“Boy, I love talking about the Kennedy assassination, man. That’s my favourite topic. You know why? Because to me it’s a great example of, er, a totalitarian government’s ability to, you know, manage information and thus keep us in the dark any way they … Oh, sorry. Wrong meeting … Ah shit. That’s the meeting we’re having tomorrow at the docks”.  – Bill Hicks, JFK Assassination Routine, Relentless (1992)

Towards a Parapolitical-Paranormal Left

In Pt. 1 of this two-part series, we looked at the remarkable inversion of the left and a turning away from many of its values, and heard from a number of voices on the left that are now speaking out about this. We began that piece by discussing a recent conversation between the philosopher Charles Eisenstein and the playwright CJ Hopkins, both long time denizens of the left. In that discussion, both CJ Hopkins and Charles Eisenstein agreed that what’s happening under the guise of the pandemic is a new global form of totalitarianism. I’m in total agreement with them on this. Whether it was intentionally released or it’s just piggybacking on a natural occurring virus, the lockstep roll out of pandemic measures by countries across the world, including the messaging, has revealed that something very grandiose and sinister is being implemented under the cloak of public health measures. But Hopkins argues that this new form of totalitarianism is a little different from the 20th century forms we saw under Nazism or Soviet communism, in that it doesn’t have an open ideology as those did (‘Aryan master race’, ‘international Communist revolution’). In Hopkins view, this is just neoliberal capitalism taken to its logical conclusion, attempting to take total control over all facets of life. Eisenstein disagrees a little and says (roughly) that this form of totalitarianism springs from a modern hyperrational mind that has become separated from itself and the planet. What we’re seeing then is the result of a deep pathology in Eisenstein’s view, it’s not simply GloboCap run amok. I think there’s some truth in both these points, but unfortunately, I believe the elites behind this new form of totalitarianism do indeed have an ideology. In fact, they have a religion. I’ll attempt to unpack this ideology-religion in the paragraphs ahead.

To get us started, we can reflect on another thing the current left has abandoned from its past (for more abandonments, see Pt.1), a belief in conspiracy theories, or an understanding that the world involves criminal conspiracies as well as shadowy agents working covertly to undermine social movements that threaten dominant power. This too has been put in the pile of ‘things that only far-right MAGA cretins believe’. Gordon White made a great point on this topic in his recent podcast episode ‘Revisiting Archonology- Understanding Power and Conspiracy’. He said this is a curious position for the left to take since so much conspiratorial action in the past hundred years has been taken against the left itself. It’s true, the left has been the subject of a lot of this kind of undermining subterfuge. Most people at this point know about COINTELPRO, an FBI counterintelligence operation that targeted several radical left movements, infiltrating, undermining, and sometimes assassinating members of these organizations. Lesser known but equally devastating to the left was the CIA’s Operation CHAOS, which included domestic surveillance, the infiltration and undermining of the political musicians of the 1960s, and the infiltration of antiwar groups, to name just a few of its unsavory activities. Tom O’Neil’s recent bestseller CHAOS: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties, makes a strong case that Charles Manson was an MKUltra subject who was used by the CIA to tar and destroy the hippie movement. Brad Schreiber’s recent book Revolution’s End has shown that the CIA created the Symbionese Liberation Army as a fake radical left group to discredit authentic left movements. The CIA infiltrated the National Student’s Union in the US, it was deeply involved in the book publishing of progressive materials (to keep it reigned in), and we know it helped overthrow democratically elected socialist leaning governments in various countries such as Allende’s in Chile. If we add to this the assassination of figures such as MLK and Thomas Merton (who was speaking out against the Vietnam War like King was), it’s clear that clandestine operations are not an uncommon part of the world we live in, and the left has been heavily damaged by them. And sadly, that list above is a heavily truncated one.

