“In a process that snowballed for years, the neoliberal commentariat gradually widened the definition of “deplorables” and “unacceptables,” to the point where you’re probably on the list right now if you’re not physically in the town of Davos snuggling with a NATO analyst as you read this”.    – Matt Taibbi, ‘Justin Trudeau’s Ceausescu Moment’, (Feb. 10, 2022)

Raising the Red Flag

On January 28th, 2022, the Canadian trucker’s Freedom Convoy pulled into Ottawa the evening before the protest was set to begin. In a moving scene, the truckers raised a Canadian flag high into the air while horns blared out. In that moment something dawned on me that has only increased in clarity during the weeks since- that the raising of the flag might’ve had a deeper symbolic meaning than perhaps even the truckers doing it consciously realized. It was the reassertion of national sovereignty in a country that was in the last gasps of being taken over by dark transnational interests bent on its eventual dissolution. I’ll try and unpack that claim by the end of this piece.

The Freedom Convoy, and the corporate media’s response to it, also clarified something else, already known but now glaringly obvious- one of the greatest weapons of the establishment is to smear any opposition to its agenda as “far-right”, “racist”, “hateful”, “misogynist” etc. etc. After first laughably trying to say the trucker’s protests were about “road conditions”, and then a howler that the Russians might be behind it, the media pivoted and attempted to tarnish the protestors as a “fringe minority” of “far-right extremists” and “anti-vaxxers”. To anyone not glued solely to the legacy media, watching video clips of the convoy crossing the country on platforms like Telegram, Bitchute and Rumble, it was clear by the thousands of people (of all ages) who braved the cold to cheer on the truckers at highway overpasses across the country, that this was a popular movement that was far from being fringe. The celebratory festival like atmosphere in Ottawa, full of people of all colors and ages, also put the lie to the media’s attacks.

The weapon of the “far-right” smear was naked for many to see, some for the first time. And this tactic has been in use for several years now. Trudeau’s “fringe minority with unacceptable views” comments echoed the “basket of deplorables” comments by Hillary Clinton against Trump supporters in the 2016 US election. The media also confidently opined that Brexit would never happen because it too was “a fringe movement led by racists for racists”. As one article on the left leaning site OpenDemocracy put it after Brexit passed, “Brexit is racist”. When Donald Trump became president and started openly supporting nationalism, telling those gathered at the UN that they too should put their countries first, the media broke out in a rash of articles decrying anyone who supports nationalism as, you guessed it, far-right extremists and racists. The president of the Council on Foreign Relations even wrote that this upsurge in dangerous nationalism spelled the death of the liberal world order.

The media’s reaction to the Freedom Convoy plus a few other pieces that were happening simultaneously, including the Joe Rogan Spotify controversy (with many of the same tactics involved), a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience by James Lindsay, and learning more about ESG or Environmental Social Corporate Governance (which I’ll cover in a later section), has revealed to me that the Woke left is a key strand in a powerful and all-encompassing ideological complex being wielded by the global ruling elite. This piece is called a Dispatch because I could easily take two more months to further research and refine the arguments being made. But time is of the essence, as the ruling class is still hellbent (despite setbacks and losses) on implementing a bio-fascist technocratic world order, what the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben calls “Communist capitalism”. According to Agamben, this new regime will “combine the most inhumane aspects of capitalism with the most atrocious aspects of state communism, combining the extreme alienation of relations between people with an unprecedented social control”.  As my colleague Son of Korg wrote in his excellent recent piece ‘The Great (P)reset- Intentional Exploitation, Piggybacking, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, “we’re in the endgame now”. Indeed. Intense struggles are happening across the planet daily, and people who are not yet aware need to understand the ideological weapons being wielded against us, so they can be known and seen and lose their tactical power.

Destroying the Four Olds

In May of 2021, I wrote a piece comparing the woke left to a new religion, concluding that it looked very much like the recapitulation of a fundamentalist Christianity, minus any redemption, forgiveness or grace. When surveying just how much money the world's wealthiest people were pumping into the woke left and its organizations, I tentatively concluded that one of the values of the woke left to the elite (hence the funding) was that it was “a powerful force for the erasure of old identities”. Young people could be taught to reject (often violently) the cultures and civilizations they grew up in, and be molded as global citizens beyond any identification with the (‘racist’, ‘patriarchal’) nation states. That’s what it seemed like was happening anyway.

