In his book on the philosophical concept of the “event”, Slavoj Zizek defines an event as “The surprising emergence of something new which undermines every stable scheme” (1). Later Zizek says, “At its most elementary, an event is not something that occurs within the world, but is a change of the very frame through which we perceive the world and engage it” (2).

The ‘death’ of Jeffrey Epstein on August 10th, 2019, was such an event. It was apparent to everyone, even ‘normies’, that Epstein’s supposed death by suicide, while in a maximum security prison and on suicide watch (where you’re observed 24/7 and have nothing in your cell to kill yourself with), was highly suspicious. And then there were the weird photos of him leaving dead on a gurney, with his hands up while being administered oxygen. To a dead man? And his nose is shaped differently than the guy on the gurney? And then we hear that he might’ve been taken off of suicide watch just before his death, maybe by his own lawyers. And that the camera that should’ve been filming him 24/7 ‘malfunctioned’ during the period of his death. Sure. And there’s been no official statement from the facility where he was being held (MCC), and now the coroner for Epstein says he’s waiting on “further information” before determining a cause of death?

The whole thing stinks. It also put into stark relief for all to see that there are powerful people in this world who will brazenly protect their criminality, even if it means having to do something as blatant as killing the most important and high-stakes witness in the world, the billionaire pedophile and child trafficker who was very likely running a massive blackmail operation. As my co-writer Son of Korg messaged me on the morning of August 10th, “We’re all conspiracists now”.

It was interesting to watch social media activity as this event unfolded. Eric Weinstein, mathematician and prominent member of the Intellectual Dark Web, tweeted this on August 10th:

“Our Gated Institutional Narrative (The G.I.N.) has now broken for only the 4th time I can remember in my adult life:

2001: With 9/11
2008: With Lehmann Brothers
2016: With Trump over Hillary
2019: With Jeffrey Epstein and the Simple Suicide Story

No one smart truly believes it”.

The stable scheme promoted by the MSM and other dominant institutions, our “Gated Institutional Narrative” as Weinstein calls it, has been temporarily broken. This sentiment was echoed by Jordan Hall, a complex and interesting thinker who takes wide angle looks at society and its future. On August 10th on Facebook, Hall wrote, “Looks like the Epstein death is showing up as the first broad epistemological unity in a very long time”. The Epstein death has, at least for a moment, shattered the bitter partisanship that our times are so shackled by. EVERYONE knew it was fishy. It was a collective naked lunch, a “frozen moment when everyone sees what’s on the end of every fork” (3). Later that day Hall wrote again on Facebook- “Ok folks, looks like we have another little "liminal window" (9/11, 2008 crash, Brexit, Trump election). Maybe we can nudge it open a bit. You might have noticed that for the first time in quite a while pretty much everyone agrees that the "mainstream narrative" around Epstein's 'suicide' is bullshit. This is a collective "moment of clarity". Let's use it”.

The liminal is a threshold where we’re poised between two worlds, the one we’ve been in and a new one that’s opening up. The normal order of things has been suspended. Foucault called these moments “epistemic ruptures”, a time when dominant epistemic categories, the one’s that govern a society and its prescribed worldview, break open to allow formerly stigmatized knowledge to enter the dominant cultural arena. The Epstein death has thrust us in to one of these liminal thresholds. We’re all conspiracists now. Or at least while this window remains open, as the MSM has been pumping out anti-conspiracy theory articles with fervor since Epstein’s death, scrambling to put the genie back in the bottle.

This newly stretched Overton window has allowed one of the most taboo and controversial topics to suddenly get mainstream air time- pedophilia, and in particular, elite pedophile rings. Although the evidence for this has been growing since the 1980s, with prominent cases such as the Franklin Scandal, Jimmy Saville, the Dutroux Affair, Jerry Sandusky, Dennis Hastert, R. Kelly, NXVIM, John of God,, countless Catholic Church revelations, the Boy Scouts and much more, the MSM generally either avoids the topic or speaks about it like it’s some kind of conspiracist fantasy. But the scope and scale of the Epstein operation, including the number of victims willing to testify, is making it harder and harder for this kind of hand waving dismissal to succeed.

