more murky waters to wade through on the digital battlefield of the long and dirty information war.

Recent Pundits on Q- Juuuuust a Bit Outside

Over the past two months, with the ever-churning media output on Q being in everyone’s faces, many pundits whom I admire and listen to regularly took the time to opine on ‘QAnon’. What I realized was that pretty much none of them were dealing with the Q of the Q drops, they were only responded to the media phantasm and the junk conspiracy narratives that’ve cohered in the cultural ether over time. Let’s look at a few examples. Rebel Wisdom put out a video called ‘The Q Anon ‘Shaman’ and the Return of the Mythic, featuring the writer Erik Davis and the philosopher (and ‘conspirituality’ guy) Jules Evans. I took part in a follow-up live Q&A with Davis, Evans and Rebel Wisdom founder David Fuller, held with Rebel Wisdom members after the video came out. At some point very early on Davis (whose podcast Expanding Mind I’ve learned a great deal from) talked about how Q followers believe in crazy things like elites using adrenochrome. As I said, Q hasn’t said anything on the topic. Is there talk out in the conspiracy-sphere in general? For sure. Are there people who follow Q and also believe in that topic? Probably many. But that’s never been a claim made by Q. It was obvious through that and most of the other commentary by Davis that he hasn’t looked into Q directly at all.

David Fuller for his part said in the chat that the average Q follower was “a middle-aged housewife, about 50”. The Q phenomenon happened first and foremost on the Chans, and I’m sorry but there are probably very few 50-year-old women, or Boomers, hanging out on the Chans, in particular the extremely intense message boards where Q has been posting (lots of shills in there). From my vantage point, an average Q follower is somewhere on a broad spectrum between Gen X and Gen Z, with a core flavor of people who’d be comfortable on Reddit or the Chans. Did an older crowd get attracted to it? Absolutely, but the majority probably get most of their information on Q from people making videos such as Praying Medic or the X22 Report or RedPill78, or the series of junk conspiracy commentators I mentioned above. They’re getting most of their information from commentators, which is fine as far as goes of course (I watch some as well), but it’s still a layer removed from the Q drops themselves. Over the past three years there also came to be a huge worldwide following for Q, with people from many countries following and tracking the Q drops. So in the end it’s actually been a big mélange of who’s been following Q. Fuller’s description of the average Q follower is both wrong, and subtly disguised ridicule. Only a bunch of uninformed housewives with shoddy critical thinking skills follow Q is the implication. He couldn’t be further from the truth on the ground. And then there was Jules Evans, who came off looking very naïve in the Q&A. Despite being a current go to pundit for making sense of/mocking conspiracy culture- in his view, anyone taking part in conspiracy thinking was a victim of trauma in their youth and is looking for a scapegoat perpetrator for their pain- he admitted that he hadn’t looked into things like MKUltra or psychological warfare/psyops at all. Yet, he’s busy dismissing a whole body of information he’s barely looked into by psychologizing it all away, and of course the current anti-conspiracy media atmosphere is rewarding him for it. And I don’t even know what to say to someone who actually believes the ‘Q Shaman’ is really a Q supporter. That guy looks like he was ordered from central casting (and is actually an actor), and someday I suspect we’ll learn the deeper background of this person and who he might’ve been working for, just as we’re already learning that there were Antifa supporters and former FBI agents involved in the incident at the Capitol.