So one thing an ‘old + parapolitical + paranormal left’ would do is precisely to (re)integrate the parapolitical dimension of reality. Not only is it real, it’s a necessary strand to include in any overall analysis of how the world works. Material or systemic analyses although important just don’t go far enough. I began to voice this perspective in my pieces Naomi Klein’s Bridge- MKUltra, Neoliberalism and the Long Trauma War Pt.1, and What’s the Deal with Kevin Spacey? Or, the Problem with Game B, and it has only grown stronger over time (especially given all that we’ve seen during the past several years, from Epstein to NXVIM to UFO’s are real to pandemic tyranny). So now I want to introduce what I think is perhaps the greatest conspiracy of all time. This will start to move us into the ideology of the elite. The greatest conspiracy of all time is- materialism. My colleague Son of Korg sums this up well in a piece called OODA Loops and the Cabal- “Scientistic materialism was a conspiracy to remove the understanding of magical and psychic capacities from the common person and make it the special preserve of an elite, who were then able to weaponize such psi phenomenon in order to cast their spell of illusion on the populace. When we know for instance that the SS as well as the CIA and the Soviets were involved in massive projects to study the effects of weaponizing paranormal phenomenon, we know that there’s one official publicly sanctioned worldview (scientific materialism) but behind the scenes there is clearly another”.

Let’s lay down a few premises to unpack this statement by Korg Jr. The first is, magic and the paranormal are real. To support this claim, I’ll refer the reader to Son of Korg’s piece The Universe is Like Portland- Keep it Weird, where he makes the case that those dimensions of reality are actually quite normal. To know what’s meant by the words magic, the paranormal, and animism, and to see how all three of those things are being reembraced in the academy and elsewhere at the moment, the reader can see my piece Nature Lifeless, Nature Alive- Towards a Magical Christianity Pt. 1. Those two previous pieces of work will have to act as the basis of the first claim here. So magic and the paranormal are real. But magic also includes black magic, or sorcery. Son of Korg again- “If psi and related phenomena are real [magic] than most assuredly so is a malevolent twisting of them. Black Magic, Sith Dark Lords, the Left-Hand Path, sociopathic “enlightened” guru cult leaders with intense spiritual transmission and charm using it to warp souls. It is all real. Very real and very haunting. Again you know it’s real because the Shadow State tried to use it (see Project MKOften)”.  Black magic is an aggressive weaponized form of magic. The practitioner follows a rigorous application of ritual principles in the hopes of contacting and garnering the favor of the spirit world, in this case malevolent dark forces in the spirit world. One of the central parts of the magical worldview is that the visible world has an invisible counterpart (a basic tenet of the indigenous worldview too). One dimension of magical practice (including sorcery) attempts to contact, connect to, and garner the powers of entities in the invisible realm in the aid of earthly pursuits. When we read something like Manly P. Hall’s Secret Teaching of all Ages, we can see that the knowledge and practice of this kind of sorcery in elite circles runs all the way back to ancient Egypt and has continued all the way down to our time, evidenced in a character like John Dee, an occult practitioner who was an advisor to Elizabeth I in England. Today’s elites are no different.

In an interview on The Higherside Chats, Joseph P. Farrell, one of the most solid researchers in the parapolitical field, says of the elites, “You’re dealing fundamentally with people in the elite that do have ultimately I think, a magical worldview”. They have a magical worldview and they have a religion that’s some sort of mixture of black magic and the mystery schools of the ancient world. And they erect buildings and monuments to this hidden in plain sight religion of theirs. Christopher Knowles, whose long been on the pursuit of the elite and their open esoteric-occult symbology, says this about walking in New York City- “You walk down Park Avenue until you get to Grand Central Station, where you see Hermes and the entire pantheon [of ancient gods]. So that’s the thing that really started to wake me up to this. These people, they’re not just doing this for decoration. You don’t spend the kind of money that you spend on a Rockefeller Center or a Grand Central Station...This is not for amusement, this is not fashion, this is not style. This is their religion. This is what they believe, and they’re showing you…We have a normality bias, “Oh it can’t really be that; that’s not what I’m looking at, it can’t be what it is”. No, it is what it is. People are trained to deny what they see with their own two eyes. When you’re walking around in Maury Hill, with the UN, Grand Central, Park Avenue, you feel like you’re in 3rd century Rome. There’s a reason for that- because they believe in the same things. And they’re telling you this, and they’re showing you this”. The symbolism of astrology and ancient esoteric religion are found all over the symbols of the corporate world too.