On the day of Epstein’s death Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, wrote a powerful thread on Twitter (which you can read here). It included these disturbing yet necessary words:

“So we need to learn the real news: Elite pedophilia exists. And elite pedophilia rings

I rarely use all caps, but I'm going to this time, because I feel like screaming:

We live in the sort of world that has elite pedophile rings in it.

Holy crap. Really. This is happening in our world, not some fictional story. This world.

I sure as hell didn't know that before. Did you? This was HUGE news to me. Soul-shattering, horrific news.

And let's break it down.

Our elites: people like billionaire financiers, famous politicians, celebrity entertainers, even famous scientists and professors.

THOSE people.

Some few participate in *organized* child abuse.

And by all accounts they use their power to get away with these horrific crimes.

We live in the sort of world in which distinguished, respected people—in the West, in the enlightened sensitive, #MeToo West—perpetrate these sorts of crimes.

With children.

So I just have to know: How in the *world* can this happen? What do we not understand about human psychology, sociology, history, policing, law courts, etc., etc., that this can exist?”

It’s a good question, and its answer is beyond the scope of this article. But to get a rather horrifying sense of the magnitude of the problem of pedophilia and child trafficking, at all levels of society (laws against it don’t work if they’re not enforced), this interview that Mark Levin did on Fox News (Life, Liberty and Levin 08/11/19) the day after Epstein’s death is a good place to start. His guest Jaco Booyens said that he’s approached MSM media organizations with his information before, but they always turned a deaf ear. In this new liminal window, his voice was finally able to be heard. The preposterous death of Jeffrey Epstein has temporarily undermined every stable scheme, shifting the possible frames through which we perceive the world.

And just so we know that these elite pedophile rings are not only real, but deadly real, let’s look at Eric Weinstein’s tweet the day after Epstein died. Notice his hashtag. He’s not joking.

#IHaveZeroInterestInComittingSuicide #IDoNotIntendToShutUpAboutEpstein I will be discussing the Epstein situation. At least that’s my intention. But anyone can be silenced; I met him & it scared the hell out of me. He was not a financier. Some ‘thing’ had set him up to play one.  [August 11, 2019]

Powerful people are involved in these activities, and they’ll do everything they can to silence those who try and expose it. This has been happening for decades. Epstein is a case in point. And there’s definitely some powerful players behind or around Epstein, as this well researched series of articles by Mint Press News show. But before we fall into a state of fear around all this, and the let the liminal window close because of it, we do appear to be in a different era regarding the exposing of this horrific dimension of our world. Pedophile related arrests have been a constant in the news during the Trump administration, although whether or not this constitutes something new has been disputed by the MSM. Trump did sign an Executive Order in December 2017, giving broad new powers in the fight against those involved in human trafficking. And for those who’ve been following the Qanon phenomenon, like I have, a central message from Q since the beginning is that taking down the elite global pedophile network is a central part of the plan being carried out by the US Military and its worldwide allies.

Despite the current rupture in our gated institutional narrative, some are still skeptical about the true exposure of these pedophile networks and the prosecution of their high profile members. Ironically, many hosts of conspiracy podcasts are among the most cynical out there. They’ve heard about possible arrests far too often and with no results, and they’ve witnessed America’s two-tiered justice system in action for far too long. There's very little hope left in the tank. I understand that response. Cynicism is a reasonable conclusion based on what’s happened in the past. But doesn’t now seem somehow different? Doesn’t it feel like we’re in a very odd time with the strangest of happenings all around us? Are we about to experience a whole series of events?

We’ll see what the future holds in the Epstein story and what it might still possibly reveal. Attorney General William Barr issued a statement, saying, “Let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy”. Investigative journalist Brian Cates thinks that the case is far from over. Only time will tell. In the meantime, epistemic ruptures don’t come about very often. Let’s keep nudging that window open while we can. Avoiding the divide and conquer tactics of our rulers will be key. If we can do that, the window might never close again.


(1) Slavoj Zizek, The Event, p.6

(2) Slavoj Zizek, The Event, p.31

(3) A phrase credited to Jack Kerouac by William Burroughs, from which he took the title of his book.