A few quicker examples. Patrick Hennigsen, who does great work with 21stCentury Wire, was speaking about QAnon in a recent interview, and among many criticisms he asked (I’m paraphrasing), “Why don’t Q followers care about Covid and the pandemic? We’re fighting the ‘scamdemic’ on the frontlines here, and Q people aren’t interested at all”. From February 2020 to November 2020, Q had plenty to say about the pandemic, it was a central theme of the drops and the whole overall story being told. Plenty of the core Q commentators speak about it regularly too, it’s an inseparable part of the story. Hennigsen is clearly not familiar with the subject he’s commenting on. The Moe Factz podcast is a fantastic podcast, original and important, and it has a solid conspiracy aware dimension too. But in a recent episode when Moe finally talked about Q, he said that after hearing about Q he went and watched the ‘Fall of the Cabal’ videos on YouTube, and thought, “Why are these allowed to be on YouTube?” He was very suspect of that, which is a fair point, and so dismissed the whole Q thing outright. But those videos aren’t Q videos (they’re also long gone off of YouTube), they’re sort of a meta-conspiracy mash-up made by someone also familiar with Q, and they actually contain a fair bit of junk conspiracy. So Moe’s not even in the ballpark when talking about Q, he’s still a couple of counties over. The hosts of the excellent and very rich Weird Studies podcast also took the time recently to remark on ‘QAnon’, and as they started speaking it was like someone had opened a package of the stinkiest godawful cheese. The distaste was palpable, and they proceeded to thoroughly strawman conspiracy thinking in their response. The possibility of a more mature conspiratorial thought wasn’t on their radar, and the Q they know was obviously the one concocted by the media, the Q drops being miles away from their analysis.  Lastly, John C. Dvorak of the essential No Agenda podcast, was a victim of the junk conspiracy trap on a few shows during the past three months. Dvorak is a (loveable) curmudgeonly type skeptic, and in the interregnum between the Nov. 3rd US election and the Jan. 6th incident on the Capitol, he was getting sick and tired of all the talk about ‘the Kraken’ and Lin Wood and all of the mad hype about what Trump was going to pull off for his final act. It was an amped up and hyperintense time for sure. He hadn’t read about Q very much, but he was hearing a lot about it now, so he went out searching for information on it and what did he find but some Simon Parkes videos. He played a bunch of clips of Parkes saying outlandish things, had a few guffaws, and then dismissed Q out of hand. Counterintelligence operation, successful.

There are plenty more examples that could be added to this list, as it seemed everyone took their chance to pile on and take their shot at Q after the melee at the capital, and the swearing in of Biden. This included many conspiracy podcast hosts, who as I mentioned earlier, have never bought into Q. But they mostly just reiterated the all too easy “Q is a psyop” talking point, rarely ever answering the questions “By who and for what purpose?” In section five I’ll explore this question and look at a few of the more interesting/plausible responses that I’ve been able to gather. In general, I’ve tried to show in this section that there are a whole lot of people talking about Q in the culture at the moment, yet most are talking about a secondary phenomenon that’s part media fabulation and part swirling froth from all of the conspiracy craziness that erupted into the mainstream during the pandemic and lockdowns. Those two forces have formed into a sort of Q Golem that is the subject of most analysis. The majority of those commentating haven’t studied the Q drops in any way, and the media never mentions or quotes them (why is that?). Let’s turn to the drops then and see what they might illumine. Is it time to bolt the coffin door on Q and lay it to rest in its final tomb? Or will Trump and Co. still manage to somehow roll away the deep state stone?

A New Hope?

In this section I want to look through the lens of Q’s own theoretical framework and see what sense it can make of the startling events that took place from the US election in November to the inauguration of Biden in January. In the next section, as we said, we’ll turn around 180 degrees and explore Q as a psyop. Before turning to the drops themselves, let’s look through a Q lens at a whole series of strange and anomalous events that’ve taken place in the past three months. The first is Trump’s curious messages near the end of his term that “This is only the beginning of our amazing journey together”, that he “would be back”, and his repeated use of the phrase “The best is yet to come”, which is a phrase Q used five times, including on October 17th, 2020, just weeks before the election. A couple of days after Biden was sworn in Donald Trump Jr. made a light-hearted Telegraph video with his wife, where they were both practicing shouting the phrase “The best is yet to come!” What are they all getting at? Trump’s official statement after being acquitted of impeachment for the second time included similar messages, saying, “In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people”. And remember in August 2020, when Trump said cryptically during a speech, “I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you see me for a while”. Was he telegraphing something that’s occurring now? And what’s with his curious silence in the last few weeks, a silence that’s making people like Bill Maher increasingly nervous?