As Son of Korg mentioned above, the Germans the Soviets and the Americans were all involved in secret research during the 20thcentury to study and hopefully weaponize magic and the paranormal. You don’t do this if you believe in scientistic materialism. In Gordon Thomas’ 2007 book on the CIA Secrets and Lies, we learned that through MKUltra subproject MKOften the CIA sought, “To "explore the world of black magic" and "harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach". As part of Operation Often, Dr. Gottlieb and other CIA employees visited with and recruited fortune-tellers, palm-readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, specialists in demonology, witches and warlocks, Satanists, other occult practitioners, and more”. The CIA also undertook Project Stargate to experiment with remote viewing (spoiler alert, it worked). To what end might all this weaponized knowledge be put? The insightful Marxist critic Raymond Williams once wrote (1960), “Advertising is a highly organized and professional system of magical inducements and satisfactions, functionally very similar to magical systems in simpler societies, but rather strangely coexistent with a highly developed society”. Grand Archdruid John Michael Greer wrote a recent article about magic and advertising, and The Stoa just hosted a new documentary series about the connection between magic and advertising. The subject is clearly in the air. This knowledge has been no doubt central to the successful workings of the entrancing Society of the Spectacle, helping it succeed in its “permanent opium war”. Hollywood, one key strand of the spectacle, isn’t named after the holly wood that witches use for no reason. To bring it closer to home, the Canadian author Jeff Wells recently tweeted, “If you don’t believe in sorcery, consider the spell the world’s under”. He’s got a point.

So the elites promote scientific materialism while purposely occluding the enchanted magical universe that they inhabit, study, and ritually relate to. This can also be seen in the realm of science. Son of Korg has written an excellent piece on this called Limited Scientistic Hangouts: Giordano Bruno, Cosmos, and the Alchemical Nature of Science, where he shows how the inherent occult and esoteric dimensions of science are kept hidden from the general public’s understanding, instead promoting a more materialist and rationalist view of science through public figures such as Neil Degrasse Tyson. Korg sums up his thesis in another recent article, writing, “As I’ve covered elsewhere the public rejection of magic and alchemy by science is actually a limited hangout meant to prevent a wider recognition that science is in reality a form of alchemical magic. This keeps the magical power to be held by an elite for occult, and usually dark purposes”.

One has to also wonder about the promotion of atheism. Have the elites been involved in that too? We know that Bertrand Russell was a Fabian socialist and a Royal Society member, two important upper crust entities of the Anglo-American Establishment. And Russell was a big proponent of atheism in the 20th century. Listen to this river of black pills from his essay ‘A Free Man’s Worship’ (1903)- “That Man is the product of causes which had no prevision of the end they were achieving; that his origin, his growth, his hopes and fears, his loves and his beliefs, are but the outcome of accidental collocations of atoms; that no fire, no heroism, no intensity of thought and feeling, can preserve an individual life beyond the grave; that all the labours of the ages, all the devotion, all the inspiration, all the noonday brightness of human genius, are destined to extinction in the vast death of the solar system, and that the whole temple of Man’s achievement must inevitably be buried beneath the debris of a universe in ruins—all these things, if not quite beyond dispute, are yet so nearly certain, that no philosophy which rejects them can hope to stand”. Closer to our day, it’s a remarkable fact that Jeffrey Epstein was involved with the New Atheist movement that exploded in the early 2000’s. There’s a photo of Epstein on his plane (aka the Lolita Express) with Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Steven Pinker (seen in this article, in the section on Steven Pinker), on the way to the 2002 TED Talk conference in Monterey, California where Dawkins was set to give his infamous and testy talk ‘Militant Atheism’. This talk was followed by his book The God Delusion and the emergence of the New Atheism as a new cultural force. This is the same Epstein that had an island full of esoteric and occult symbolism, such as a giant sun dial (seen in the header image for this piece), a statue of Neptune, a statue of a cow (golden calf?), and that curious big temple that sat on top. Perhaps we’ll see more such symbolism when photos of Epstein’s other properties come out. The support of atheism would make sense as a method of weakening the populace- publicly promote the idea of a random meaningless universe, with the attendant nihilism, ennui, and depressed purposelessness that this brings (yes, the likes of Nietzsche and Sartre managed to still say Yes to life despite their atheism, but most aren’t so hearty), and then inhabit and weaponize the spirit filled universe in private.