The philosopher and major gadfly in the side of the woke left, James Lindsay, was recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast (#1767). Lindsay has written a new book called Race Marxism, and he’s clearly done his homework not only into Marxist and Communist theory, but to the boots on the ground history of those philosophies in action during the 20thcentury. On the Rogan podcast, he had this to say about the intentional communist practice of changing people’s identities- “Gyorgy Lukacs [Hungarian Marxist, early 20th century] whole thing was let’s sexualize the kids, because it will break them away from their religion, it will break them away from their parents. They’ll hate their parents because they won’t understand, so let’s sexualize the kids. This has been a thing that they’ve done throughout a lot of communist attempts, whether in the 20s and 30s, then again in the 60s with Herbert Marcuse leading the sexual liberation kind of side of Marxism through the 60s, and they’re doing it again now”.  In another recent interview with the Epoch Times, Lindsay and the interviewer talked about how part of the idea of this practice is to “cut ties to the continuity of culture…Marxism was the abolition of preexisting family, culture, values, morality. To reestablish the new man”.

This practice was also central to the Chinese Communist Party under Chairman Mao. During the (incredibly bloody) Cultural Revolution the CCP and Mao set out to destroy “the Four Olds”, old ideas, old culture, old customs, old habits. An untold number of Chinese cultural relics were destroyed in this period. Mao deployed the Red Guards, youth who would enforce the destruction of the four olds. The Red Guardswere Mao's henchmen who carried out his plans for China. These were the people who burned artifacts, destroyed landmarks, and beat or publicly humiliated the non- followers”. We saw just this kind of behavior on display during the BLM-George Floyd protests and riots in the summer of 2020, with woke mobs attacking diners on patios of outdoor restaurants, to the vicious cancel culture warriors online destroying anyone who dared to challenge the woke party line, to the burning of churches and the tearing down of historical monuments (an open attack on the olds). This is all part of what the Marxist theorist Herbert Marcuse called “Liberating intolerance”, which he said “would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. As to the scope of this tolerance and intolerance: ... it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda, of deed as well as of word”.

This ‘liberating intolerance’ looks all too familiar at this point. We’re awash in it. And this isn’t just from the ‘on the streets’ woke left of students and activists, this has become institutionalized too. Two reporters have recently spoken out about how the rigidly enforced woke ideology has become endemic in the legacy media. CBC reporter Tara Henley quit her job at the state broadcaster, noting “just how swiftly — and how dramatically — the politics of the public broadcaster have shifted”. Henley says that to work for the CBC now is “to pretend that the “woke” worldview is near universal — even if it is far from popular with those you know, and speak to, and interview, and read. To work at the CBC now is to accept the idea that race is the most significant thing about a person…It is to consent to the idea that a growing list of subjects are off the table, that dialogue itself can be harmful. That the big issues of our time are all already settled. It is to capitulate to certainty, to shut down critical thinking, to stamp out curiosity. To keep one’s mouth shut, to not ask questions, to not rock the boat”. Tow the woke line or else. Jamil Jivani found this out too. Jivani is a black man who was “fired for not being “woke” enough”. Jivani was hired by the iHeart radio network in 2020 to host a radio show. The company didn’t realize, however, that Jivani was a conservative Christian, and a proud Canadian. And as Jivani says, “Too many big corporations have decided to push a political agenda that suggests people like me either don’t exist, or should hide our authentic selves for the sake of careerism”. In the summer of 2021, in the leadup to Canada Day, Jivani says “executives encouraged on-air talent to decry our country as racist in the lead up to our independence day. On the day before Canada Day, our radio shows were made to air multiple audio clips per hour that defined our country by the worst, most racist parts of its colonial history”. Jivani bucked these orders with his show. It was part of what eventually got him fired.