Secretary Mike Pompeo’s Twitter feed was full of Q flavored comms during the Tweetstorm that accompanied his last weeks in office. One on January 19th included the Emmanuel Leutze painting ‘George Washington Crossing the Delaware’, which Q posted on Drop 14, and which became a fairly symbolic painting for the Q movement. Was that a subtle message of assurance? Why did Trump leave as outgoing president by flying on Air Force One, apparently a first for a president, and why did Pompeo not say goodbye or send him off? Or how about the statement of Trump’s Secretary of Defense Chris Miller in late December, when he went off script while thanking Mike Pence, almost tearing up when he said, “We’ve gone through some of the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted”. What military operations is he talking about? I haven’t seen anything in the news that would match that kind of statement. Why did no journalist follow up? And he was only sworn in on November 9, 2020. Were those operations after that? It’s worth noting that Miller was among the people with Trump in the infamous 2017 video where Trump called the gathering of officials in the room “The calm before the storm”. Miller was also a special ops guy, and in general there’s much to suggest that the US military might be currently engaged in some very clandestine military operations. More on that in a moment.

The beginning of the Biden administration also brought with it a whole series of oddities. First of all, what’s with the military presence in Washington D.C., a presence that Trump himself ordered after the January 6th Capitol Hill incident? No one seems to know the answer to this, and politicians on both sides of the isle seem to be perplexed by what’s happening and why they’re there. There was video in Biden’s first days in office of the National Guard turning their back on Biden’s motorcade, and other footage of a US Marine refusing to shake Jill Biden’s hand. Are these Trump supporters or do they know something else? Why, as of a few weeks ago, had Space Force not yet engaged with or briefed the Biden administration? Why was YouTube caught removing dislikes from Joe Biden’s videos, and why are the comments now turned off on his videos? For the most voted for President of all time? So many head-scratchers to consider on an almost daily basis.

Casting a wider net, there has been other activity and global events that could indicate that there are things happening quietly behind the scenes. Q has always said from the beginning that the corruption in the system is worldwide. Recently there’s been a host of unstable governments all at once, such as in Italy, Holland, Estonia, Poland, Kuwait and Malaysia. Putin announced a major government shake-up, and Angela Merkel announced that she is stepping down. And then there’s Myanmar, with the military taking over the country after claiming voter fraud in the last election, a weird echo of the situation in the US. This certainly could all just be the normal turbulance of the political world, but it’s a curious little whirlwind to observe given the context. Relatedly, there’s been another round of high-profile CEO resignations too. Q said from the very beginning (Drop 413, Dec. 21, 2017) to track CEO resignations, that this would be the global swamp being drained, and even the MSM has noticed the high levels of resignations during the past few years. Recent additions to the list include Jeff Bezos stepping down from Amazon, and Jeff Zucker leaving CNN (which Trump hinted at a year ago). Of course, a Q critic would say that this is just the pattern recognition bias of the Qtards, and that all of this is really just business as usual. Maybe so. But if one practices ontological flooding and takes the Q reality tunnel seriously, then these happenings are very possibly palpations of backroom happenings. Lastly in this list of strange events, you have several of Trump’s enemies finding themselves in trouble, such as the Gavin Newsom recall, the implosion of the Lincoln Project under revelations of financial fraud and sexual misconduct/pedophilia, and Governor Cuomo being in increasingly hot water over his actions regarding the pandemic and nursing home facilities. It’s worth noting that Q posted eight times in May-June 2020 about how a few Democrat governors (including Cuomo) were putting Covid positive patients in nursing homes (Ex. drops 4522, 4409, 4337), saying that it was done in an intentional and coordinated way to drive up Covid death numbers (and as of June 2020, nursing home related deaths had amounted to half the US Covid death count). We’ll see where Cuomo’s case ends up, and if there’ll be others like it. Lastly for all things anomalous, how about that truly bizarre Time Magazine article where the author admits that “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it”. Say what now? Was that article an attempt to get ahead of the story, or was it just arrogance, or? Yet another peculiar event in an era overflowing with them.