Another important and very damaging outcome of the materialism psyop, is that us moderns no longer believe in evil. What’s the old line, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he doesn’t exist”? I believe you can’t understand the world in general and the pandemic in particular, without an understanding of evil being a real metaphysical force that humans can participate in (and sometimes be overtaken and used by). And yet, as the theologian Richard Beck points out in his book Reviving Old Scratch, when evil was rejected from the modern materialist worldview, the left came to see the system as evil. The reality of evil was taken out of the spiritual realm and descended into the material sphere of human institutions. You can see an example of this way of thinking in another recent piece by Charles Eisenstein, where he warns of “attributing an evil system to evil people”. It’s the system that’s evil in Eisenstein’s view, perfectly encapsulating this core view on the left. But I think he’s wrong on this. Systems themselves can become ‘evil’ for sure, structurally designed to strip wealth and dignity from most people and enrich a tiny view. But we get a whole different understanding of why these systems are designed to harm most of humanity in perpetuity, when we understand that people participating in evil are creating them this way on purpose. I’m not saying these people are evil, as though their mothers bore demon children. But when we understand black magic and sorcery, we know that some people choose the Left-Hand path and knowingly participate with malevolent forces. If you add to this the perspective of psychopathy and realize that many called to participate in this diabolical behavior are psychopaths, then we can see that we don’t just have an evil system we have a pathocracy. And as Son of Korg has unpacked in his important piece Luciferian for Me, Satanic for Thee: On the Cabal’s Sinister Expression of the Left-Hand Archetypes, this black magic + psychopathy ends up aligning with and emanating a very ‘Satanic’ expression, which is a disdain for most of humanity and a desire to see much of it culled.

Which brings us to our next point as we continue to unpack the underlying ideology of this new form of totalitarianism- the elites are not only black magicians who have intentionally promoted scientistic materialism, and constantly infiltrate and undermine movements that threaten their power, they are also Malthusians. They believe that there’s too many humans, and that the survival of humanity requires a serious reduction in its population. This view of the elites stretches back a long way and into the eugenics movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Mark Crispin Miller spoke on this in a recent interview about the pandemic- “Eugenics is a history that we ought to learn in high school and college, and yet it's a history that no one knows, right, because it would sort of upend our conception of the elites in the 20th century, because eugenics was a pseudoscience heartily embraced by Woodrow Wilson and Oliver Wendell Holmes and H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw, W.E.B. Dubois. They actually believed that it was a good idea and it was possible to get the fit to procreate like rabbits, that means the rich, basically, and the unfit not to procreate. There are different levels of severity with which the unfit could be rendered incapable of procreation, but it did entail sterilization laws, and there was this infamous Supreme Court case, Buck vs. Bell, which focused on a young Appalachian woman who was sterilized against her will on the grounds that she was "feeble-minded", which is a term that was often used to justify these sterilizations”. In his Satanic for Thee piece, Son of Korg writes- “Malthus’ ideas had a profound impact on Charles Darwin. Darwin’s survival of the fittest notion has its direct ancestral root in Malthus’ pessimism…Malthus was a staunch defender of the British elite and their “noble obligation” to “have to” control the masses and cull them like sheep—either in Malthus’ view intentionally through eugenics or to allow the forces of war, famine, and bloodshed to do the work instead”.

So this is another dimension of the new totalitarianism’s ideology, the Malthusian belief that there needs to be less humans. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a depopulation agenda happening as a part of the pandemic, but knowing the elites’ views on the useless eater plebs and their desire to have a vastly reduced population of them one day, it’s sadly within the realm of possibility. And there are data points to be alarmed about, such as the rise in all-cause mortality in heavily vaccinated countries, and huge numbers of adverse events being reported in both the US and Europe VAERS reporting systems (over 3 million in Europe alone). It’s good to keep a keen eye open on this possible dimension of what’s currently going on. But the more general point is that the elites behind GloboCap fancy themselves the evolutionary vanguard of humanity, and like their eugenics of old, they don’t think most of the rest of us are fit to join them in the new transhumanist earth they envision. Do you remember that bizarre song that Madonna performed at the 2019 Eurovision contest, ‘Not Everyone is Coming to the Future’? That in my view was very likely a ritual working. It’s a grim fact to come to grips with, but such are the ways of the sorcerer class. I don’t know if these mass rituals actually affect anything or give them more power in their pursuits, but they obviously believe they do. And like the mocking tongue of old, they do it right out in the open, unrecognizable to all of those still entranced with eyes wide shut.