These revelations about being forced to portray Canada in the worst possible light, as a horribly racist country, is very illuminating and highly instructive. There’s clearly an agenda by executives in the corporate media and the small oligarchical few who own that media- bombard people with guilt and shame inducing stories so that no one will want to express nationalism again, or risk being called a racist or far-right extremist. For the global elite, who have long openly desired global government, identity at the national level has got to go. The left, which has been turned inside out in the last eight years, is currently highly susceptible to this form of social engineering. An article in The Nation entitled, ‘There Is No Left Case for Nationalism’ shows just how successful this psyop has been. The media keeps this atmosphere stoked by constantly shining a spotlight on ‘hate crimes’, many of which have been shown to be a hoax. We had the Jussie Smollet stunt, for which he’s been convicted. The absurd Bubba Wallace story, the libelous smear against the Covington kids, the laughable ruse perpetrated against Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia governor’s race, and the media’s clamorous insistence that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist, even though there was no evidence of this. The black political science professor Wilfred Reilly wrote a whole book on this fake hate crime phenomenon, called Hate Crime Hoax- The Left is Selling a Fake Race War (2019), where he documents just how many supposed hate crimes are manufactured hoaxes (a lot). The facts don’t matter to the media though, as this is a propaganda operation for a much broader agenda, including the erasure of old identities.

It’s not just the media either, it goes all the way up to people like Justin Trudeau, who took a knee in the streets with the BLM protestors, and said he “understood the anger” of those who were burning down churches across Canada (in reaction to the news of mass graves found at two Canadian residential schools). But working-class truckers who are protesting having their Charter Rights and Freedoms trampled, and the millions who have come out in support of them? Dismissed as a fringe minority with unacceptable views. Liberating intolerance in action. Matt Taibbi notes how this one-sided agenda is playing out with regards to the Freedom Convoy situation- “As for talking to protesters, that’s out of the question. As Politico recently put it, the “conspiratorial mindset” of the demonstrators means “sitting down with them could legitimize their concerns.” Since we can’t under any circumstances have that, the only option left is the military “eventuality””.

I want to pause and address three possible questions that may have arisen so far. One is, am I saying that I don’t support things like justice and equality, and that racism doesn’t matter? Not at all. I’ve personally committed my life to working towards what Jesus termed the ‘kingdom of God’, or as Charles Eisenstein has rephrased it, the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. But the current elites and the woke ideology they fund is tyranny in disguise in my view. This is how Son of Korg put it in his recent piece ‘The Great (P)reset’- “By deploying the language of environmental sustainability and social justice, elites have co-opted constructs that are meaningful and resonant for many. It acts as a cover for the real agenda of control which would not be popular were it to be directly stated publicly. Who can be against inclusion and a sustainable, human-centered future after all? Unless of course the actual implementation of that human-centered future looks like a social credit system, an unchecked surveillance system tracked through a digital health passport/identity upon which one’s universal basic income is dependent”. The 6thcentury BC author of Aesop’s Fables gave us the phrase “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Paul in the bible using his own religious language, said that “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light” (2 Cor. 11:14). It’s apparently a very old trick of dastardly people to pretend to be a purveyor of the good while hiding the true nature of their sinister machinations. And that’s what’s happening today. Many good-natured people are being led by a cunning pied piper into a global panopticon of truly hellscape proportions. More on that in the next section.

The second question is, am I arguing that the world is currently being attacked by communism and communists? The answer to that is both yes and no. If one is a student of Anthony C Sutton’s and Carrol Quigley’s work, we know that for a hundred years the elite of the Anglo-American establishment have been funding revolutionary movements on both the left and the right, including the Bolsheviks, the Nazis and Chairman Mao, among many others. The elite puppet masters use these tools on the ground to explode societies and shape the grand chessboard in ways they desire. In Miles Copelands’ book Game of Nations- The Amorality of Power Politics for instance, the former CIA agents openly states how he was involved in covert operations and regime changes in the Middle East, working from an overall game plan that spanned decades. So that’s the higher-level players and their openly stated goal has long been a global government and a technocratic system of (total) control. On the ground however, ideologies like communism and its playbook do get used by the elite to break some eggs, and in my view that’s very much in play right now. These ideologies are particularly persuasive in alluring young people, as youth have a natural store of utopian energy and desires, and they’re also in the process of individuating, so this ‘break’ from past cultural forms is a very enticing outlet for that. Fortunately, there are voices out there like James Lindsay’s, people who understand how terribly this has played out historically on the ground. Many survivors of Eastern European communism have been speaking out that what’s happening in the world under the guise of the pandemic looks very much like what they lived under, and in many cases fled to escape. The playbook is old, and it’s being used again.