Let’s turn now to the drops themselves. Probably every single person who had been following the Q drops closely was surprised and befuddled by Trump losing the election, especially after the massive show of support for Trump during the campaign season. Q posted countless warnings about possible fraud in the election and spoke in very detailed ways about how it was going to be done. But with Trump creating a new cyber branch of the Department of Homeland Security, CISA, and Trump speaking often about possible voter fraud, Bill Barr talking about concerns of fraud, and it being a key motif of Q, I guess most people just figured they had the plans in place to stop it. So why did they just let happen what they clearly knew was going to happen? This was Q’s answer on November 12, 2020, after the election (Drop 4951)- “How do you ‘show’ the public the truth? How do you ‘safeguard’ elections post-POTUS? How do you ‘remove’ foreign interference and corruption and install US owned voter ID law(s) and other safeguards? It had to be this way. Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light”. Q was saying that they had to show the public the depth of voter fraud before there would be the collective will in the country to change the voting system, so it would be secure in the future. And a lot of people have woken up to this after the last election, although the media is playing its usual role of corralling as many people as possible away from any discussion of the topic (as they did with Hunter Biden’s laptop). Q has said several times that, “Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth. You must show them” (Ex. 4908). Ok groovy, I can see the point/methodology there. But there’s going to be some presentation before January 20th that conclusively shows the fraud, right? Maybe by the Military or the DNI? Many people thought that this was going to happen, perhaps on January 6th, but by January 20th Biden was sworn in. What?

And that of course is when the Q dogpile began in earnest, as mentioned at the beginning. But there was never exactly a Q drop that said Trump was going to have a second term. In drop 953 (March 2018) Q did ask in question form if General Flynn would be part of “Trump ADMIN V2?” I guess that stuck in the memory of anons and it was just assumed that this meant it would take place, or at least that there was plans for that. But after January 20, when people started going back and rereading the drops, it was realized that there were a few posts indicating that Biden would be the president. On Oct.7, 2020, Q wrote (in all caps)- “WHAT HAPPENS IF BIDEN BECAME POTUS KNOWING THAT HE [THROUGH HUNTER +2] TOOK MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF BRIBES TO CHANGE [LOOK THE OTHER WAY] US POLICY TOWARDS CHINA [IN FAVOR OF CHINA] WOULD CHINA OWN AND CONTROL THE WHITE HOUSE?” I personally just took this post to be an exercise in hypothetical thinking, but apparently not.

Those rereading Q’s posts after January 20th also discovered something else quite interesting. It's a tenuous one, it's a maybe, and it's likely something a Q critic would roll their eyes at. But it would make sense of some of the anomalies with the military presence in Washington D.C, so many are keeping an eye on it. Since the beginning of the drops Q said that “11.3” would be the “1st marker” (Drop 26). On June 1st, 2020 Trump Tweeted out “NOVEMBER 3RD”. Yes it was the date of the election, but it was also 11.3, so maybe it was the signal for the first marker. Perhaps the Q operation was about to enter its next and final (it was assumed) stage. But in rereading the drops, people noticed there was another 11.3 that had been overlooked in the shuffle, this time on June 24th, 2020, when Q said “[D] + China = 11.3” (Drop 4524). One of Q’s key phrases since the beginning is “News unlocks the map”. Meaning, there’s a lot of information already embedded in the drops (Q also frequently said “You have more than you know”), but that news events in the future can reveal what a past drop was really saying or pointing to. This method helps the Q operation avoid violating national security protocols, while providing validation to those following when the subject has become public. So what is 11.3 then?

Some people digging in on the 11.3 puzzle after January 20th discovered that the US Department of Defense Law of War Manual section 11.3 discusses the law surrounding foreign military occupation of another nation. Does D for Democrats plus China’s owning of Biden (as evidenced on Hunter's laptop), mean that the US is essentially now under foreign occupation? Q said from the very beginning that “The military is the only way” (26), and “There is simply no other way than to use the military. It’s that corrupt and dirty” (36), and “The level of corruption in our country (and most others) is so severe that there is ONLY ONE WAY” (56). Is the US Military now clandestinely in control of the US after the foreign infiltration became complete on January 20th with the swearing in of Biden? Did Trump have to go, because it would be impossible for the military to achieve its final victory against its infiltrators with so many people hating Trump and thinking he’s a dictator? Is this why the media still considers Q such a threat, and cannot stop talking about it, trying to stamp it out wack a-mole style once and for all, because Q reveals this tense underground story?

