We started this project four years ago. Over a hundred in-depth posts later, it's time to wrap up this hangout. It's been a helluva ride. We had an initial inkling to explore somewhat strange topics like UFOs, the deep state, trauma, pop culture (including yacht rock) as signs along the way for a wild and weird time. We made a few interview appearances exploring the nature of these apocalyptic times and how to make sense of a world in which war is being waged on your mind.  Little did we know, in the meantime, that the world would very quickly (and bizarrely) decide to go full hangout with a number of these topics: e.g. the public admission of UFOs by US military.

We're very grateful to our dedicated readers. This project has been a blast. Our thanks to the number of wonderful folks (whose names shall remain anonymous) who contributed to the project and made it such a success.  

The site will remain up (and has been backed up on the internet archive) to provide a space for those who wish to continue to dive into these ontologically flooded waters.

Happy Trails!