The New Aeon and the Tower of Babel

One of the goals of occult Left-Hand practice is to help usher in a new aeon, a new evolutionary stage in world history. Is the Great Reset such a new aeon, and the pandemic the cover for its implementation? The Marxist-Critical Theorist philosopher Fabio Vighi thinks that the global economy was in deep trouble in 2019 and in imminent danger of a collapse that far outweighed 2008, and the global elites were scrambling to find a solution to the ticking time bomb. The pandemic, according to Vighi, was the solution to grapple with this potentially terminal situation. It’s a welcome sign to hear these kinds of perspectives now emanating out of the left, whatever we think of all of Vighi’s arguments. He cites Catherine Austin Fitts at one point too, a heavyweight in the parapolitical field, which is an interesting comingling of worlds and another positive sign in the growth of an ‘old + parapolitical left’. Vighi’s right that the health and direction of the global economy is a very substantial context for what’s been happening under the pandemic. But again, I don’t think everything is simply reducible to ‘the system’. This materialist reading isn’t sufficient in and of itself. I think this recent statement by Archbishop Vigano captures further dimensions that need to be added to any overall analysis- “The world is under attack. It is not by aliens, it is not by any single or group of foreign governments. The world is under siege by an anti-God, globalist alliance of public and private institutions, foreign leaders, bankers, politicians and religious leaders. This is spiritual warfare, against an evil conspiracy without equal in human history. It will affect almost every living person on this planet with the potential to kill billions”. Vigano’s public warnings about the machinations of the global elite at the start of the pandemic were mostly met with the usual ridicule, but going back and reading them now, he looks a lot saner and like someone who might’ve been privy to some insider information in the murky world of the Vatican. Vigano’s understanding of the spiritual warfare at play right now is important, for as Paul famously wrote, “For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

Paul had an understanding of metaphysics and ontology that scientistic materialism has stripped out of the modern mind. It needs to be reintegrated, and on the double. Colin Wilson wrote in his 1971 book The Occult that “Civilization cannot evolve further until the occult is taken as seriously as atomic energy, in terms of being real”. It’s true, and there’s no time like the present for such a reassessment. A massive bio-surveillance superstructure is being implemented under the guise of the pandemic. The long dreamed of technocracy is being rolled out through a series of managed and staged crises. Many have been hypnotized by propaganda and violent mind control techniques that were developed through a century of (often illegal) social science research. Paul Kingsnorth, in a widely shared article, captures where all this will go if we don’t resist and dissent- “If we were operating, as we pretend to be, from the ground of reason – if we really were ‘following The Science’ – then we would be dismantling these systems [vaccine passports etc.] at this point. Instead we are moving deeper into them. We are being herded into a future in which scanning a code to prove you are a safe and obedient member of society will be a permanent feature of life, as unquestioned as credit cards and driver’s licences. We are moving towards enforced mandatory vaccination of entire populations – including children – and prison sentences for those who refuse. By winter’s end, we could be living in a world in which the state has taken full charge of our bodies, and our only chance of remaining active members of society is to submit to their every instruction, and agree to permanent digital monitoring to prove our compliance”.

This is the dream of the sorcerer class, and they’re going for it. The sheer hubris and scope of such a plan isn’t even conceivable to most, so they still cannot see it. But all hope is not lost. The writers of the Tower of Babel story in the bible captured something ontological about the cosmos. When us humans try to be gods, and create the world in our own fevered image, it ultimately comes crashing down. This Faustian bargain goes against the grain of the universe and is destined to fail. One way or another, this Grand Plan will fail too. There might be evil forces at play right now, but God (Source, Holy Oneness, whatever we name it) is ultimately more powerful. The writers of the gospels depicted this truth by showing demons inside the possessed starting to get agitated and fearful as soon as Jesus walked into the room. They knew who holds the ultimate power. Millions are waking up all over the world and fighting back against this global totalitarian operation. With every loss of control the elites get more ugly and more coercive and show who they truly are, waking a new wave of people up yet again to the true nature of our captors. We’re in a spiritual battle for the ages, and we can all participate in this spiritual warfare. If the progressive left continues to wake up out of its Trump induced impossible corner, the elites are done for. Divided we are weak, but together the people are unstoppable. I’ll leave the last words to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, written during the American Civil War. May it be so:

And in despair I bowed my head:
“There is no peace on earth,” I said,
“For hate is strong, and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
“God is not dead, nor does He sleep,
For Christ is here; His Spirit near
Brings peace on earth, good will to men.”