Let’s explore a different set of voices telling a similar story, voices that not only don't follow Q, but like to ridicule Q and conspiracy theories in general. This would be Thomas Wictor, and a group of other conservative thinkers such as Rex, Duane Cates and Brian Cates, who all now write at Quodverum after being kicked off of Twitter. Rex and Thomas Wictor were kicked off of Twitter back in 2018. Twitter found their excuses for why, but I could tell it was because these guys were very perceptive in their understanding of Trump, and their understanding of the serious behind the scenes power struggles that were going on during the past four years. Wictor is a truly one of a kind figure, and he's also highly informed on the military and military history. All of those four figures named above believe that the US is now under stealth military rule. Here's a thread where Thomas reveals how he thinks it's happening, and here's another thread by a Steven Douglas that attempts to add to Thomas'. They all agree that we're all in the dark now, and no one knows what's going to happen next. And in the end, who knows, perhaps they're all just as loopy as the Q bunch. But I do find it kind of humorous that these folks wave their hand at the Q idiots, and yet we're all wide eyed and watching for what might happen next, basically understanding a version of the same story.

If Q Was a Psyop, By Who and for What?

Let’s now assume that the US Military is not covertly in control of the US, Trump did lose, Biden is the president for the next four years, and the Q drops/operation were bogus. If the Q operation was/is a psyop, then who is running it and for what reason? I’ve been gathering possible answers to these questions from various voices and want to run through those now. The first one I was thinking of from the very beginning of the Q drops- as I was trying to take them at face value and also run through critical counter-scenarios at the same time- was that it was an operation run by Trump and the Trump administration, to basically hype up his base and help him win a second term. Trump is the God-Emperor there to smite the deep state, but he needs a second term before he can really bring down the sword of Lady Justice. But in truth mostly nothing would happen. I abandoned that possibility somewhere in 2018, because as Spygate details slowly emerged, and the Durham investigation was announced (as well as Huber’s), it seemed like a very risky plan to hype up thousands (which grew into millions) of people and then not deliver. It’s also a highly complex undertaking for a simple bit of reelection help, so that didn’t really make sense either. And in the end, Trump did lose, so that one’s officially out, unless of course that was its purpose but it ultimately failed.

Another possibility was recently floated by Hesher, host of the round table podcast The Boiler Room (aka The Social Rejects Club), that the Q operation was a deep state psyop to create a permanent radical right-wing element, much like the radical left-wing element seen in BLM and ‘the Squad’ in US politics. You get people all pumped that the corrupt child molesting politicians are all going to get arrested, and then nothing happens, and you have a permanently unhappy, angry and volatile group of people. These people can then be infiltrated and directed for violent ends, which can be used by the deep state to justify domestic terrorism laws and other forms of increased social control. That’s a possibility, but if true, I don’t think it’s going to work out very well. What I’m hearing when I’m in the Q/conservative/independent-media spheres, is people saw how the shenanigans at the Capitol were quickly used by the media and politicians, and they’re pretty wary of attending any kind of mass event like that in the future. What I hear is people talking about getting involved in local politics, homeschooling, learning to grow food and be more self-sufficient, working on voter reform, and plans to continue doing independent research and media production. I think the swarm of ‘anons’ is too big and too rhizomatically active for it to be captured and directed in that manner. But that doesn’t preclude the possibility that it was designed as Hesher suggests.