Lastly, one might ask if my perspective and antipathy towards woke ideology is just some form of reactionary politics, a desire to hang on to the status quo and avoid cultural evolution. My answer to this is informed by my long engagement with integral theory. The rapid and massive cultural changes that the woke juggernaut is attempting to ram through with zero engagement to its opposition, is far too much too fast in my view. It is healthy and important for people to be connected to their ancestry and their ancestors, to their cultural traditions and the lands that informed them. It can also be healthy to identify at the level of one’s nation (with unhealthy risks there too of course). There are many parts of our cultural heritages that are worth conserving. To have a healthy integration of these dimensions is not far-right extremism. Indigenous people know the value of these things. In fact, one of the cruelest dimensions of the residential school systems in Canada and the US was precisely this brutal severing of the language, culture and heritage from the indigenous children. You can destroy whole peoples by doing this, and it was intentionally done for this purpose. It’s being done right now in China against the Uighur peoples. It’s an old and very violent weapon of genocidal warfare. And yet, those that uphold the woke ideology decry out of one side of their mouths the racist violence of the residential schools, and then take part in tearing down statues and monuments, changing names on buildings and of sports teams, banning books with racist themes or triggering content, basically erasing huge swaths of cultural history. But it’s ok in this case I guess. Yet more liberating intolerance. I’m all for moral and cultural evolution, and we’ve come a long way since the ancient world when most people were racist. In the ancient world, most people called those who weren’t part of their culture, barbarians. Freud discovered this remnant of our past deep in the psyche and termed it “the narcissism of minor differences”. To get from that to a circle of moral care that includes millions of people (most of whom will be strangers) in a nation state is a remarkable achievement. But to just smash that, as the global elite are trying to do, calling anyone who resists it a racist extremist, is not careful cultural stewardship. It’s violence. And it shows the true nature and goals of those who are doing it.

Mark Crispin Miller, commenting on the trucker’s Freedom Convoy, captures well where this has all led us- “It is exquisitely disorienting, and especially outrageous, that they charge us with doing what they do, and slander us as being precisely what they are. And as their methods have turned ever more explicitly fascistic, driving ever more of us to wholly peaceful protest and civil disobedience, they struggle ever more perversely—and ever less believably—to cast us all as “far right” psychopaths, murderous and hateful, utterly indifferent to the health of others, and bent on the destruction of democracy”.  We’re in the endgame now.


The woke ideology has not only penetrated universities, high schools, the left, spycraft, the media, the offices of many political leaders, and law schools, it has also become a part of high finance, with far reaching ramifications. But before we unpack that, I want to introduce a distinction that Son of Korg made in his ‘Great (P)reset’ piece, which I think is very useful. Korg distinguishes between the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is “a radical technological paradigm change” that is here due to various technological advances. It’s here no matter what. The Great Reset, as outlined by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, is in Korg’s view “a narrative frame being pushed by global elites as an attempt to capture and control the Fourth Industrial Revolution to technocratic and tyrannical ends”. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a material fact. The Great Reset is a “communications strategy” filled with all the right morally comforting words, designed to allure humanity into one particular societal formation enabled by this new technology. A very different, more decentralized, autonomous and abundant societal formation could also be built via the same 4IR, but we’re being steered away from that possibility.