Another possibility is that Trump is actually deep state too, and was playing along as the outsider threat in order to pacify millions of people with slogans like Trust the Plan as they were lead like sheep to the Great Reset slaughter. This is stronger in my view because it was obvious to anyone following Q closely that Trump was involved. Many of his Tweets and Q drops went out at exactly the same time (often with matching words or phrases), Trump used many Q phrases in his speeches (“These people are sick!”), he retweeted many Q Twitter accounts, Dan Scavino posted several Q memes, General Flynn did the ‘Where We Go One We Go All’ pledge, these types of proofs that Trump was involved could go on all day at this point. So at least this theory accounts for that. But where I think it falls flat is that the tension between Trump and his many enemies in the media and in politics (and tech and business) was incredibly intense for the last four years, everyone felt it. Hell they’re still going after him anyway they can, now cartoonishly trying to disallow his body from being buried at Arlington cemetery! They’re desperate to erase all memory of this man, and he was in on it? If so, that would be a ruse so complex, and played to such perfection by Trump and hundreds of others over the past four years (Jake Tapper really knows Trump, and likes him?), that you would almost have to hand it to the deep state for pulling that off. You’d almost want to give them a slow clap and say, sure, go for it, create whatever global hell realm you’ve always dreamed of, I have to hand it to you for a stunt that massive. But I think it’s unlikely, as the vitriolic hatred of Trump seemed to be very real, and it’s continuing unabated.

The next possibility is one that has a lot of truck at the moment, which is that Q was basically a deep state counter-intelligence operation designed to identify and eventually I assume silence/arrest/destroy any resistance to its activities. This theory gained fast popularity with this recent article, which compared Q to an old Bolshevik operation in the 1920’s called Operation Trust, which got resisters to the new regime to out themselves by telling them there was an inside operation by military generals to oust the Communists. When they admitted to supporting this countercoup, they were arrested. The problems with this theory are many. First of all, this seems like a highly complex undertaking in an age where we already know that the NSA and other intelligence agencies have massively powerful surveillance tools, not to mention how our phones and our apps track us and so on. Couldn’t there have been slightly easier ways to identify all of those subversives who were going to resist the coming Great Reset technocracy or whatever the deep state has in store? What’s worse is that this Q operation woke up millions of people to the corruption in our world-system, and how it works. Q pointed a laser at many places and ways that corruption takes place- such as through foundations, foreign-aid, book deals, NGOs, and much more- and told anons to dig and learn, which they did, producing huge ‘digs’ that thousands of others could read or watch or build on. As Q said many times, much of the corruption and criminality is “open source”, meaning it’s right there on the web, it’s right there in front of our faces if we learn how to look. Q pointed the laser and said look here and look there, and people discovered a lot about a lot of things. People became very awake and aware, and they saw the media lie endlessly (Russia Gate, “peaceful protests”, very fine people), they saw corrupt judges (such as Sullivan in the Flynn case), they saw Epstein get suicided, they saw voter fraud and the media coverup, they saw big tech tyranny, they saw the relentless parade of hypocrisy by the left and by the media. People were wide awake to these things as they happened. This operation basically red pilled the heck out of millions of people. And yes millions. So they’re going to have to build some big ole camps for all of these people if this was their plan. And what’s the rest of polite MSM believing society going to think when all these people are in camps, or they’re relentlessly attacked through counter-insurgency measures like freezing their assets and beyond? Isn’t that going to just wake many of them up too? If this was what Q was created for, it seems to have backfired badly.

A related possibility is also a very popular one but couldn’t be further from the truth on the ground. This is that Q was a psyop meant to pacify people. Trust the Plan, Enjoy the Show, sit back and eat your popcorn and do nothing, we’ll take care of it for you. This is what’s believed by those casually observing Q from the outside, but Q called anons into action, specifically into active information warfare against the media-controlled narrative (or the Gated Institutional Narrative as Eric Weinstein calls it). Not only were anons called to dig deep into many subjects and get informed, as mentioned above, they were also instructed to create original media content, to create memes to counter MSM lies (meme’s often bypass tech censorship, so can be quite effective), Q told people to vote, and to inform others of what’s really going on (from Q’s perspective). And people worked incredibly hard on these things, sometimes having to create 5-10-15 Twitter accounts in a row after each one was taken down, having to reupload all their videos again on a new platform after they were banned from yet another, to recreate their websites after they were taken down. The work out there has been incredible and relentless and intense. Already in 2016 Gen. Michael Flynn was saying that they were creating “digital soldiers” and “citizen journalists” to fight “irregular warfare” against a media that had become thoroughly dishonest and corrupt. As Q said on June 28, 2020 (Drop 4536), “If the news is untrustworthy, corrupt, controlled…How do you circumvent? How do you communicate directly with the people? Backchannels are important. Information warfare”. Whoever was running Q for whatever reason they were doing it, they were asking people to act and create and get informed and people did it and then some. There’s been nothing passive about it.