The past few years has seen the emergence of ESG, or Environmental Social Corporate Governance, in the world of high finance. The idea is to move from ‘neoliberal’ capitalism with its sole focus on shareholder value, to what Klaus Schwab has termed “stakeholder capitalism”, where shareholder value is put on equal par with taking effects on the environment into account, as well as the corporation’s impact on communities (ie. social justice). According to Klaus Schwab, these ESG standards are designed to create “a great reset of capitalism”, and “revamp all aspects of our economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions”. BlackRock is one of the biggest investment management corporations in the world, and in CEO Larry Fink’s 2021 letter to CEO’s, he writes, “As more and more investors choose to tilt their investments towards sustainability-focused companies, the tectonic shift we are seeing will accelerate further. And because this will have such a dramatic impact on how capital is allocated, every management team and board will need to consider how this will impact their company’s stock”. Basically, if you’re not doing ESG, you won’t get investment money.

One of the more interesting critics of ESG is Michael Rectenwald. As recently as 2016, Rectenwald was a self-described “left communist”, and a professor at New York University. But he was one of academia’s first victims of cancel culture after he criticized what was happening within the woke left. You can read the story of his long intellectual journey on the far left and his eventual canceling by it here. Rectenwald argues that the ESG Index “is a Chinese-style social credit score for rating corporations”. In Rectenwald’s view, “Governments, banks, and asset managers use the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) index to squeeze non-woke players out of the market”. And how is this related to the woke ideology that’s being so strongly fueled by elite money? Rectenwald first asks, “How would a reset of the mass mind come to pass that would allow for the many elements of the Great Reset to be put into place—without mass rebellion, that is?” The answer is that woke ideology enables this transformation. Rectenwald explains how- “Wokeness is not aimed at the sufferers whose complaints, or imagined complaints, it means to redress. Wokeness works on the majority, the supposed beneficiaries of injustice. It does so by making the majority understand that…the “privilege” of the majority has come at the expense of those minorities designated as the beneficiaries of wokeness, and wokeness is the means for rectifying these many injustices”. And from there Rectenwald moves to a pair of key insights- “Wokeness indoctrinates the majority into the propertyless future (for them, at least) of the Great Reset, while gratifying the Left, its main ideological propagators, with a sense of moral superiority”.

The woke ideology works on the ‘privileged’ classes through a relentless (media) campaign of guilt and shaming, convincing many that they have far too many material possessions, and that their lifestyle needs to be greatly reduced. They thus willingly acquiesce to a future where we’ll infamously “own nothing and be happy”, as we’re shepherded into tiny apartments in crowded smart cities full of surveillance. But Rectenwald’s second insight is very astute- this self-transformation is accomplished by weaponizing people’s inherent narcissism. Those who accept the woke ideology and its directives get to feel morally superior to those who do not. Thus they smugly walk into their own future authoritarian prison all the while patting themselves on the back and sneering at the stupid cretins who don’t get it. The same thing has happened with the pandemic and with the reaction to the trucker’s Freedom Convoy. Anyone who questions pandemic orthodoxy is a backward anti-vaxxer right-wing moron, dangerous to our society. Anyone who talks about freedom and liberty or has national pride is sanctimoniously dismissed as a far-right extremist. In a remarkable achievement of social engineering, the left has been led through its own narcissism to basically cancel itself, making it incapable of resistance to the totalitarian forces that are now riding its own hollowed-out carcass toward its desired goal of total control.

Woke ideology and ESG work in tandem towards the twin elite project of accumulation and domination.  As Rectenwald writes, “Woke planners wield the ESG Index to reward the in-group and to squeeze non-woke players out of the market, driving ownership and control of production away from the noncompliant…Just as non-woke individuals are canceled from civic life, so too will non-woke companies be canceled from the economy”. In a 2020 article Klaus Schwab wrote, “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed”. The Great Reset represents the global metastasization of a vast ideological project used to serve political ends. And even voices on the left are starting to get wise to this very troubling fact. In an August 2021 article in openDemocracy, Ivan Wecke writes, “The idea of stakeholder capitalism and multi-stakeholder partnerships might sound warm and fuzzy, until we dig deeper and realise that this actually means giving corporations more power over society, and democratic institutions less”. Wecke sees the agenda behind the Great Reset marketing campaign as a corporate takeover of global governance” which will “remove democracy”.  Governments will only be one stakeholder at the decision-making table, and not the most powerful. Those pesky constitutions and bills of rights will be easily usurped. The nation state, and with it our long fought for freedoms, is on the ropes.

The Great Honkening

What’s become increasingly apparent over the past two years is that governments around the world have been infiltrated. A few weeks ago, a video appeared (that went mega viral) of Klaus Schwab bragging in 2018 that his organization had “penetrated the cabinets” of many countries, and that his WEF Young Leaders made up half of Trudeau’s cabinet in Canada. The long list of WEF Young Leaders in political and other key positions around the world is indeed quite remarkable. I’ve come to believe that the world is at war, but it’s a different kind of war. It’s infiltration instead of invasion, and instead of nation states vs. other nation states, this is nation states being turned against their own people, with the pandemic as pretext. At its core is an information and psychological war. And we’re all enemy combatants now. That explains why at least two governments (Canada and the UK) have admitted to using psychological warfare techniques against their own people, and no doubt the practice is widespread. As I wrote in my piece The Weaponization of Social Science Research, Then and Now, violent techniques of social engineering have been brutally used on populaces across the world during the pandemic. The lockstep manner of the use of these techniques by multiple nations as once, as well as the messaging involved, shows the coordinated efforts behind this vicious assault. And the woke ideology has been used as a key weapon to stifle any dissent, weaponizing the deep human fear of ridicule and ostracization to keep people silent and any resistance squashed. The media’s incessant mantra that only a ‘small fringe majority’ are against pandemic restrictions, left many feeling isolated and alone. The light on the hill for humanity was fading fast. And then the Great Honkening happened. The trucker’s Freedom Convoy blew something open, and people could see that they were not alone. In fact, they were in the majority. The trucker’s had already won during the convoy itself, I could feel it. Not only had hope been restored, but humanity itself sprung forth again, so many suddenly able to feel the crushing weight of what had been put upon them during the past two years. Many who had been dissociating to cope, snapped awake. Many people told me they cried watching the videos of the truckers crossing country, with all the people out and the kid’s writing messages of support. I did too. It apparently resonated globally as well, as copycat convoys have started in multiple countries.

The Canadian government’s heavy-handed response to the peaceful truckers protests also revealed to many that Trudeau is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that his studiously portrayed woke identity was all just a ruse. Scratch just below the surface and you find an intolerant quisling working on behalf of transnational authoritarians. The invoking of the Emergencies Act and the freezing of bank accounts made even the most parapolitically aware sit up straight with hair on end. The almost miraculous concurrence of an eco-terrorist event in British Columbia, not condemned by Trudeau until half-heartedly three days later, showed the rank hypocrisy and revealed yet again that there’s an agenda at play. The media writing articles condemning freedom as something only far-right white supremacists care about, showed that the corporate media is captured and truly the enemy of the people. The large and diverse crowds that gathered in Ottawa exposed Trudeau and the media’s weapon of calling any resistance to pandemic restrictions the minority view of far-right extremists. The Freedom Convoy helped lay bare so much of what is behind the curtain.

But the war is far from over. The global elite are determined to bring in a Digital ID, which is the key to their desired control grid, and the pandemic vaccine passports were supposed to be the vehicle. Unfortunately for them, omicron blew across the world and blew apart their plans (“sadly”, as Bill Gates put it). But they’ll regroup and keep pushing and so must we. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and my colleague Son of Korg pointed out, these technological transformations could be used to build a world of true abundance and human flourishing, the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. But first there is war. And in that war we must reject the woke ideology, name calling torpedoes be damned. We must reject the destruction of the four olds and resist the erasure of identities. We can stand proud of our heritages, our histories, our cultures, our nations and our lands, and no that sentence doesn’t make me a radical extremist. We must dismiss this preposterous attack, and the Red Guards who have been conned into violently upholding it.  To win the war we must also stay grounded, get outside, pray if we have a prayer practice, eat well, rest, take periodic breaks from information gathering, meditate, support independent media, put on the armour of God and break bread with our fellow humans. The world is waking up, and the world is fighting back. History is being made daily. Let’s leave a happy ending to be told for centuries by future generations.