Are Q Followers the New Millerites?

If you’re into religious studies and religious history, one of the benefits of being a participant observer in the Q movement is that you get to observe in real time how a religiously flavored group (which Q is, that part the critics get right) gets to deal with its own eschatological disappointments, just like the early Christian movement had to do. Jesus was supposed to come back immanently and serve justice hard on the dark principalities and powers ruling the ancient world, establishing a kingdom of God on earth, where justice and peace would reign. But as the decades passed, then centuries, Christians had to slowly shift their expectations for this coming justice. As biblical scholars know, the Pastoral Epistles in the New Testament, written two to three hundred years after Jesus’ death, are much more conservative and less radical than the Gospels and the authentic letters of Paul. The Christian movement was trying to fade into the background of the Roman Empire, to not rock the boat and avoid persecution. Throughout the following centuries there have been several Christian movements led by people who believed they had received a prophecy from God about when the Second Coming was finally at hand. In the 19th century the Millerites thought they pinned the second coming down to a particular day, October 22, 1844, but when that day came and went, they experienced “The Great Disappointment”.

There’s no doubt that Q’s rhetoric has had a very millenarian flavor. Eight times Q said, “You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard”. Several times Q said that “It's going to be biblical”. And in the first two months Q posted “Day of Days” twice, which is very close to the Christian eschatological language of the ‘end of days’ or ‘judgment day’. For me, it just made sense that there would be good people within a dark system, moral people who were tired of the corruption, tired of the drugs and arms running behind the scenes, the human trafficking, the endless wars, the economic hitmen, tired of the enormous river of human misery that floats and wails throughout the underbelly of the world. Q said from the beginning that inside ‘the system’ there is “More good than bad” (Drops 668, 937). Q said that 99% of those within the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and NSA, “serve with distinction”, that it’s 1% that’s corrupt (Drop 4166). It only takes a small splinter cell within those institutions to pull off black ops, like assassinations. On June 23rd, 2020, Q said, “The doubters will soon be believers. Years in the making” (Drop 4502). Q said that for years good people within the American establishment, particularly its military, have been preparing a counterattack against the bad actors who had infiltrated its institutions over decades. Was it just a good story? Too good to be true? What will become of Q supporters in the months and years ahead, after their own great disappointment? Will they be found on downtown corners with pamphlets that say “Trust the plan. It’s habbening!”? It’s hard to say, but that’s not the sense I get. I think people will pivot away from that particular identity, but still continue to pursue the goal of bringing what’s hidden in darkness into the light. A vast movement of digital soldiers and citizen journalists has been launched upon the world, and that one’s not going back in the box.

For myself, I’ve been asked by friends close to me how long I’d continue to follow and ‘believe’ in Q. I’ve always said six months after the election. If by then there’s no justice, if by then the ‘thousands of sealed indictments’ have not been unsealed, then it’s time to move on. By then it’s time to realize that this potential network of powerful allies working within the system to break the deep state, does not exist. Or if they did, they were defeated. And then it’ll be time to just keep on keeping on fighting against tyranny, finding new ways and new networks to hurl our small stones at the sinister Goliath that strides atop our world. But one thing the Q movement did tell me, is that there’s a deep eschatological hope within the human heart. That there is a profound thirst for a world that is just, and sane, and good. It’s what makes us so susceptible to so many junk conspiracy narratives, which trade on this hope. But it’s also what makes us never stop fighting against each new Tower of Babel that gets constructed by mad human egos who believe to be gods. The elites can try as they might to construct their technocratic wet dream the Great Reset, but it will fail. It’s anti-human and anti-life. There might be a profound amount of suffering along the way during the struggles of the potential long night ahead. But ultimately there will be a new morning on the other side, another chance for humans to grow stronger in understanding the inner and cosmic forces that combine time and again to cage us within yet another Black Iron Prison.